pure shoreline Acapulco grow and seeding.

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    Mohican Well-Known Member

    I love to push the plants as far as possible to see what they can do!





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    Philip-O Well-Known Member

    @Mohican wow, I've never seen this before. Can you tell us a bit about how it changes the psychoactivity?
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    calliandra Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I'll do just that :)
    And thanks @Mohican for the beautiful illustrations too!

    I have a second plant, a 145-day old Sensi Northern Lights #5 x Haze who has been eager to go into flower for a while now. I'm going to switch the closet to 12/12 and finally let her go. I have this feeling it will do the Cosmic Queen good to finish under softer conditions too, allowing her to actually ripen, not burn, as it would seem to me sometimes under this directed light we inevitably have indoors.
    I really look forward to seeing how she evolves her healing powers! Her sister, chopped after 77 days, is already uplifting and calming, opening a space of serenity, love and hope even as the world's pain and sadness rushes through me.

    So how do I go about?
    Just keep watering her, allowing her to senesce, as she has already begun?
    And are there any signs I should watch for to see when she is truly finished?
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Fantastic! When they start looking like hell they are just starting to do their thing.

    You cannot " over ripen " , they eventually go completely gold and that means the pineapple is done...one love
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Puff, this may be the best girl scout cookies pheno ever I am smoking.

    Outdoor and found that one seed that is growing beautiful.

    No doubt the agave is perfect for this tree too pollinate with.

    The effects of this cookies is just happy medium and thinking is clear with it and taste is odd and different.

    You can always find a diamond in the woodpile..one love
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Carnival use to be a favorite of mine.

    Its not the same now.

    All the carnival you find out here at least has a fruit overtone and not what I grew over ten years ago when ministry sent me beans.

    The carnival I grew was all haze influence and even growing it organic had a chemical putrid smell that was stand alone.

    Dripped resin and 18 weeks under a halide had my brother lost in the town he grew up in calling me freaked.

    They or somebody did something to it and its not the same.

    Would love to have my old clones to breed them into these bamboo trees as that would make bombs.

    Always room to play but in time the people will understand what it does in the wild and why important to preserve and appreciate the originals.

    One love
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    The story of " no ass."

    Well my bonded pair of adult red belly piranha are absolute babes " Bruce and Betty."

    They share the 220 with the tiger barbs and giant danios and run a tight shift but everyone knows their place now thanks to " no ass".

    No ass was the head female danios and she made a bad mistake.

    Bruce and Betty like a little ruff courtship at times and Bruce will nip Betty on her fins at times and Betty loved it and perfectly normal.


    The head danio got the idea she could nip Betty on the fin....oops.

    The whole tank turned to a whirlpool as Betty cornered the danios in every corner and bit the head danios tail off.

    Then, it was done.

    She could have easily swallowed her whole.

    No ass lived a few weeks but the other danios would not let her matriarch anymore with no ass and all and her attitude got worse so Bruce said no more and took her out...quickly.

    I learned something from this, something deep.

    Now all get along just fine..one love
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Old moms 5000k led is the shiznit..

    These little planks old mom are absolutely kick ass.

    This 120 is keeping these girls and boys in my closet beautiful.

    Keeping high par lights up higher is what I have seen time after time work for yields.

    The plants go up and you pluck and work them into nice bushes.

    One love IMG_20180305_180412.jpg

    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    And I was wrong on these bottom feeding pots.

    Use pearlite on bottom and water over top until the roots build and they take off faster for sure.

    Once they get filled out stick to bottom feeding the trays at that point.

    These are great pots and the five gallon ones would grow monsters.

    Of all the pots I have to rate these the best I have used.

    One love
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    I'm also able to snap the bottoms off and set them right into aquaponic if I desire so very versatile pots..
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    I topped the big pulco gold a few days ago.

    That ole agave may keep me vegging till end of month but I don't know as these two got to get flowered soon.

    Nothing wrong with a bit more veg time and all roots are healthy so no worries.

    Was beautiful today as skies clear, air fresh..

    One love IMG_20180305_191322.jpg
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    The root ball on the Zacatecas in the middle is insane.

    If big roots means big buds , she will be interesting.

    One love IMG_20180305_193444.jpg IMG_20180305_193037.jpg IMG_20180105_201709.jpg

    max420thc Well-Known Member

    There are it seems nothing but trolls here brother if you have been away that long,
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Remember those taking the path to ripened fruit.

    As I mentioned to old mom...red trichomes can show up even before first stage THC complete.

    That is " fools gold."

    Best way to know when your tree is THC ripe is not only will all main leaves die off but the smell will start to leave and the sticky feel will leave as they harden off with real ripe THC.

    Then within a week or two the trichomes and tree itself starts turning really real red and very obvious when it does this...then guess what my white coat brothers and sisters...those life saving cannabinoids really start being made.

    Then after all red...week or so later the fruit starts going gold.

    Will we still get high rev!!??

    Yes lmao!!!.... For the first time you will truly be high as cannabinoids take you to the higher dimensions.

    You will laugh and cry like a sniveling child as a rush of new healing chemicals enters your brains and bodies and enhances the soul.

    One love

    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    It does not matter.

    One must have thick skin or go home.

    Old mom is not a troll, he is a good person and a friend that I met right here.

    Good and bad comes with all.

    If you stand on truth there is no need to be thin skinned.

    Could have went to another site or many.

    Something said no, you started here ten years ago... Finish it here.

    Those with ears will hear and those meant to find this thread indeed will.

    One love
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    max420thc Well-Known Member

    A hero is a man who goes to work hard every day to provide for his family.
    Peace to you brother
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    max420thc Well-Known Member

    You forgot Buck Owens
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    max420thc Well-Known Member

    She is beautiful , you are lucky to have her.
    There are eye drops CBD that work miricles from Central California collective that are helping the blind to see.
    I use them as I have bad vision problems.
    Call Ray or Brian
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Even pure cbd will not work in her case.

    We already tried.

    Her optic nerve was cut in half when tumor was removed 8 years ago.

    Hers is miracle territory as not even the tree can regenerate something not there.

    She dreams of seeing again, she will.
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    OLD MOTHER SATIVA Well-Known Member

    have transplanted" Thema's"..most will make it..squat look to the leaves already..

    SL in week 12 or so[maybe 14]..ripening from top down..bud colour changing ..fans degrading..

    5000k led doing as good as the 3000 k for flowering....

    smoked some last run 10 wk SL #3...relaxing kinda up,smooth tasty..peacefull

    i never look at trich's..
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