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  • This mainly started because of Sunni, nobody called me out till that lol, so after trying to reason, I downloaded an app and started fucking with them.

    I honestly don't get away with much because I don't do much, everyone focuses too much on the name is all, mostly the old people, they seem to lack the knowledge and humor of irony
    And don't say anywhere else "for that matter", like I posted it first lol....the link is still up on that thread from him by the way.
    Buck left a dick pic on a thread, he got a warning too right?

    Just, I don't see it on his page...
    why do mods keep deleting my post that have your quotes?? like when you tell another RIU member to go commit suicide? lead by example.
    beansly my man. I miss you. I have question ... I found all these gnats everywhere dead in my grow rooms, hundreds and hundreds of them all dead or dying! I dont think they are fungus gnats, cus Ive had many problems with those. these gnats are smaller. do you know maybe what they could be? soil is such a pain in the ass
    I know ^^; Insomniac since 13... Thought I'd try to no just smoke myself to sleep but it's still better than the pills I was taking x
    nice. i have the sour glass extractor so it comes with lid with small hole for butane bottle, and three small holes on bottom about the same size as the butane hole, so no worry about blowing out coffee filters unlike my other extractor where i had many blowouts and covered friends with green shrapnel ha. do you mean barley holding a flame to it or trying to make it burn off the dabber?
    The I don't starve my plants thread. Hey brother thanks for the input and keeping it positive despite the close minded responses we can get from both sides!
    Peace brother
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