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  • Nice man your crops are pretty dope. I've been thinking about trying Dutch passions auto version of auto Mazar. The crops supposedly grow out similar to what you've got but without the purple in it... I do know that seeing your posts has made me more open to trying autos though.
    Hey bro I was just looking at some of your posts and I wanted to ask you whos genetics are you running for those autos you do.
    Also what is that plant which you call the "other bud"?
    The autos I grow are a Berry Ryder x Afghan Kush Ryder I've been working on for a few years.

    "The other bud". Lol. I think I said that about my hops.
    Hi HLG,
    Ive been lurking or these forums for quite some time now absorbing info and never been active myself. You seem to contribute a lot to the community here. I actually just recently became interested in Autos and I found you in many threads around here. looks like you got some awesome lines going on. im a med patient in nor cal as well. we should link up sometime. id love to try some of your autos!
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    I would love to buy some bulk auto seeds if you have them available for the 2017 outdoor season :)
    keep up the good work, it is inspiring
    Good Morning HLG,
    I cannot figure out how to send you a PM. But I am interested in seeds if you happen to have any available for donation at this time. Im a med patient here in Cali. Sorry to be a nag...but tis the season haha
    Sup highLowGrow how's it going man was just wondering how you get your stalks on your 1gallon autos so big brother? Thanks #StayLitt
    Do you think what you wrote me that all the rollitup growers follow your growing technique. Let's ask them what they think of your plan. OG
    I posted on one of ur pages got 6 autos I'm in England to very low temp like 10c at night not all the time got 4 night queen and two cookies the going nice look gd just worried the cold will reduce my bud size will they handle a few nights for a few hrs in low temps plz help
    Hey HighLowGrow.... I am impressed with your posts and would like to talk with you about testing out one of our grow labs. We seem to have a common goal of growers having the freedom to grow whatever, whenever they want.

    How can we get get in touch and talk more?
    Umm how long did it take to arrive and how much did it cost you for the number of seeds you bought??
    For some reason, this person called me an 'asshole'. I fear that if I 'snitch' on them, I will be regarded as even more of an 'asshole'.

    I appreciate your concern, but there's little you can do...

    Thankyou for caring though <3
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