RSO, Colorado Hemp Tears, Phoenix Tears foundation/plus, Rick Simpson!!???!!!

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    AlGore Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, I've spent the better part of the past few hours reading 2-3 year old forum posts trying to figure this shit out, really hoping someone can help.

    Basically I'm looking for RSO that is high in CBD and THC and whatever other cannibionds are believed to help treat cancer.

    Obviously it's somewhat of a craps shoot hence Rick Simpson says make your own. Well, I can't grow nearly as high percentage cbd and thc as the pros can, nor do i have the space to grow the quantity or variety I would like (high CBD and THC). So!... I'm really hoping for something I can purchase.

    Now, I see RSO all over weedmaps in Ca,Or, an Wa but not here in Co. I have found Colorado Hemp Tears on weed maps but can't find much info on them, and some bud-tenders have recommended tinctures or other concentrates(bho, bubble, etc)

    I am also confused about some of these people and places that were supposedly at one time involved with Rick Simpson. First I've read that he denounced "Phoenix Tears Plus" but in the same letter he gives Jannet Sweeny and "Phoenix Tears Foundation" a thumbs up. But then I turn around a read terrible things about them as well. Which I supposed does not matter as their site says they don't provide or tell you where to find RSO anyway.

    Someone just freakin help, lol. I'm not about to turn around and pay wholesale lb price to some home grower to make me oz of it, But I'd pay that price or more to a legit dispensary with legit RSO. Thanks!
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    Medshed Well-Known Member

    Hopefully we'll see more focus on medical products like RSO coming from the shops that stick with the medical model when recreational shops get going. I think the problem you see now is that the "medical" shops today get much of their business from recreational users. If they can sell $200 ounces of flowers all day they have no incentive to turn those flowers into RSO. Even if they did make the RSO they'd need to charge the equivalent of $200/ounce of flowers to make it worth their effort.
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    thepaintedchef Well-Known Member

    Not to mention everything that goes into making rso

    mountaingirl2 Well-Known Member

    I have been doing research as well. I am going to make my own and just got the rice cooker and warmer. But there is a purple diesel co2 oil that was tested 35%cbd and 40%thc from Kind Love out of Colorado Springs I believe. I don't live in Denver but I was going to pick some up because of the high cbd content when I went down there. Also I read that Project Greenergy has cannatol pills that are 7.95 cbd. Hope that helps

    Sirdabsalot462 Well-Known Member

    There is an award winningTora Bora CBD oil here on the Springs...

    While I truly believe in the medical powers of CBD particularly in oil form, once some” profiteering asshole” realizes what they have...

    They slap 120$ a gram price tag on it..FUCK THAT!!

    I can extract the exact same terps/cannabinoids,at higher levels even with simple extraction techniques. And still could never bring myself to charge over 50$!!

    It remains the same: fuck curing cancer, bringing relief to the sick...

    Lets make MONEY!!

    I will be creating my own CBD oil very soon it will be given away for next to nothing, in certain situations; for free..

    My friends father I law was just diagnosed with brain cancer..he's never been an advocate of cannabis...I will be forcing this oil upon save his life..

    Sorry for the rant..

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Rick Simpson.... should do some more recent research..he's not well liked.....

    Sirdabsalot462 Well-Known Member

    [email protected] QK

    He has pulled some pretty unethical” games” in the production of concentrates.

    I know there are many that look at him with respect, because his product does in fact work wonders for terminally ill patients.
    So, I will not go into detail on why I dislike him...

    I will just put it like this....

    He thinks he can walk on water, and proclaims himself” King”...whilst charging the terminally ill anywhere from 120-160$ per gram of a fairly rudimentary process...

    kinda grinds my gears..
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    Twitch Well-Known Member

    more like rick james bitch

    Sirdabsalot462 Well-Known Member


    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    "I know there are many that look at him with respect,because his product does in fact work wonders for terminally ill patients. So, I will not go into detail on why I dislike him..."

    Well I guess I'll be " that guy"..I've been in the concentrate game a while now, I remember when rick first came out..all personal drama aside. He was laughed at by anyone who knows what they are doing....he openly admits he has no chem background or any form of education...he's changed his process many times first Walmart acetone then naptha(what I last saw him use) ..I hope I don't have to even tell you why you shouldn't use acetone and paint thinner lol......he also says their is no reason to purge at all since cannabinoids neutralize any in my eyes those are some dangerous teachings... I could go on..but I'll just stop there, fade and myself have brought this up a few times..(I only mention him cause not everyone knows me and many find him credible)......hes the fin of the concentrate world

    If cannabinoids are what's curing cancer ect you would want pure cannabinoids right? You can go buy chlorophyll at your local gnc or whatever. When using a concentrate I assume you actually want it concentrated and maybe even consist of those cannabinoids and terpenes(rice cooker for example) do yourself or whoever your making or purchasing it for a favor and get bho qwiso dry sieve ect ect
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    AlGore Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, thanks for all the comments!!

