pure shoreline Acapulco grow and seeding.

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    As I told old mom.

    If its a " sativa " and can make you feel good under the red spectrum cut at ten weeks...its a tainted sativa..period.

    Phenos, all strains have them because they are a cacophony of the old ones.

    However no pure sativa on earth is good at ten weeks once you know the difference.

    All must have time and blue and since most do not do this, they don't know what they are missing and only have opinions on the effects of good ole THC .

    In time this will change and the true " high " will be understood and better preserved and bred for.

    Also that's right! If you have been breeding your Sativa's under red spectrum you are hurting them in the long run.

    To preserve the true mental expression they must be bred similar to the wild and that is not hard .

    Spectrum is number one.

    They are some Afghanistan dominant strains that will ripen under more red but it is slower and the quality suffers.

    Been there done that.

    Same with tomatoes.

    I can surely get big ones under sodium but the ones under halide blue taste waaay better and stinck awful.

    A good grower in the future will have a true understanding of this tree and how to ripen it and breed it.

    Once again the indica that stones is needed but so is that delicate mental balance that comes from pure Sativa's that enhance the mind.

    We can't loose that as mental illnesses are running rampant and they can also be cured with this will wisdom.

    One love
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    Another pair of bamboo types.

    These are not the golds or inlands or gruerro... Their some other type bamboo cannabis from different region.

    Not allot of red veins in these so a sandy loam soil would be the best bet on whatever location they are from.

    Remember, as many species of bamboo in different areas would be the possibility of bamboo cannabis also.

    All bamboo super resinous and the difference between them can be subtle but once you have grown them you can see the subtle differences.

    The puerta vallarta is hands down most unique and beautiful.

    I don't know what it is about bamboo that makes cannabis so resinous that pollinates with it other than the fact some bamboo is hollow and this can transfer to the cannabis like those indica pollinated with barrel and saguaro cactus are hollow stem and super resinous.

    Old mom mentioning highland ox, well Garcia of cannabiogen use to have a real deal I do believe.

    They are obvious trees with the more thin fingers and whispy bud.

    Lanky trees.

    Would love to breed one with any pure bamboo as the combo would be a good one.

    One pure to another pure if its the right combo can produce dandy trees its just the stoney indica's messed with the Sativa's in captivity.

    Stoned is stoned and after a while your just knocked out and that's fine when you need it.

    However the no ceiling high needs to come back and with proper ripening and breeding of the few pures left and working good hybrids into better Sativa's it can be accomplished again.

    If anyone has landrace feel free to jump in and share.

    We should start a community of those that have old seeds and willing to barter with one another to get them preserved and into more hands.

    Individuals that understand preservation more than a dollar .

    I understand that myself now.

    It is work, not to breed...but to select and actually know what the hell your breeding and for what issues..that takes time.

    I understand why they charge however it can't be primary motivation.

    Getting people the healing they need body and mind is and should be number one.

    One love IMG_20180308_092523.jpg

    Mohican Well-Known Member

    Here are a few more examples of gold:







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    Mohican Well-Known Member

    When people get green hash and then get trolled for having too much leaf material, I tell them that the killer blond from the 70's was just as leafy if not more. The leaf was just bleached out.

    I made some dry ice hash my first time hashing and I got this:


    I was so bummed - until I smoked it :eyesmoke:

    I was as good, if not better, than any blond hash.

    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Beautiful mohican.

    Old school done right and that is the ripe fruit.

    You are now a true master grower as all will learn to be.

    True healers to those in need including ones self and ones own.

    I learned from guys like mohican back in the day and to be able to contribute something back means allot.

    Now , I can hush and just be another guy growing golden bud and sharing with others.

    Old mom will soon also join the ranks.

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful work brother...

    One love, rev
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    What is also going to be fun when we are all going for the gold again, is making oils and edibles.

    Cannabinoids decarb at different temps and leaves room for experiment.

    275 for 45 -60 minutes does well for THC and I have plenty of people around here to verify that revs edibles destroy and I can have them done in less than two hours as others cook for days and not as potent.

