pure shoreline Acapulco grow and seeding.

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    Been about 8 years since I did a grow journal here.
    It is where I started.... Where I learned from some of the best growers in the world and how god started me on a learning adventure that has yet to end.

    One more round as Rocky once said, let's do this.

    I am opening up this journal for you guys to also speak to me with open and tactful dialogue and that goes for the rev also, let's keep the love.

    And remember, this is my journal and I am not here to show you I am the best, I am here to share freely what I have learned that can save lives concerning the proper ripening of this fruit tree for pure cannabinoid and the spectrum needed to do it.

    Letting all of you see these trees go through all three stages is the most important thing I can do for all of you and this tree to be free and lives saved And for me and mine.

    Many of you have already heard me speak on these things and now you are welcome to come here and discuss any questions.

    If I do not know something I will tell you straight, if I do, I stand by it no matter for that means I have applied it and it works..... For me.

    Truth, I have probably grown this tree every way there is.

    So what you will see is that the grow style I have is what made since after years of trials.

    I am using t5 now for par and ripening speed and most my years was with hid.

    The t5 is very underestimated and kept too close by most.

    Keep them up and pluck and defoliation at proper times gives good yields and quality through the roof and sends these trees through the three stages faster than any other light.

    After two years of working with t5 we seen the best overall spectrum for yield and quality and speed of ripening was: 4 4100k...one 6500k for uva and.... One actinic blue aquarium tube for uvb.

    Pictures will be slow at first as I am doing a quick seeding project to get Bigg blue Dogg and mastiff on the ground so my old buddy hybrid Bob will stop crying lol.

    Next seeding is with these pure wild and captive Acapulco shorelines " meaning these Acapulco where found near the ocean in Sandy soil.

    The last Acapulco seeding was the Acapulco reds that are found more inland in the red clay and even their fan leaves in veg bleed red. All bamboo pollinated cannabis like pure and true Vietnamese tai.

    We will also this round breed the pure saguaro pollinated cannabis pictured from Durango with the pure Acapulco male to remake chemdawg from scratch with males and females. ....she is last picture. IMG_20170622_160401.jpg IMG_20170622_160349.jpg IMG_20170622_160331.jpg IMG_20170622_160324.jpg IMG_20170622_160315.jpg

    We will also show you how to get seeds and plenty of bud and them still ripen through stages by simply holding the male back five weeks before you put him in to pollinate and you get bud and seed.

    Everyone needs to seed.

    You have your genetics and or eat the seeds for they are the most healthy food you could eat.

    OK, more later ole rev has responsibilities also.

    One love
    Dr.Nick Riviera

    Dr.Nick Riviera Well-Known Member

    you should start by showing us how you get rid of those spidermites!!!!!
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Well brother the real way to get rid of them is to breed with males and do not over clone as that is what is causing the mildew and mites.
    That is why folks like rev here want to educate and help the willing.
    My stuff never gets mites or mildew because we use wild genes and males and high blue uva/ uvb spectrum.

    Same thing in Mexico with the bananas they cloned to keep up with demands and now they say they got the mildew and bugs.

    Yup, man in his arrogance every time pays the price.

    Stay away from feminized garbage for a novelty is indeed all it is.

    You will always have better luck with the older Dutch gear as they are closer to original balance and hardiness.

    Most chuck pollen on others work and give it a name and now it's all stony bubble gum yum yum lol.

    Not here. Eyes bleed and minds open when you ripen up the old school correctly under blue spectrum lights and uva/uvb.

    Hate it about the mites but when I ran feminized Dutch gear I would deal also with it.... It is not you... It is the genes.

    I will however give you a recipe for mildew and if your diligent it may help your mite problem.

    Spray bottle, 1/4 cup of raw apple vinegar must be raw as the enzymes in it is key, few drops of raw honey and spring water then shake and soak.

    They love it and it ferments while using and smells like spraying them with beer lol.

    You could also try raising the temp to almost the point of stressing and the heat will kill the mites, just watch the trees while raising the temps as Dutch genes can only handle so much.

    120 degrees and these old sexy mexis will just smile and get mad about it and grow a foot.

    One love
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    Dr.Nick Riviera

    Dr.Nick Riviera Well-Known Member

    LOL, your plants are infested
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Have you lost your damned mind?

    Get off my journal, now.
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Some pictures of the last seeded trees.

    In this breeding we where able to not only pollinate the pure Acapulco but we also recreated master kush with an over 30 year old Afghan female and three other kush with zacatecas and jalisco and western Oaxaca.

    This was good and not just for us, but others whom will get when the time comes.

    Old mother sativa where are you old friend?

    You where the only one two years ago that knew how to treat someone with kindness and i made you a promise I intend to keep so I hope you find this and are still around.

