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  • well i wouldn't mind, it's always nice to have a back up plan and i do like to have options... look forward to hearing from you then xxx
    no problem honey wolf, hope your troubles were small and past tense by now, i know how it can be!

    like i said, i think i am on the brink of getting sorted at last, so no need to pester you for any numbers now (but i might ask if it falls apart - as these things too often do...!?!)

    thanks for the tips and be lucky babe - i'll listen out for you howling at the moon when she's full and shining down silver on us at night! x
    i'm a bit sad you never got back to me again wolfgrirl and i'm not sure why you didn't (did i do something wrong, technically or otherwise??) but i got no right to expect anything more from you so that's ok

    i have checked out hippocribs as you suggested and it looks like it may bear fruit soon - i'll let you know if it does, thanks again wolfy
    i think i have figured out private messaging! - my email address is [email protected] - i'm away visiting my old fossil in hastings for few days now, hope to hear from you soon. i am a bexley boy myself (i thought i sent you that yesterday but i can't see it now?!)
    hello and thanks mr ganja, you have given me a direction to check out and i'm grateful for that already my friend, what can one say to help a person trust another? it's difficult to prove trustworthiness as it's usually best earned but i'll try! just to let you know, i am obviously not affiliated in any way with any law and order mob, so just to show some trust back at you babe, in fact i'm a mental health nurse, so i got everything to lose potentially! married (but failing) and no social life or contacts anymore, smoked for nearly 30 years now, though much less the last few years and lost all me contacts and friends! really grateful for any help
    I am well although my home life has been a little chaotic . . . .all that changes for the better needs a catalyst . . .woods and beaches all around where i live in the NW
    here is a pic of a part of our local harborhttp://i1113.photobucket.com/albums/k513/GetLiftedNW/fishy2168.jpg
    Everything here is fine just slow paced, working part time and doing community service saving my pennies for a move to California in 6 months, glad to hear your keeping busy hopefully you find a nice guy / girl / both soon, your certainly an unique person I'm sure someone will take interest :) I too am in a slump for the last six months with a suspended license and no real way to meet new people (haven't tried online quite yet)
    ive have been very busy with my last harvest and new set ups . . . . . how have you been? I hope all is well and 2012 is looking good? I miss your threads you should start another
    Hey sweety i'm doing great, ya i've been pretty busy, got back from Cali and drove 3000km to my new home, a week later i got myself a job:) So it's safe to say things are going very well. Missed ya 2 beautiful. Hope life is treating u well. I have a new avatar so this might explain why it seems like i've been gone, I've always been around just had little to say :)
    your profile picture is gorgeous xx youre a great friend, thanks for helping me out . lots of love
    that tickled me. I wondered why no one had said anything. Glad you straightened it out for me, as far as Im concerned you had my back. Thanks! xoxo :)
    Hey, you're very welcome. I try to be when I can. My name is Eric, my username is something of an acronym for my name.
    Thank you for the acknowledgement, I appreciate it. I am still young, but my friend's and I encourage each another to think of life more transcendentally of the greater picture on a macroscopic level while simultaneously acknowledging everything on our microscopic social scene
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