    Cannabinoids being decarbed and worked with will be a blast and all of us will figure out more at home using common sense than any laboratory.

    Remember also, just like different strains have different mental effects with THC, the strains will be different in their cannabinoid presentation as well.

    People will find trees that when ripened up correctly it will change their lives.

    However I will say this, when you let them go gold indoors all the way in the dirt...it is sublime.

    Also smooth as taking a breath of air and then ..bam!

    Clarity with no zipidy doo da paranoia horse shit that so many are sitting in every day.

    Clear thought and pineal events that can frighten an old soul.
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    OLD MOTHER SATIVA Well-Known Member

    "Clarity with no zipidy doo da paranoia horse shit that so many are sitting in every day."

    >i want some of the "horseshit" too
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    mariwanalady Member

    Thanks bro...I love the love you have for us all in sharing this
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Love is the one thing you can't put a price on.

    Love is rare and many hearts have gone cold.

    If life can kick the shit out of you and try and kill you and you survive, it creates love and empathy.

    We all need a dime, all prophets had a money bag as everything costs, even to take a good bathe.

    However if money and prestige the most important it will fall in ones lap later even If they pull it off at first.

    There is nothing to " pull off" with love.

    You give it, its accepted or not.

    I've never been able to out give god in the last ten years, he gives back sevenfold .

    So the god of our fathers has my back and others, not a Benjamin.

    One love
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    Something to mention I may not have made clear.

    It is " far red" that works against proper ripening of cannabinoids.

    Old mom has noticed the 3000 red led seems to be killing them back a bit.

    It is possible for his led even the 3000 has no far red.

    I experimented with most all lights but not led as they are expensive.

    However no doubt with Sativa's your going to be better with blue even with led.

    Found a guy on YouTube that tested the same tree under red led and white led and he could not believe how much better the tree under white led was.

    Old mom will likely see the same.

    However, most important is to use a spectrum that works for the tree to kill itself and blue leaning light does best and faster.

    4100k is probably still overall best and so the par from old moms 5000 is impressive as I have watched these trees do their thing and moms trees under the 5000 truly look superb.

    We may find even purples and pinks and other colors can enhance the tree as well as allow it to die along with blue and UV.

    Room for experiments for sure but take my word on one thing, too much far red and you will never see cannabinoids .

    HP's really is not a good bulb except for yields even in vegetables.

    Full spectrum with a bump in blue is and I would love to work with some led companies on this as led has the par and longevity that we all need but prices are still steep.

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    Sleep, what is that?

    It has been debated..." Bigger roots makes bigger fruits."

    It has been debated and I have seen good arguments on both sides.

    I've seen allot of bud on small trees with not much root.

    However I have also seen 5 pound plus monsters with 200 gallons of roots outside.

    This Zacatecas is 2x2 and 20 gallons of roots.

    If large roots make large fruits this tree should laugh in the face of a pound.

    Will be interesting.

    Flower in two weeks.

    That's all the agave is getting and yields will come from the rest.

    Should get at least 4 pure pairs done.

    Will simply turn off fans and cover trees with sheets while I pollinate each one accordingly.

    Take care and it works.

    Once again if you breeders do not know, you can hold males back and let the girls gain bud mass before you pollinate and you get plenty bud with your seeds.

    Even after hairs first recede they will still take pollen and set seeds nice and pretty on outside of buds.

    One love IMG_20180314_161309.jpg

    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Beautiful western Oaxaca indica putting out new branches from last topping.

    First time I took one hit from one of these, I immediately raised my hands to god and wept as the cannabinoids totally released me from all the horse shit thc feeling I had been so use to since being here.

    That was over a year ago and I can't wait for more.

    We need at least around three pounds a round to be supplied.

    So hoping this one sets us free of paying for bud that cannot even come close to what we can produce...even though it helps and I appreciate it.

    However thc bullshit will only make the cannabis " industry" cough choke!.....be like big pharma.

