RSO, Colorado Hemp Tears, Phoenix Tears foundation/plus, Rick Simpson!!???!!!

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    Good afternoon brother 420!
    First and foremost, I hope that you do not perceive me as a” self professed expert”

    I am no where near expert level, and have never proclaimed such blasphemy.

    This particular self proclamation is the exact reason I dislike Simpson...

    He calls himself The Budder King

    He says he invented budder, with a” mystery solvent” and some super secret strain that he would not reveal to the public.

    I just don't want you to perceive me as a kid that bashes other techniques without adding my own knowledge to the thread..

    I have a very strong undying passion for hash oil in the medicinal venue, I just he is a greed monster that thinks proclaims himself” king”
    Fast forward 30 years...

    I'm sure I will make lots and lots of oil, with lots and lots of different techniques...

    I will never claim to be a” master or expert ”..

    Just gots mad respect for you 420!!
    And I don't wanna be on your” bad side”
    And, I do contribute...

    In this thread, nope....

    But, I just wrote some tips for a fellow member on my grow thread ..
    Partially on my lunch break and a tad bit on the clock also ;)
    Hope your afternoon is treating you well sir.
    Much respect,

    Sirdabsalot462 Well-Known Member

    PS... stay tuned I will post up some info on alcohol extractions this evening.

    420circuit Active Member

    Dabs, I appreciate your informative posts and have mad respect for your skills in this area. There are a lot of people who claim to have chemistry background and are quick to ridicule and belittle others, but offer no substance in the form of a better way.

    I am conflicted about Rick Simpson. I like the guy from his youtube vids and he seems to be highly motivated to promote his cure, what's not to like? He seems to be very sensitive to any criticism, but hey we are all different and after his bold proclamations about cannabis being a cure-all I would cut him some slack for being less than perfect. He wins a gold medal for balls after releasing Run from the Cure.

    Please post up any ideas to improve the alcohol extraction process. Greywolf on another forum has put up some great info. Sometimes the best way is to just do it and dial in the details later. This is where I'm at after running 3 batches and self administering the oil to combat cancer. I think it is helping in my case, my last MRI was clear and the effects of surgery and radiation are helped by the oil. I cannot think of any reason to post something that knocks someone else when this cannabis therapy field is so promising and there is a great need for people to work together to find what works. And what doesn't. :peace:

    Sirdabsalot462 Well-Known Member


    If you've read the qwiso tutorial from Skunkpharm, I'd be pretty much posting the exact same technique described by team Skunk...

    I've got my own tweaks and shit too, but unless you'd still like, I'll probably just leave it at that..

    Otherwise, I'll post my knowledge in alcohol (both PGA & Iso applications) extractions upon request.
    In tired as shit anyhow, these long physically draining hours at work in coalition with my condition....

    Is making me very grumpy, and becoming bitter...

    Docs say I've got maybe another 10-15 years before I'll be either on a walker or wheelchair...the longer I continue this physical and strenuous job, the shorter time I have...

    vent post... Sorry, night Colorado.

    420circuit Active Member

    The docs told me that 50% of patients with what I got have a recurrence within 5 years and treatment is chemo, which has not been shown to be effective, so yeah, the future looks less than perfect. When I get down I check in on a guy who had the same surgery and is having a hard time getting used to his new wheelchair and the feeding tube is very unpleasant, so it could be worse. If the RSO does not help to stave off the recurrence at least the side effects of the medicine makes it easier to eat and sleep and the ability to smile should not be discounted.:bigjoint:

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    Since February of 2013 I had been getting mine from 3 D dispensary on Brighton Blvd. They do still have some with high CBD content but only 40% THC down from 65 % or more that they've had in the past. They sell it for $40 per gram. Now that recreational is legal they are no longer taking medical patients. I did find another place as a back up a while back but never saved the info. If I come across them again and I will because I need a supplier for myself as I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I will be sure to give you the info. My PSA numbers have consistently gone down since starting using Phoenix tears.

    Jamesjr New Member

    The key is to continue maintenance after main treatment. Most people due the treatment and then stop. You want to continue using it in much smaller doses to keep it from coming back. Also changing your diet will help significantly. Check out the PH Miracle by DR Robert Young.

    AlGore Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,

    I kinda forgot about this thread. lol.

    Thanks for the info James, interesting to know they are not longer taking medical, are you saying they only sell rec now? or you can no longer become a member? I know they are the one all over the news recently, hehe.

    I recently spoke with some people at Riverrock and they have a program that appears to be focused on the patient, I have to get more info still but from what I understand so far they sit down with you and develop a plan that doesn't involve charging out the ass for the latest popular strains and concentrates, hehe. They have pretty much everything you can imagine, lots of cbd stuff, transdermal patches, cannabis juice, etc.