    One love IMG_20161218_135558.jpg IMG_20161218_135542.jpg IMG_20161218_135531.jpg IMG_20161218_135552.jpg IMG_20161210_085234.jpg IMG_20161218_135552.jpg IMG_20170108_071531.jpg IMG_20170202_074735.jpg

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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Get off of my journal. Please remove this person from my journal. I am here to help and this happens right off of the bat. It is not right and I would appreciate a moderator removing this person from my journal.
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    I will say this.
    My friend I call hybrid Bob.
    Well known he is here is the Springs.

    See I don't hide and many know exactly indeed whom I am.

    He ran a whole foods store down the road 11 years and still does what he does.

    60 years old, a straight forward Taurus and has grown cannabis 30 years.

    He met me, thought I was completely nuts.

    Just like most here.

    Then shopping at his store he says to me " I watch you john and I see how you really are with people even in my store you just walk up to people and shine them and then take them on a journey like you tried to do with me. "

    I said, " yes because once I get a message out I am just a guy that likes to laugh and joke and play guitar and sing. "

    Hybrid Bob gave me a chance.

    I told him of the proper ripening stages and spectrum to get cannabinoid and showed him techniques that blew his mind and gave him genetics that he will tell you himself that my stuff does not get mites or mildew even when being grown right next to Dutch gear covered in it.

    The man seen that I do not lie no matter what the cost and I proved to him ever last word I told him and all I have tried to share with others that listen.

    You think a good and known person would lie for me?

    Hybrid Bob would never lie for me nor would I ask him.

    Fast forward over three years now and a man that once thought me crazy as hell is my friend and he has tested me time and time again.

    I am here to help, that is all.

    Bob watched me crawl like a maggot in agony while I took the knowledge I learned concerning this tree and destroyed diseases with it and never seen a doctor.

    Thc did not do a damned thing to save me.

    Only learning how to produce pure cannabinoid saved me and all the trees will do it.

    Sorry your legends know not.

    I will not apologize because I do and for years now giving it freely.

    I will take the abuse as it comes with this and I knew that when I made the discovery.

    However in a private message a man sent me I seen all is worth it.

    The message was concerning all I have spoken of and the man was freaking out because he found my posts months ago and applied what I freely have given and it was working.

    Praise god most high for his wisdom not mine!!

    Says he was fascinated how in the second stage and no leaves on it how she was still eating!

    Indeed I say! For a fruit must be matured and in the second stage all the bud swells and production of cannabinoid begins.

    Those with ears.

    I hope all do remember and remember well.

    I do not expect those I have helped with this understanding to come and defend me.

    The truth will defend itself.

    Then the rest will see as Bob has seen.... The poor man came and gave it to us for free!! ....indeed

    One love
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    Yodaweed Well-Known Member

    Good luck and happy growing bongsmilie

    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    What a quad knocker of a cola on that avatar! Lol... That is beautiful...
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    Yodaweed Well-Known Member

    Thank you :) it's chernobyl by TGA seeds i'm in the springs too bongsmilie
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Indeed brother. Did you get the seed local or order. Found a agent orange seed a few years back and the silly thing was orange stemmed and orange leaves and a hoot to watch grow. The right pheno from sub will get you where you want to go however in my humble opinion he could have stopped with the orginal jacks cleaner gear. Subs stuff is great for mature ripening as they do drip and one can make good amounts of oil. It is just the balance has been lost in the chemicals from over cloning and feminizing and breeding to too many stony indicas wich I love also and need at times like anyone else.
    Only thing is lately much of subs stuff seems to have too much jack the ripper in it and pheno galore, however the right one is a winner every time... One love
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    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    He may be annoying, but he does seem to be right. Those pictures look like spider mite damage. Is it something else? Pictures can be deceiving, so just asking.
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    If i dealt with mites, I would have no problem saying " hey! I deal with mites like most everyone else I have met since moving here. "
    My trees do not get mites or mildew.... Period.
    Hybrid Bob gets mites and mildew every time he runs Dutch gear and others.

    That is why he is crying right now for me to set him up again and yes Bob your Bigg blue Dogg is coming.

    Now I know whom is my friend hybrid Bob?

    He told me I could gladly tell you.

    He has grown my stuff over three years and has never once caught me in a lie.... Ever.

    His name is Mitch.

    Works at mountain momma Colorado Springs... Go by talk to Mitch, great human being and buy yourself something healthy to eat.

    When the time comes those whom have been hard headed the last three years about what I have freely shared will have regrets.

    I do not say it unless I can and have proved it.

    I lived in a box like an ignorant dip shit for 33 years and blew up 340 pounds and colon cancer and diabetes and heart disease and west Nile virus and falling down a waterfall and septic infections.