    Meaning you will only treat ailments and cause more THC mental illness on the way!!

    Its fact...I talk to people...daily...no matter where I go.

    THC is making many have mental illness as many admit to me when I corner of them.

    Cannabinoids will cure the cell diseases with diet change and inflammation diseases most suffer from.

    This thread should be spread like a virus by everyone that sees it and cares for themselves and others.

    This is not about building revs popularity... It is about truth and life.

    One love IMG_20180314_161328.jpg
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    The brains of the system, my two main sumps.

    Revs technology is primitive babe and works like an ole charm.

    I filter from the bottom up and build river sumps that are beautiful and work without spending a bunch of money on crap you have to wind up modifying anyway and end up displeased.

    Its all plastic anyway folks, period.

    So do it yourself and be like sponge Bob.. Smile.

    Best filter media?

    Used a bunch over the years, in the end, pearlite, polyester curtains , and quartz stones does the best ...biological, mechanical and polishes like glass.

    Oh you filter out your nutrients!

    Horse shit!!.... Smile..

    Plenty of nutrients for I run substrate with worms also in the tank...important key!

    Worms turn the hemp and lamb shit into pure gold.

    What these sumps do with the pothos and soon tomato vines growing in them not only prevents me ever having to clean them, but also allows come harvest for me to pull the cannabis out without crashing my system...smile.

    Also you have it by windows to promote algae!

    Darn right, you need it all if you want to truly grow almost anything and have super healthy fish.

    This is ecosystem building and not some show tank at a miny mall.

    You will always do better using your own mind and using stuff laying around the garage kind of thing.

    You become your own " pioneer " and if others benefit that's OK also as that's how we all learn, from one another.

    One love IMG_20180314_161349.jpg IMG_20180314_161407.jpg
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    These sumps would make many nervous of overflow.

    When the lord guided me I questioned also.

    They will push up and put 250 gallons in my floor! ....thank god for insurance, right?

    Well its common sense, you must weigh the pearlite and other media down well with the stones...real well.

    Then it sets and its stable .

    Proper weight is key on these sumps and make sure to always cut the return holes in the sumps correct to the pipe or you will goop to much silicone and leak later.

    Silicone and plastic not always best mix , however take your time and it works as long as your not jerking stuff around.

    Next round our outside the pond buckets will be set up a bit different with grommets and drains as well.

    Always room for a tweak here and there, however no major adjustments as you could crash it...be careful with these as they can produce indefinitely, but you get to cleaning and messing with it and you will kill the system .

    One love
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Many old souls have already broken bread with us under the pond .

    They are coming to me sick...hush boy!

    I will not be still.

    Coming to me sick, thyroid problems and different inflammation and cell diseases.

    Loosing their faith, believing father has forsaken.

    I tell them, he has not, it will tarry only a moment longer.

    Warnings given, not taken....those Sanhedrin and others in their fields.

    I tell them our story... And why they and so many of you are so sick.

    Look up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....

    They have bombarded you with shit food and relied on your ignorance to not change...they have poisoned all now.

    As if the food and all else not bad enough that your bodies work constantly to try and prevent disease's, but now.....look up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....

    What do you mean, they ask!!?? ...

    They are spraying the hell out of us!!!!!

    Now more than ever our asses must take control of our health or indeed many are going to die...period.


    What about god! Will he answer?

    Yes, but until then we must purify and make sacrifice... Most of all sacrifice our pitiful egos!!!!!! ..

    Eat this tree and its seeds and quality organics whenever possible and ripen it correct and eat the cannabinoids oil.

    Then you will have your defense until the whales hang from the mountains and your rulers that broke you all for trillions are dug from their holes they dug under you!!...

    The rabbit hole is deep and yet it does dead end into the truth, however that truth will not be found on the net and they stop the elect of god from presenting it....it will fail as the truth will not be killed this time.

    Turn to god and the babied and you will be set on stones soon when the grand harvest of scum begins.

    The harvest promised and it will indeed come from above when man realizes that not only is he not alone, but among the smallest in all creation.

