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    subcool Well-Known Member

    I thought it would be nice to give Frenchy his own place to answer and teach when and if he feels up to it.

    I thought a few pieces of my pressed hash might make his day :)

    Yes my friend I have been down many many roads :)

    This is all Ice Hash the only thing used was a 1 gallon bubble bag set, a steel spoon, water and sharp ice, Oh and yes Press to Activate :)

    Oh La La!

    Your Up Frenchy!!!


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    dirtysouthgenetics Active Member

    Fuck yea.,.im subbed

    Mohican Well-Known Member

    Me too!!! I will try to make some more Malawi IWE. How long do you decarb at 220?
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    Frenchy Cannoli

    Frenchy Cannoli Well-Known Member

    Awesome pics. I really have to work on that with TC and to put my Power Point presentation together ASAP.
    Are you setting me up by the way?????
    Love U
    Frenchy Cannoli

    Frenchy Cannoli Well-Known Member

    The length of the decarb will depend on the amount of resin you are pressing. As I was saying, all my knowledge is with no scientific background whatsoever. It pain me to say that but as long as I have not made all the possible "scientific measurements" that are necessary to teach what I do with accuracy we will have to walk light OK. So as an intro exercise that should really trigger a good understanding of pressing with heat you will do the following for me:
    At noon on a sunny day take a few grammes of trichomes in your hand, start by letting them melt slowly by resting your thumb on it, then start pressing for the next 20 min. Smell and feel the experience then get back to me
    Rising Moon

    Rising Moon Well-Known Member

    Looks like Cinnamon crescent rolls!
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    Mohican Well-Known Member

    I used my hands and parchment paper when I made my first hash (dry ice method) and it felt amazing. I can't wait to try this with some bubble bag extract.

    I still have a bunch of the dry ice hash - can I practice kneading with this?


    Frenchy Cannoli

    Frenchy Cannoli Well-Known Member

    You should always, but you may find that it will not bind together because you ratio of trichomes is low (if we are talking of what I can see on your pic). This little trick will help you judge the quality of loose trichomes very accurately.
    Dry ice is the technic I dislike the most. Beating the hell out of your trims will NEVER give you quality. Be gentle always.

    snowboarder396 Well-Known Member

    lol some of those looked like nice big turds of hash and resin! but mmmm so good. Good work frenchy! I'd like to see a real cannoli stuffed with that!
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    Brownbearbauer Member

    Good thread, I'm subbed... Frenchy, what are the ideal conditions and duration for curing hash in your opinion, and what are the changes that it undergoes from the curing process?

    Mr.Vega Well-Known Member

    in ur opinion is it better to press the trichs into hashish or smoke them as kief? they are when sifted?....if so why?...hash is new to me sorry
    Frenchy Cannoli

    Frenchy Cannoli Well-Known Member

    I cure my hashish between 4 to 8 weeks in the same conditions that you would your flowers. I do not know anybody doing the same so the "Why" behind curing ice water extracted hashish is totally personal and not yet checked scientifically.
    My main reason is to make sure that no humidity is left inside the pressed resin. However I also purposefully leave a small amount of humidity in my Hashish to change the structure of my resin from sticky to waxy, tricky because you are playing not with fire but with mold your ultimate enemy.
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    Frenchy Cannoli

    Frenchy Cannoli Well-Known Member

    I will not be giving you my opinion about pressing your trichomes, I will give you the opinion of a few thousands years of tradition coming from every producing countries in the world.
    You literally activate your THC when you press your trichomes using a source of heat of approx 220F, you also "release" the terpenes from their vegetal membranes as well as lock the smell in the resin mass. Your hashish can be aged for years in good storage conditions, your loose trichomes will loose their potency in a year or so same as the trichomes on your flowers.
    It is MANDATORY to press your trichomes if you want to get to its highest potential
    Frenchy Cannoli

    Frenchy Cannoli Well-Known Member

    PlatiniumKushCannoli.jpg IMG_2545.jpg
    Platinium Kush Blackberry Kush x Humboltd Pakistani

    Mr.Vega Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the answer...ive been pressing half of my kief and keeping half as kief...I enjoy smoking it both ways but didnt know u were increasing potency by pressing and heating.

    Mr.Vega Well-Known Member

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    Frenchy Cannoli

    Frenchy Cannoli Well-Known Member

    If you do not feel/smell/taste the difference between your pressed and unpressed, you will have to press longer/better/stronger and/or with a more accurate heating technic because the difference is quite massive
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    Mr.Vega Well-Known Member

    I smell and taste the diff....I get really hi off both so I havent noticed a big diff in the high....what I press burns better and longer...the kief burns up really fast...but I press n roll in palm til I getta ball I can bounce off the table....dark on outside light on inside...the strain my kief is from now the kief smells exactly like "country time lemonade"..the powder form u mix...I mean exactly...when I press it the smell does change.

    mickythefish Active Member

    Frenchy Cannoli

    Frenchy Cannoli Well-Known Member

    It's true you will not really feel the difference in high except in the morning as a first, but lab tests are unanimous. For a Frenchy the taste and smell are top of the list. Terpenes are very valuable at many level, the more the better

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