RSO, Colorado Hemp Tears, Phoenix Tears foundation/plus, Rick Simpson!!???!!!

Discussion in 'Colorado Patients' started by AlGore, Oct 16, 2013.


    Riverraider New Member

    Too bad! Any at all current??

    valjack Member

    Yes, please share.

    dito27 Active Member

    I make a bunch of FECO with a megahome distiller. I really like it because I get quite a bit of everclear back opposed to just disolving it all off.

    valjack Member

    Ok thanks! I notice many people prefer to leave more everclear in order to have more mass in end. I just made my first everclear ( made one with vegetable glycerin but in my opinion was too weak) tincture and it burns like hell so i will be trying to cook off some everclear in rice cooker or double boiler. Will be getting a Magic Butter No.2 soon though. I have a lot of good trim with little buds which i would like to play with.

    dito27 Active Member

    You do have to evap a little bit out after the distiller is done but still so nice to get most of the everclear back. Magic butters aren't worth the money IMO. The handles break so easily. I went through 2 machines. They warranty it but you gotta pay freight. Google badkats canna recipes. She's got a ton of legit info on making feco, and infusing it. I do an oil blend 30 grams feco some coconut oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, hemp oil, and lecithin

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    My exact process, good shit for my needs and desires. Extra benefits if it actually keeps me healthy. This final product is fine for eating, smoking, and as a key ingredient for ointments.

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