    And yet most prideful...

    A group of sociopathic rulers has indeed successfully raised a narcissistic generation... Shoe fits...wear it!!

    However god never takes his eyes from his own.

    If not for mercy and repentance and gods tree...I would have been swallowed up soon.

    I have never known him to be partial.

    They come to me sick and its as if they sense that soon I will be able to help them when my crop done.

    I can only help if all wisdom is applied and all discipline.

    When I say " discipline " it frightens many as many do not like discipline.

    If you cannot self govern, you soon will not be able to stand.

    Oh what will the sheep do when their pitiful old sadistic rulers and entitled families are no more......

    Eccentric enough?

    One love
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member


    Oh lion of Judah... Oh mahdi .....can you see....oh the mercy jah sends to thee....

    You don't deserve ...not now...not then....oh how repentance and a broken heart can befriend him.....

    Oh how snot and tears can bring him close....oh and why a worms enemies he indeed will roast.....

    Oh Zion forgotten and a fake holy land accepted.... Oh a fake temple they have resurrected......oh a day of crushing will soon come....for warnings not heeded and sin on the run......

    Oh jah his mercy cannot be known....he tarries to save the flesh and the bone.....

    For no pleasure does he get....when he must destroy because so many forget....

    Brother killing brother ...here and abroad....they fall for falsehoods and their teachers fraud.....

    Oh jah they spout science, religion and puke....oh jah surely soon you will rebuke!!! ...

    For with a mighty hand " planet tiamat, the x planet" and with an outstretched arm.." Planet nemesis " ...you will pull every arm of strength from the socket....

    For they mock and still laugh at you and your elect ones.....oh soon their " show" will be over and no place to run....

    Oh the old will soon raise up with the strength of their god ....they will dig them out with a shout!!! ......

    Their gold and silver...they will toss on that day ....all the pride and strife will be gone away....puff
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    A question oh jah, why here? ...

    They shut down your truth on their YouTube and other formats...

    They troll your elect and curse them and even bring up their pasts and other things in order to close the ears and remain in ignorance and ego..

    It matters not, for all have freewill.

    My obstacles are not his, for does he not know the location of all my brothers and sisters... Every hair on the heads.

    To tell the whole story, the true story....whom the annunaki really are and where they are from and the tree brought here so long ago.

    Oh lord but they have those scientist and conspiracy nuts that have written books and studied and made videos and everyone loves the person on film or the one whom holds the pen!!...

    Matters not, for him that holds the truth stands on the rock and nothing ...nothing will shake him.

    Oh lord if only it was just info on cannabis that was shared it would have been enough and still too much.

    How can the truth on the fruit be shared without sharing it all?

    .....it can't...

    Your obstacles worm....are not mine.

    Trust...faith...hope....love....compassion... Empathy....forgiveness.... Self responsible.... That is a worms duty...

    Leave the duties of god...to god.

    One love
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    For in Christ " cannabis" as yehushua and john....they will do greater things...

    Through truth....they will be free.....

    Through humility... They will see god...

    Through purification and self governance.... They will teach a generation set aside by their creator....jahuwa...whom made all....

    That's right oh ye deep state!!!!

    He knows the hairs of your heads as well and comes to collect them all soon enough!

    They and the tree and the earth will be rid of you and nobody left will wonder of you.

    Entitlement will soon be given to those " entitled" .....smile

    One love
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Hair receding lines and blue ties and double chins will be no more....

    For a day promised , is at hand.

    All those rumblings as you all spent and dug under the people to escape...

    All those tunnels....and so much more....indeed...

    As you have buried yourselves to escape in the past...every time..

    You was told...not this time...he meant it.

    Lives taken...children destroyed and tormented.... However those big bullshit smiles the sheep love and then label themselves as this side or that side.

    Pitiful psychology and yet works wonders and why so easy for you all to control them...

    You never come up with anything new and can see why...it works!

    The old " pull the wool over their eyes bullshit works like a charm."