    Although I'd like to keep it away from personal feelings or trashing rick simpson and keep it about the medicine. However I do have a few questions I suppose when it comes to these things. I have read plenty or comments that are both anti rick simpson and pro rick simpson, but shit you read of forums is often just that, shit. hehe.

    From reading his website and other articles I have formed my own opinion that the guy is just trying to help the sick. And from what I can tell, in no way promotes commercial production or sales of RSO. I could be wrong and maybe he is over in Europe getting rich off the sick but I'd consider that a much lesser evil that big pharma doing worse as they don't actually care about curing anything.

    Also... QK... You trash his methodology for concentrating the cannabis. Can you go into more detail? I have watched his video on how to make it and it doesn't seem all that different from iso or even butane extraction. Specifically you mention that it is not purged? Seems to me cooking it off in a rice cooker would purge the alcohol as well if not better than letting iso evap?

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    I have very strong feelings about rick. To avoid vps fate I won't go into further detail...but I will say I create and produce unstable pharmaceuticals for a living (if your a chemo patient you know what I'm talking about already) I have a very extensive background in chemistry and pharmacology..I know this is online so I probly look like some kid trying to sound like a know it all or something..I'm honestly just trying to protect you.... because his methods change so often who knows what you purchase from someone else..

    He advocates paint thinner and acetone.. I guess you don't know much about them since you weren't thoroughly disgusted

    And thc along with all the other cannabinoids are heat sensitive we do not heat purge like that..

    This is all I'm gonna say..without even diving into the subject........I encourage you to do your own research not reading bullshit testimonials or his website....and yes he specifically says that their is no need to purge any solvent you use...this man was run out Canada lol!

    Smoke time...I'll get all worked up.....just do some googling

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    So if your not using acetone or pain thinner extracting longer than 3 minutes and heat your extract to about 150+
    ...leaving you with a disgusting black green goop

    If that's not what your doing you should call it qwiso or just hash oil. It sounds like you want a long soak in iso then a rice cooker for whatever reason to purge....that will not yield a potent extract rich in cannabinoids....possibly some degraded products however....which are not what you want...cbd thc ect degrade into less medicinal and less psychoactive substances

    AlGore Well-Known Member

    Lol... I appreciate your passion and advice.

    I'm not sure if some of your info is up to date. He does say that trace amounts of left over solvent will not be harmful, is this what you are referring to?

    Also, I have been concerned with the solvent and have not decided what to do/use if I end up making this myself.

    But I also have concerns with butane and even iso extracted concentrates, that's why I buy lab made bho and not make it myself. And is why I'm asking if there is a legit source for RSO ingestible concentrates for treating cancer and have the entire range of beneficial chemicals, and will be sure to have purged off all the poison, etc.

    PS> I did some googling and again can't find a whole lot about RS being some evil profiteer. Most of its all positive stuff about the pontential of RSO. And as far as him being "run out of Canada", you make is seem as if his methods caused public out cry and they forced him out. From what I've read it was the state that came down on him as a "drug dealer" despite many claims that he never profited from providing the medicine.

    Can you please point to info otherwise on any of this? It's not myself I am trying to decide this for and would like to present all the info I can from both sides, etc.

    AlGore Well-Known Member

    Slightly confused by what your asking/saying here, hehe....

    The rso "method" calls for some type of solvent, he recommends pure naphtha or alcohol. Washed for 3 min. Then cooked off slowly in a rice cooker(I assume to convert the compounds into something digestible?)

    AlGore Well-Known Member

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    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Sigh..... seems you've already fallen in

    Go check out skunkpharm or something for real info...
    At this point nothing I will say could convince you......graywolf himself has spoken out about rick numerous times

    Why don't you ask yourself why nobody who actually knows chemistry is doing this......
    I'm done here though...sorry
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    AlGore Well-Known Member

    You say all this info is out there, can you not point me to it? Or is all this simply anecdotal forum posts and bias?

    Also I'd appreciate real info on my questions. I haven't fallen in to anything. I am simply trying to gather the info and advice I need to help my loved ones make informed decisions.

    I don't need to know everything there is to know about every cannabinoid and all their interactions and chemical make up etc. I'll leave that to the next 20 years of mmj research...

    What I need is a cannabis extract someone can eat that is not meant to just get you high. And contains as much of the compounds that are believed to help in the fight against cancer, and won't contain poisonous shit.

    You seem to be just running your mouth and not providing any actually information at this point, so I'm glad "your done".

    420circuit Active Member

    There are many threads that fizzle out after someone gets worked up about Rick Simpson or some extraction method that isn't up to their mysterious specification. I am making an Everclear oil by freezing everything, crushing up buds and trim and shaking in the booze for a couple minutes, strain with a coffee filter, run the green juice through a counter top still, then cook down the green syrup to thick dark oil on a coffee warmer. I would like to improve the process, but every self-professed 'expert' has dropped off before contributing anything of substance, so I'm stuck with what is working.:blsmoke:
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    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Check out the c&e section.........

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