1. Mikenike

    Round 2! HLG Saber vs Amare SB800 RDWC

    Took awhile but I’m back to hydro. Got 8 cuts nicely rooted and they’re all pretty even. Same setup as before with the addition of 4 UVB bulbs. Last run I didn’t post exact weights because I feel I neglected HLG’s side a little more. But Amare won that round by about .5lbs and with the whole...
  2. Mikenike

    Amare SB800/autopots/megacrop

    after my last grow went south due to a family emergency, I finally got things rolling again. 5x5 tent Amare SB800 (instead of HLG sabers this time) Autopots Megacrop, sweet candy, kelp extract Mephisto and heisenbeans seeds 5 from heisenbeans. Gonna go in another tent later in 4g autopots. To...
  3. Copycat

    Fluence Spydr X Plus or Amare Solarbar SB800 for 8x4 tent?

    Do I buy the Fluence Spydr X Plus or Amare Solarbar SB800 for a 8x4 tent? Is there a better option? Best Regards, Copycat
  4. Hybridway

    Amare 40% off Black Fri sale

    It's not on their site or banner but It's legit. Shoot an e mail saying you heard it from Hybridway n you'll be straight. Now that's what I'm talking about, 40-50% off is how I remember Black Fri.. Sale applies to all models & is for tonight & tom only. If it takes Vic a day or so to get back...
  5. David Bannerson

    First Grow Ever: Manifolded Green Crack with Amare SolarPro 300

    My first grow ever finished up a few months back, but decided I wanted to share my results. I was pretty happy overall, smells great, looks good, smokes good. Definitely things I want to do differently this time around. I'm starting two feminized Cheese seeds and they're about 2.5 weeks in...
  6. Hybridway

    Led vs HPS growing

    I'll be showing the differences if any between led & hps growing using some of the latest tech in led against hps. Not exactly perfect side by sides but it's what I could muster up last min being way behind schedule & veg getting out of control. Had to give away a few & chopped one cuz it was...
  7. F

    Amare Solar Eclipse 450 uvb vs. timber framework

    I already have the amare but seem to have problems with every plant I put under it. I was thinking about selling it and going for another timber framework. I would probably go for one of there square 400w kits or something around $600 in price. Does this seem like a smart decision or am I...
  8. STX.OrganicGuerilla

    Amare v. Platinum

    Hello everyone, I'm looking into a small 2x2.5x5 tent and a light to go with it. My question is if Amare se-220 is better than the Platinum p-450. I understand the platinum is obviously drawing more wattage but also I read that "white" leds are less efficient. I just want to get the best bang...
  9. F

    Amare tech website?

    I wanted to look some stuff up about my amare tech light but I noticed I can no longer find their website. Does anyone know what happened to it and if they are permanently gone or just fixing their website?
  10. Hybridway

    My Amare Full-Bore Pro-4 Grow #1

    This grow will be utilizing x6 Amare Pro-4's & x1 SE-450 in a 15'x4.5' area, double trellis scrogiesh w/ 9 plants, Insane Multi-Strain style. Here is how they looked last night freshly set. Plants: -x2 Sweet Amnesia -x2 Flo -x1 Gogi (broke off 1/3 plant branch) -x1 SFV-OG (broke off 1/3 plant...
  11. F

    Is there anything currently better then amare?

    I currently have the amare ss.350.uvb. I'm running a lush lighting dominator 2x next to it. The lush light is beginning to go out and is past warranty so I'm thinking about buying another amare. Is there anything currently better then the amare ss.350.uvb? Or should I just go with another amare?
  12. Hybridway

    Amare PPFD mapping

    First off of like to thank Victor from Amare Tech. For making this possible & for always providing the best customer service & care possible. About to start mapping. I said I'd do it live so here we go. Setting up now. The Apogee MQ-500 is the Par-Meter being used. First light will be the Pro-9...
  13. T

    Lighting for my seedling

    I have an auto that popped from the soil a few days ago. She looks healthy and happy at the moment. I have 2 amare 600 watt crees in my tent but only have one cree on with its row of 3 50 watt leds on and the other light only has the 3 50 watt leds on. Its a 4x4 tent. Is that too much for an...
  14. T

    Creating a dome with plastic bags?

    I recently read that it is good to place plastic bags over my planted germinated seedlings to create a dome and hold moisture when they are under the lights. Is this preffered or should i just have my seedlings (in 3 gal pots in ffof soil) under the light and just make sure the top stays moist?
  15. Tangloa

    COB kit for a 4x4

    Hello all, im looking for some advice on lighting my 4x4 gorilla tent. I'm interested in COB lighting, and have been doing research for the past few months. I like the look and ease of Amare, but i cannot afford victors price tag and the outdated COBS. I have seen the SE 450 in person and its...
  16. Hybridway

    My Amare, Hydroponics Hut, & SunCloak Grow

    Day # 1 flower Lights - My Amare - SunCloak - Hydroponics Hut - SE-450 - 4416 - Pro-Grow X5-500 475 w , 600-800 w , 535 w Multi-Strains: x2, GOGI x2, Flo by Dj:Short x1, Chem-Dawg #4 x1, SFV-OG x1, Kings x1, Sensi-Star x1, Cinderella-99 Medium:-35% FoxFarms CoCo-LoCo -65% Biotanicare...
  17. LegendaryGenetics

    Next-Gen LED Growing: Amare SE-450 + Skywalker OG

    Hello everyone and thank you for viewing! I've been converting from HID to LED little by little over the past 2 years. Seen a lot of bad and little good. I've ran the Mars, Vipar, BlackDog, Galaxy/Roleadro, Spectrum King, etc. About 3 weeks ago I decided to get the new AMARE SE-450 to test on a...
  18. Hybridway

    My Amare & Hydroponics Hut O.C.GG#4 Grow

    This thread is about the use of two different LEDs growing 3 GG#4's each under a 3'6" trellis. These plants were a bit tall, leggie, & out of control so I bent them under the trellis scrog style & hit the switch to 12/12 w/o letting them grow into the net. The 2 lights being used are the Amare...
  19. TrichGobbla

    Re: Trichs Travels On The LED HI-way(perpetual)

    Hey hey hey RollitUp! Names TrichGobbla! But you might know me as Loopy Looper from other forums. Either way, I'm happy to be now apart of rollitup! Been growing for a while now, far from expert but I'm not sure I've never met one, if you are one, it means you've stopped learning and Im sad for...
  20. Resinhound

    COBS,monos and lenses..

    Hey all, Thought id drop in and see the led gurus about some questions I have.Im currently running an amare solarsystem 440 (2 220se)in a 20 x 42in space.And only my second experience with led lighting.The first being budget chinese leds that I didnt care for,the majority of my experience is...