    So good in fact, they will debate and argue and kill another over the lies you give that they eat like candy.

    Its not that any of you are brilliant, in fact you turds are among the most dumb on earth....you simply have other confused brains do it for you.

    Works like a charm...the whole dajaal/Antichrist system that the poor dumb religions sheep believe is a pitiful man.

    You have done well.

    Amazing how such an old horse shit plot can still work so well.

    They even guard and protect you as if some damned honor.

    Ends soon...

    They will toss your shit out of their windows soon and repent and turn to their god whom is one..one...one..and come for you to dig you out of your holes by the strength of their god...

    Even what I say now, and its very little...you still depend that most will not put it all together and simply laugh it off in their own sheep fear and ego.

    Damned it really is a pitiful and less evolved psychology you all use on them but I be shit I will say again....works like a charm!!

    So no you guys are still idiots that have the worse type mental illnesses and now it seems you want the sheep to be as mentally ill as all all all ....of you.

    Was it lonely being the only shit eating pecker heads on earth that have zero love or empathy that you wanted a whole population just like you?

    Wrong move assholes!

    You create anger and hate and no empathy in the sheep, what do you think they will do on your day of judgement oh ye synagogue of hell!!!....

    They are going to tear you to absolute pieces.....

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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    And they will do it while they eat the fruit and praise their god and tear down every standing falsehood you have built for them while you completely forsook the work of the fathers hand..

    You pitiful fingers that like to hit buttons and delete any truth will soon end...you have no power...even tho you believe otherwise...


    As it shall be revealed...all of it...and all of you will be known... And speedy riddance the earth will have of you and all cohorts..

    You ate the best of the wheat.

    When you do this....all lines crossed.

    Even if this not the place and even if these moderator here tells me to leave...it will not stop the truth from soon rolling on like a river you shit eating pricks...

    Nor will it stop the judgement.

    I will show them where they pierced me.

    He will and you all know what I know.... That is not the horse shit nail scared hands of your fake Jesus!!

    It is the hole in planet x " tiamat" that was put on her aeons ago when annunaki tried to blow it up.

    Should I tell them right here as to what tiamat does to earth so they can see the true geography and location of Zion!!!!!???

    Muhammad abdullah Mahdi will sit on a stone and watch all of you scream for mercy ....you will get the mercy and empathy you gave.... None!!!...

    You erase Mahdi's comments and the man adnan oktar from turkey that claims to look for mahdi knows mahdi lives!!!

    His plots and those masons and templars and all the synagogue will be exposed .

    All untruths will be and those that present them.

    For no religions accepted so you plot falsehoods and fake holy lands and fake Israel and a fake temple that will bring your dooms soon enough...and you like doom and make movies of doom for the sheep to pay and fill your tables.......doom cometh and salvation to those that love and do no harm and turn to the babies...

    You wanted it...you gave it....you wrote about it....you made bundles at the ole box office .....worry not....it comes.... It only tarries a moment longer.

    You even hope for the writings of the old scrolls.

    What part?

    The part that it says..." They will hate the elect one of god, they will say terrible things of him and even invent lies and stories of him, however he will destroy his wicked generation with the word of truth."

    This matters not....when you send for David... They will know him...

    Then, you will watch all you have crumble even before your final hour comes.

    They will know....all men can be killed...all men can be put in chains.

    Just like john and yehushua was put in chains....and killed....not by the Sanhedrin was he killed....but by the sheep's own request for the truth indeed cost jobs and money and that pisses them off!!!!!

    Oh ye sheep will not slaughter this time and the deep state cowards already know.

    Their overlords know god and that whom his hand is upon nothing can touch.

    As written.....David will not shed blood and they will not shed his...even tho they try.

    Then and only then will the people put down all religion and come to the one god of Jacob and love the children.

    So many only gave milk because the sheep will even choke on that.

    Meat must come now to the one seeking it.

    Love, is your salvation... One love and where there is ego and fear....love cannot dwell.

    God only is to be feared and no weapon forged against you can prosper....

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