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  • Hey I just got a Heat Vac White a 5 com 2 stage pump. Chamber has a heat controlled bottom this will be my first time using a pump/chamber. Any tips on temps and or lengths of....?thanks for your time
    Hey everyone send me pm's with your questions I reply to those better, sorry for skipping over some people when replying.
    Hey Twitch, in the Rosin Tech thread you mentioned that you'd happily show anyone how to make a pneumatic press for rosin making and I wanted to take you up on that. I'd love to get some tips from you on how to set one of these up myself so I don't end up overpaying for a premade one. Thanks for any help you can offer!
    would love to help, let me get some time to set down and get some thing organized. I would be more than happy to give you step by step and the contacts to call to get the items needed so you don't get dicked around.
    That would be awesome! I've been doing a ton of research recently and have started to think maybe a hydraulic press would be better for what I'm looking to do. What really interests me about the pneumatic presses I've seen is the automation. If I could build a similar/the same setup with a hydraulic press (or pneumatic press that can put out 10 tons+) that would be my ideal scenario. Is that realistic?
    also im really looking into playing around with winterizing as a standard now but that means im probably going to have to still my own grain alcohol (again not really a big problem) Just really looking to ask some basic questions along the way.
    hey twitch, i havent made much noise around here but im trying to get better with my shatter game and i was hoping i could get some advice from you along the way. I have a steady supply im working, same strains, vac purge ext. (all the toys)
    Hey idk how to pm you but can I too my stuff at 130??well that's the temp of the outside sticker of my 3 gal vac chamber
    Yo man I no u prob get tons of request but I really want to learn to make bho have a few of the basics I made a thread also but I've seen ur vids on youtube and I wanna make stuff like that I'm just to hooked on tha dabs bro can't go back and nowhere around to get on reg basis. If you could message me or search my thread that would be awsome I learn quick won't waste ur time. Thanks
    Okay now that I am done being an asshole ( I do apologize for this behavior) I would like to help you. If this is Okay with you. I have vast knowledge in automation and material selection that could benefit you if you please.
    Sup man? Been awhile since I've been around in here. I got me a vac system! I remember reading your guide about using them. Having some trouble finding it though. Can you hit me back with that link please sir?
    I was wondering if you processed for medical patients I have some trim left over from last year and was looking for some one to process it
    I've been Twitched! After following many of your excellent posts I have seen the light will begin vacuum purging. If I may ask, do you have a preference of chamber size? I'm trying to decide between a 3 gallon with 9.75" width or what seems an easier to work with flat chamber 1.6 gallon and 3" tall by 12" wide. Your thoughts on this are appreciated. Thanks.
    hey budi just got my 2lb pressurized closed column set up was wondering if you might have a minute to give me a run down on instructions for use i have it right im pretty sure but when messing with butane i would prefer to be a 100% you know what i mean lol
    sorry, twitch isnt a common name. i just thought i use to know u 4 a sec. lol.. i know 7 or 8 billion ppl.
    hey man.. i like the way your shit looks.. extracts look amazing man.. absolutely amazing..
    can i ask.. how you achieve a wax on your material.? i have some material right now.. that will not wax up . no matter wat.. for some reason..
    what temps do u normally use.. and what -hg?
    how old is the material that you ran? also what temps have you put it at thus far? What I do for what is set my griddle at 120 to 130 and let the pump run, I will check it periodically because i do not want crumble because at that point you are boiling off the THC.
    Also I am sure you have seen in some threads, some material will not wax up, this is usually due to material age, also if you break the 150 degree threshold i have found it starts to decarb and there for also will never wax.
    thanks much.. ya I don't run old material usually.. but ya this is new stuff.. have u ever seen stuff look like a waxy budder.. then let it sit.. and it turns into a brown sugar consistency?

    I did a nug run. and left a piece out on a piece of parchment over night.. and it went from a buddery sticky substance.. to a brown sugary kinda sticky wen touched? anyway to avoid that lol?
    Sup my brother? I'm about to order a Buchner funnel like with a quickness! Looking on Amazon but they're all talking about ml. Must be talking about the flask size? I want a vacuum assisted funnel with the 3-5 micron glass filter like you speak of. Please lead me sensai.
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