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  • I'm sending you a message today, for real! Pics and plants and your daughter and your beautiful face and everything ok? ok.
    Hey there, I'm doing well, have 2 girls budding nicely with a third that just started. Been too busy to even maintain my journal as well as i'd like. I hope all is going well for you too :)
    Hey sweetheart, how's grow?
    I miss my Marylynn too ;) I've been really busy this week. Phew! I'll tel you about it tonight when I jump back on.
    ttyl *mwah
    You need to delete your old private messages so I can send any to you. Itr says you have exceeded your storage limit. Check your inbox and sent folder and delete em all.
    I think that may have been part of my problem when I moved the start times from night to day over a 3 or 4 day period. If your gonna change it I would do it over a gradual period of s week or more. Nothing much new here. It is raining again and we have a Soccer meeting tonight. I hope I see some signs of change tonight when the lights come on. I havent done anything today but lay around. Hopefully my cold or whatever goes away. It hasnt bothered me any today. Fri. night my Nieces husband was coughing at dinner, probably where I got it, he sat across from me. One of them is always sick, they are around a lot of different kids and people and dont pay any attention to what they do when they are sick. They will eat/drink after one another. So is your husband getting excited about the plants yet? What is going to be hard is to take the time to dry them right when they are ready. Pretty well seems everybody thinks air dry is best.
    Strange I show you as a friend in my list but when I click on it the option to send pm isnt there... I guess thatll chance in a day or three
    Chances are your seedling would have been okay even without the hormone.. They can stand having roots lost as long as not too many. Youll probably be okay without the dead relative ashes. I thought it was a nice touch though... I slept till 7:30 this a.m., woke up about 3 with an early xmas present... A cold and drainage... Hopefully just minor. I had some cold pills so was able to get back to sleep. Maybe the xmas present will arrive today! Didnt get to check plants this am before lights out... When are your lights coming on/off?
    Wow my big plant is starting to change its smell... At first I thought it was the deodorizer I put in there but now I know its not. Cant really describe it, maybe fruitier? Hows your smell... Maybe someday I can hire one of those people that checks smells for a living!~ Btw I forgot to mention that if either of those ash sources are unavailable to you you can always use dead relatives ashes if they are hanging around! Lol....................
    twas able to add you as a friend, but cant send pm's yet.... Oh well..
    FWIW - If you have any friends that have a fireplace or where someone has burnt some wood, get some wood ashes and sprinkle around your plants.... Maybe a tblsp. per large plant... Just let it get watered in when you water. Good source of Potassium... (The P in the N-P-K thingie)
    That Renuzit air freshener works good and I dont even have it opened up good! Guess you dont want your xmas present.........
    oh well live and learn... Its dark now. I did have only curtains and towels covering window, added black garbage bags too! Adjusted my overlapping light schedule to be on only 12/12 with other. We'll see what happens. I am going to try and wait a couple of weeks to plant new seeds because of 12/12 light schedule and because I dont want everything maturing at once. I guess you know when I got banned I lost your address, now I cant send you xmas present! Oh well!
    are you on strict 12/12 light schedule... Is ot totally dark in your grow room when lights are out. Im wondering if maybe my extra light after lights out may have made my plants slow in flowering? I have changed now.
    Guess what came in the mail today? I dont know weather I should start one of them nor or wait? I am pretty overloaded... Dont want them to go bad...
    I tried going early and a lot of the items I wanted would be out from the previous night. I complaind but it didnt do any good. I usually try to go before 10 in the a.m.
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