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    My first attempt at dry ice hash! I'd call it a success, a noobie success perhaps, but a success regardless.
    I started with one pound of very dry MamaThai x Pineapple Chuck which is a very dense and resinous producer. I crumbled the flower by hand as gently as possible and sieved it first through a 72 micron screen with about 5 pounds of crushed dry ice. The resultant hash is a very nice blonde, but in retrospect I should have ceased extraction at the very first sign of green. The balance of the extraction was done with a 120 micron screen and the result is much more green.
    I don't use cannabis. I used to wake and bake, but it just isn't for me anymore. I grow for my brother's medical needs and have done 200 proof EtOH extractions with vacuum assist and almost complete recovery of the alcohol. My raison d'ĂȘtre is learning and experimentation, and the ultimate goal with the dry ice method is twofold; to reduce the time to derive a decarboxylated medically beneficial product for mixing with MCT for sublingual use, and to produce a concentrated natural resin with which to test dissolution times and solute concentration limits in EtOH.
    My yield was 2.0ozs of blonde and 2.4ozs of green. Good times.
    IMG_4746.JPG IMG_4751.JPG
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    Rider509 Well-Known Member

    I would in no way put the quality of dry ice hash up against ice water hash, but for my purposes it is acceptable. That green stuff is horrible, I'm sure, but a little post-processing will improve it.

    Rider509 Well-Known Member

    Just a note: NOTHING will help the crap in the bottom jar! LOL. I think it's mostly pulverized plant material.

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    Hello guys I'm new around, I introduced my self already but I wanted this thread to be the first I write in. I'm reading this thread for a few months now, I love it and want to share with you some of the stuff I do. I like this thread because there is knowledge and lot of respect.
    I am mainly doing bubble but I also play around with sift sometimes.
    My technique is a mix based on what I learned during years a mix of lots of run with lots of people... I kept gathering lots of very little details and learned a lot.
    I have to say that I press, I always pressed the hash since I experienced that it didn't smoke the same way. I run with 190 160 120 70 45. Depending on first rounds I take out de 70 or 120 or both. I make short runs and add more or less water and ice depending on how I feel it. No 220 bag in machine and the hose is costume 4 cm diameter. I have tried a few bags but never bolt or Ice extract. I like to work dry material because of the control. I don't like microplane though it's the best zester but naturally hash is not made to run through bags with water being fresh so you I need it sometime on some fresh material. I had one chance to go to Frenchys class but I couldn't do it, next time I will go for sure. I'm gonna post some pics just have to figure out how. Chears
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    73 Ssh 2 months old nugs and trim

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    I think it's posted. It was actually 5 pulls of 73 and 3 more that I gathered in the 45. After little hand press I ended mixing all 8 pulls. Taste great but I not my favorite type of strain, neither the grower push it to the limit so very average. The press is pretty impressive I will post later. Sorry for my vocabulary, English isnot my first language
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    looks really nice,bro.hope you post some more pics.your english is fine bro,don't even worry about that.

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    Thx natureboygrower. Few days ago I ran a batch of trim from a friend, it was frozen in a block freshly trimmed :wall:i was gonna shoot myself, great material super terpy but frozen and I hate it when people freeze the material, but know I told him to dry it out a few days and bring it :joint:
    So there goes a Pic, Its still drying in the office but I couldn't stop my self from taking a little bit for a first joint. I believe in a few more days it will be very good. I'll post more. This is a little from the to grades I made 120 160 and 120 to 45, so let's call it full spectrum bongsmilie
    Edit: it's candy kush, really amazing trrp

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    Hello guys I'm a brand new member and I've come here for help and to learn how to make good bubble hash(only one I really know) I enjoy smoking hash a lot but it's very hard to come by in the east coast. I was able to learn good info about the agitating process on one of frenchies YouTube videos. But unfortunately I haven't been able to find much on the drying process. What I would like to know is once I have my yield and I've finishing all my washes what do i do from there. Help would be very appreciated thank you
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    Hi! You are right there is not a lot of information about his drying process...i guess it is a fabrication secret!!! I guess it is depend on what do you use...fresh or cured buds and trim or both! If you make live resin you will need to dry and cure the final product but with cured material you will need only to dry it! I never made live resin but I am pretty sure you need to cure it for a moment like for buds! About temperature or hydro you need to cure the hash I would say the same as curing buds!
    I am a big fan of Frenchy maybe because I am one too but I will try his products one day...maybe this year if he go to Spanabis!!!
    Have a lifted one and lots of good vibes from France
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    This may be somewhat dead, but i roll my IWE for maybe 15 min with a hot bottle, then roll between my hands for maybe 5 min until i get a nice some what shiny ball. My problem is after letting it cure for maybe a couple weeks, it's almost hard as a rock and really dry. Is thia normal for most hash? I see frenchys hash and his is very waxy like as he mentions. I wanna make sure i get the most quality so any tips would help

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