    CrownMeKing Active Member

    Colorado Hemp Tears is from CareGiversForLife in Denver. 3rd & st.paul it's a good product, helps me with my back pain a good amount & also makes me sleep like a baby. The capsules are better than the Syrup IMO. Also look into "Dixie Botanicals" All CBD no THC at all, a bit pricey but you can order directly from their site & that's the only brand in CO that's all CBD no THC.
    Lavender Lady

    Lavender Lady Well-Known Member

    I made RSO the way Rick did it once and thought it needed modification. I did not like the use of naphtha with his method.
    I made concentrate with butane. It is too dangerous even for a person who thinks they know what to do.
    I have not made any concentrate with CO2 cause I can't afford the apparatus to do it.
    But I did get a "Flower Tower" and have made many batches of the concentrated oil that Rick S achieved.
    The problem with the concentrated THC is you can get so debilitatingly high that you don't want the oil as it becomes as bad as chemo.This is why I'm now growing a high CBD plants because the high from THC plants is too heavy in the concentrate form.And it seems that the CBD's actually are better for medicinal uses.It is hard for people to realize that that the healing capabilities really do exist.And a sick person doesn't want to be made sicker from a THC high.I have given my stuff away only to have it not used for this reason. I heard that the COOPs in Cali charge only $20/g or so, $50/g doesn't seem to be a lot for all the product you need to get that much and there is the time you need for the prep.To my knowledge pure canaboids are not in chlorophyll.

    JesterDev Active Member

    I cannot vouch for Rick Simpson, but I can vouch for what cannabis can do for cancer. My grandmother had bone cancer, she is now cancer free and has been for some time. I personally used Harlequin which is high in CBD. I'm no expert either, by any means. But I know what I saw. From bed ridden to back to normal in 3 months. 6 months later the doctor said the cancer was gone.

    Making a tea from just the leaves helped allot also. Studies have shown that Harlequin has THC and CBD in the leaves and stems even in veg state, I'm sure the case is true for other strains as well.

    I make my own oil using various methods, some get you high, others don't, but either way they work. I've never used naptha. Normally I use everclear. You can also use vegetable glycerin, coconut oil, olive oil etc. You want something with a high fat content. I also suggest decarbing the oil after, not the bud before, but either way it works. I just find it to be stronger when done afterwards - stronger as in, if you want to get high.

    You can always get leaves, most often for cheap or even free.

    If you want me to break it down let me know. There are also many youtube tutorials that I can direct you too.

    From my understanding, THC is needed to activate the CBDs. Like the keys to a car, you need the keys (THC) to start the car (CBDs). How much exactly I couldn't tell you.

    cantik333 New Member

    How did your friend's father do with the CBD oil? My grandmom has a chordoma brain tumor and I am desperate to get her RSO or CBD. From what I have read, the THC/CBD combo is better for cancer/tumors. I have no idea where to source quality product for her. I have seen a number of people selling CBD oil on ETSY and net... but "knowing" what is and is not quality is overwhelming when the price tags are so high AND I NEED to get my grandmom the best quality possible - she has been having complications and growth (after initial surgery in Feb.) she is due for her first radiation treatment (Gamma Knife) this Friday. I need to get her top quality ASAP. I am confused if CBD is suffcient - as what I have mostly read is people using a combo of THC/CBD for best results. Please - if you see this msg can u let me know how your friends father did? Any suggestions what is better to use? and where I can get quality? THANK YOU

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    why are you looking at cbd for treament?
    Lavender Lady

    Lavender Lady Well-Known Member

    I am about ready to harvest a high CBD plant called the good wife. I have been growing my own medicine for over 25 yrs. My experience is that High CBD's have given me greater pain relief. Most of us normal, cash poor medical marijuana users, cannot afford 50/gr, and it is a shame that the dispensaries don't help more with the medicinals because of the $$ factor.. Go to a town who only allows for medicinal sales, like Rifle CO. They dont allow rec marijuana for sale there. You do have to have a state issued mm license to buy.

    My pain is controlled with using a self made extract similar to RSO and I smoke bud. It has been hit or miss with my many different batches, strains, different ways I make it, and dose with it. I urge you to grow your own and make your own extract. If you have a chronic disease this self produced extract will help by not having to pay the high cost. I no longer use the most concentrated form of the extract (RSO), I developed my own concoction using the extract that I produced, that works for me. I recommend a plant called Harliquinn. It is a ratio of 50/50 or so. Everything is a guess with doseing, and I have done me share of research but don't have a gas chromatograph for scientific empirical measurements and all I can do is call on my own experience. But the science is happening as I type and when the big pharma produces and controls this in the future you know the cost will be higher. As high as "the market" can bear it.