    Fought it all with no doctor just gods wisdom on how to properly ripen this silly ass tree.

    Go ask Mitch, he watched me fight it all like a tiger while others mocked.

    The rev is one tuff man for I also had to face my sorry ass self.

    I have no mites in my life or in my trees.

    But I will soon gain brothers here in the springs now that I have healed that will help me prove this and then they can come on here and tell you if John is nuts or not or has mites or mildew.

    Now if we are all through with that, perhaps we can now learn.

    One love
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    You poor pitiful soul, can you not find another place until the moderators decide if they would like to do the right thing or not.

    You need to leave for you are indeed an asshole and I would have no problem telling you that over dinner.

    This is my mite infested piece of shit worth nothing journal and there is nothing for you here and nothing for you to learn from me.

    I like my mites toasted and on bisquits!

    Now go find a place besides here or even better let's meet and talk about the best way to kill trees as that is all I do.

    I cannot wait to set down and learn from you so how about lunch.... Shall I buy your ticket to get here? .... I will.... Just ask.

    Childish enough?

    We on the same understanding now?

    Of course, I just chose to lower myself and waste my time by speaking to a nameless ass on the computer.

    I feel dirty now. I need to wash lol.

    Boy! Look at all of my mite collection!

    I have mites from every corner of the globe! A real collection of rare mites indeed! ....why look! They are building little cities and coming together like people! Wow! There even electing officials and putting up seperate communities and wow! There even building weapons to destroy my trees and one another!

    What a dumb ass group of mites after all....... Those with ears....
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    I am going to report you at this point and see if that helps. You have issues and you do not need to be on my journal.
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    My request to have you removed from my journal has been sent and I hope they will since you cannot seem to Read.
    Do not post in others journals unless asked.
    I asked you to leave and you have no respect And because of that you indeed do have issues.
    Work on them, we all have to.
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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    I see what looks like mite damage as well.

    Uv by itself will not keep mites away. If so then they wouldn't exist in the wild.

    Now I won't be as rude but in the first pics you have the tell tell white dots from mites.

    Also fems are not junk nor anymore prone to mites or mold.

    Now you can get mad if you want but you are the one stating opinion as fact.

    A little spinosad will clear those mites right up.
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Comes with the territory it seems but now let's continue.

    This grow is not about trying to impress with yields or to tell any of you a damned thing about growing.


    It is about two things and two things only.... The truth of cannabis locations and what it does in the wild and why it is important to preserve pure genes and most importantly that this fruit tree goes through three ripening stages and produces pure 100% cannabinoid that will save lives as it did mine and others I applied it for.

    My god where is everyones heads?

    If some of you read my posts two years ago and recently I have explained why I am here. To share this info that nobody seems to know that saves lives.

    These trees will be seeded with rare genes and took through all three stages to show what I am talking about.

    No you can't find what I am talking about on your net or books or gurus.... However stay tuned for as the months go by you will all be given a complete understanding and all the proof you need.

    I grow different in every circumstance.

    Hybrid bob has a big place to raise trees and the last three years I have worked out of a closet and yes done miraculous work on genetic and produced bud that cured colon cancer in a week.

    I am just recently healed and ready to stand and fight for this info to get out no matter the cost.... What do you think I fear brothers when I have faced death over and over.... I fear nothing but jah.

    I have secured genetics and learned the real truth of the ripening of this under proper spectrum and how to cure all cancer while I crawled on the floor and still took care of a blind wife.. A 84 year old and a child..... Ask Mitch

    God proved me on everything through my own pain and suffering and I come to give the wisdom free as I did two years ago and out of the gate I get a horses ass to chime in...

    I can be a horses ass also, however my god let's see what can be learned together.

    Best growers in the world are here and starseed brothers I have traveled time with that still sleep the sleep.
    I only come to remind them of a few things forgotten that can be remembered again and lives saved and the tree set free.

    Other than the proper ripening and spectrum and true botany and history of the tree I share, I simply tell them consider organics and more techniques and less light.
    These boys know how to grow for Pete's sake as I've seen torpedo bombers hanging off some of these boys trees.

    They just need to know what it really is and where it came from and how to ripen it.... And cure diseases left and right.

    So yes, I will show you how I grow in closets and why I now grow the way I do but I am not here to tell wise ones nothing accept what I mentioned above.

    Now that all should be clear... Let's do a grow and all learn.

    One love
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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    We have read your post. Everything from aliens (god) brought us cannabis to breeding cannabis with cacti. I sod like to see a cactus cannabis cross.

    Just saying, not being rude. Just letting you know why you're catching flak.

    That and you claim the strain your growing won't get mites but looks to have mites.

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