    To make a long story short. Be in a state where the mm is legal, grow your own, and process it yourself. It's so much easier to buy though.
    Lavender Lady

    Lavender Lady Well-Known Member

    I am sorry about your Gma's brain tumor. You can get this extract if you have a valid MM license here in CO. I believe that she needs the whole combo at this stage, and the dr who gives you the recommendation for the license should be a dr that will follow and suggest what you need as an adjuct to the other medical treatment she is receiving. There is production going on for cbd extract, at Dixie Botanicals. I don't know what they have. I just grow my own.

    mountaingirl2 Well-Known Member

    I have been making oil for about 3 years now and I have switched processes many times. If you want to find it at a dispensary, then I would look for a 50%THC and 50%CBD as Lavender Lady suggested. When I start people out I give them much more CBD initially since it takes a while to build up the tolerance to THC. I have plants with less than 1% THC that I make tincture from and get them to load up on that while they build their tolerance to the THC. The cannabis will build up in your fat cells over time. Take the bulk of the CBD during the day and then dose the THC in the evening before bed time. Then build up the THC as quickly as possible until you can dose 1 gram of the 50/50 oil daily. I have seen people build up a tolerance within a few weeks and others that can never take a full 1 gram dose and function well daily. I tell people to do the best they can while preserving some quality of life. I use an organic grape alcohol that I re-capture since it sells for almost $100/gallon. The more water in the extraction, the more impurities it will pick up so keep that in mind.

    I don't really know where to look in Colorado but just call some dispensaries and start asking around. There is certainly oil available at dispensaries that have been extracted professionally and they are all required to have been tested. I have had very good luck with brain cancer by the way. It is one of the worst cancers to treat with traditional meds but one of the best for cannabis since cannabis can cross the blood brain barrier so easily.

    And I totally agree about maintaining some small dosing after treatment. It is recommended about 1 gram/month but again all of this info is unfortunately purely anecdotal.

    Hope that helps and best of luck.

    AlGore Well-Known Member

    Where we teach you how to make your own hydrocarbon soup at home and totally ignore safety regulations!!! lol

    Hey all,

    First let me preface this with I've come a long way since first posting this stuff. Both in knowledge and personal experience surrounding cannabis and extracts.

    Wanted to let you folks know that we did end up going with Riverrock's "ACT" program. They gave my step mom a 25% discount across the board(do that for anyone with 24 plants btw). And they put her on a regimen involving their "Priva" capsules and juiced cannabis. She was unable to tolerate any form of cannabis extract in any dosage but that is another issue.

    This was over a year ago now. And overall, I might recommend finding other sources for this stuff. RR became very focused on rec, has a history of questionable growing and processing practices, and they make the juice from fan leaves instead of immature buds, etc, etc. However for someone with minimal resources they provide a good service for people looking for actual medical treatment.

    I might instead these days recommend someone looking for a similar treatment to check into Essential Capsules(I'd contact Nick Tanem directly) and THIS lady on facebook. The EE capsules are full spectrum whole plant ice water extracted. So the thrics have not been adulterated, I've had some lovely discussions about how solvent or super critical extraction methods actually change effects vs mechanical separation methods. Also Nick has said they are working on making CBD caps as well. And the juice that lady on FB produces is cold pressed with as much of the whole(organically grown) plant they can get their hands on. I don't think they use immature tops, which I've read is best, but only way to get that would likely be make it yourself.

    Another suggestion I might make if resources and money is limited. You can find BHO for a little as $20/g, even at high end spots like Kind Love. Sometimes it's trim run(highly recommend whole plant or nug run but hey, if you are on a budget), other times it's just been sitting on the shelf too long and has auto buddered so they want rid of it, etc.

    For my personal use, I've actually all but quit using extracts. After about 2 years of dabbing out I discovered that I get more stoned at it lasts longer if I just smoke joints. I guess that's do to all the "oil smokers bud" I use, lol. That 30% thc terped out flower got me spoiled, hehe.

    However this is getting too expensive for me and I worry about my lungs smoking all that plant materiel. SO! I'm growing my own again(and it's going great, check my IG link), this time on a larger scale. At harvest I'm gonna get a Bubble Now machine and some bags and run probably half of it fresh frozen for extracts, the full melt will be saved for spliffs and the occasional dab, the rest I'm gonna infuse veggie juice with.

    PS> EE and others are now making lots of fire Rosin out of IWE, something to look into if you want to turn no-melt into dabs for medial use or just to get high, hehe.

    PPS> Don't be fooled by "hemp seed" or "cbd" oil or the Dixie products sold online. hemp cbd and hemp seed oil is not the same

    ALSO. The Dixie products they sell here in CO are complete garbage. Only edibles companies I trust in Co are Edi-Pure and Keif Cola
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    Lavender Lady

    Lavender Lady Well-Known Member

    I had a friend who used dixie products and they really don't work. I should have made that clear. AlGore I will gift you some extract as I have with others. Soon I will not be able to do this due to the fact I may not be growing again for awhile.

    Riverraider New Member

    I am just a OLD V/N Vet. that has been making Proper RSO for many Years and have seen tremendous Results!! There is a lot of mis inf. on this Forum. I am thinking of starting Classes on how to make it Proper and Safely !!!!! Anybody interested ??? I live in C/S.
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    just so you know, this thread is over 2 yrs old. most of these peeps are long gone.

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