pure shoreline Acapulco grow and seeding.

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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    That's perfect as they start from the top down.

    You are already seeing the magic and more to come.

    You will feel as If you never smoked on these next ones as they are going to do what they was designed to do.

    Ripen and heal...
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    Mohican Well-Known Member

    As the Rev said. They will lose the smell first and then they get very dry. It is easy to dry sift when they turn gold. The flavor on the sativa is a soft pine resin. The paranoia effects are completely removed.

    It is hard to reach this goal outside. The wind, rain, animals... I can't wait to have a nice dedicated indoor lab with CO2.
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    max420thc Well-Known Member

    Good to see you Mohican
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    This man has done it!!

    What you just described mohican can only be described by someone whom has done it.

    If one man, just one, knows your not crazy, then the mission is accomplished.

    There is more than one now .

    I am so happy over this mans comments and at this point don't have much more to say.

    If all especially in the medical field will grow this tree correct and make oils they will heal most cell diseases.

    Its that simple.

    It is the cursed wisdom tree and yet must still be ripened as a fruit in order to truly save.

    Old mom you will be next in line to know this truth.

    I need bud to be tested in order to finalize the proof but its coming.

    Took rev a minute to get things in order and why it was important to share over the last few years.

    In order that others may benefit instead of me worrying about credit or becoming a guru.

    Its about lives.

    Thanks mohican my brother, for you number one and for others too see how the Adams use to grow this fruit as few Adams even grow to Maturity anymore.

    We will teach them again mohican...we will.

    One love
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    max420thc Well-Known Member

    Mohican is one of the best dirt container growers I know, and a really good dude.
    I am watching trying to learn what you know, thank you
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    In the old days, they would cut outside once fully red.

    Then they would pile the cannabis in piles and let it decarb and ferment in the sun till gold.

    The buds was gold and brought pure joy and peace of mind...red eyes and split.

    Green when I was a kid was known to be garbage.

    If it was not red/gold we did not want it.

    Now its green everything, but that's going to change.

    One love

    yesum Well-Known Member

    Rev. I am up with you, must be a sign. I got 2 of your AG x MK going. Not sure if I can let them go the distance. I have a truckload of strains and one small tent.

    The Colombian I got in '79 was picked early. Not sure of the Mexican. The seeds were mature for the Mexican but not the Colombo. Export was one thing, what they smoked for themselves another.

    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Have not known good sleep in a long time.

    Would love to have some pure Columbian.

    Had some seeds over 30 years old a few years back but the seeds was duds .

    Unfortunate as even the seeds was golden tinted.

    Mite on a chickens arse but I may have more, don't know but in time I hope to luck on some.

    Two types of Columbian that I seen.

    As most, highland and lowland.

    All I know is the gold Columbian was like hair and the buds creamy and total red eyes bleeding..
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Yessum those are master kush new beginning.

    It was this shoreline puerta vallarta Jalisco bamboo and this 35 year old pure Afghanistan that made them, no master kush in it.

    The phenos could be unreal yessum.

    That Afghanistan even three months veg was barely a two foot bush..the real deal.

    You will be pleased.

    And when your ready, I will have you something else ole friend.

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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    The original puerta vallarta and Afghanistan. IMG_20161218_135542.jpg IMG_20161218_135547.jpg
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    That Afghanistan and this 30 year old Morocco made our sandman strain.

    Will never outdo it unless I breed a Durango into it later.

    Scares hybrid Bob as he says its like being a kid and taking a few quaaludes.

    Total lockdown and fast ripen time.

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    yesum Well-Known Member

    The Colombian Gold I have now is from '72, before I started toking. The real thing. '79 was real too but picked early and maybe mixed with something to shorten flower time. If you want seeds ask. Have 2 different Panama Red's. I figure if I do enough of a supposed strain, I will find the real thing. Or what works for me personally. I win either way.

    Panama and Colombia etc., are big places and lots of strains grew there. Lots of fake gold back then. Let the buds dry in the sun, and bam, GOLD! Sells for more.

    I am gonna dry my plants in the sun this time. I can not grow outside but will at least dry them outside for a day or two. Nothing beats the sun. I think you are stuck inside too. Pity, as I think you are at a mile high or so? That is the sweet spot where the sun can work that magic.

    I have some Sumatran tripping weed seeds. Those are so rare for some reason. So many trippy strains to try. I am running out of time. hehe Having too much of a good thing is a nice problem though, eh?
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Much has been tainted and as I discussed with old mom, the trippy is more Columbian, equatorial and highland types as the sun spectrum in those areas contribute to these effects.

    South Mexicans and Mexican bamboo Acapulco types have never been about " trippy".

    They are pure laughing and crying joy.

    That is why the deep state hates south Mexican fruit.

    It makes assholes into nice people and destroys mental illnesses.

    Only the indica's and Sativa's of south mexico have these special effects of pure joy.

    Highland gruerro can lean more towards trippy and especially the gruerro and Oaxaca pollinated with fruit.

    However bamboo is happiness with highland tai bamboo being only exception leaning towards trippy.

    Highland tai is also largest of all bamboo pollinated cannabis .

    Largest bamboo over here is the Acapulco inlands and south Panamanian bamboo is large.

    However all bamboo cannabis small compared to the original Sativa's that are around Oaxaca.

    Old rare birds from Oaxaca and all trees from that area very special as they lean more towards the original.

    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Oaxaca pollinated with evergreens are among my favorite.

    Freaking gorgeous big trees that have a beautiful double mint gum flavor from the evergreen.

    Man I am telling you when we release this tree and grow it around other fruits and counterparts we will truly be cultivating the " herb" if you will.

    The day when farms will have cannabis growing right beside their favorite fruits and berries and shrubs and trees ext.

    Then we will be headed in that good direction for earth and human health.

    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Sad thing is, not being an ass but if my brothers over the ocean would have learned as well as those here about proper ripening and how blue can shorten the time without sacrificing quality , they would of had no need to cross and taint so many Sativa's..period.

    They did it to shorten the tree and to make it more " zippidy doo da" at an earlier stage and it just makes more paranoia and mental issues.

    Good blue par will shorten the height and ripening of any sativa.

    I remember years ago when the dutch and Spain guys use to come on these forums.

    I do.

    I remember when many of them said to members here and other sites " oh if we sent out the original Sativa's we have they would not ripen and nobody would like them.

    Horse shit.

    With these techniques you can take any sativa on earth and keep it small and bushed and ripen it all the way.

    Horse shit is going to be flushed soon enough.

    It just takes a minute..

    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Where you at shanti?

    Still got some of those old highland tai beans?

    Let's rock em and breed some Asian bamboo to Mexican bamboo.

    Still not doubting the rev are you?

    Mr nice and Mr eccentric doing a project together would be fun.

    I will tell you one thing brother, I am honest and will not screw a man over a dollar and yes we all need a few at times don't we?

    Healing must come to the mind as well as the body.

    Time to dig out those old haze seeds and get back to the drawing board with others that know what these trees really do.

    One love
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member


    Soon you know what gold will do.....a healing for me and one for you.....oh jah the babies won't die.....oh jah the parents won't cry....

    Soon you know the tree will be free.....growing for you and growing for me....

    Oh jah ignorance will be no more....oh the wicked have no place to hide....in their tunnels they will cry....oh most high what have we done!!...... Oh most high we had our fun.....puff ....strum....

    At our idols they say they chant......oh lion of Judah ...make a rant.....

    For in one hour all will be free....and the synagogue brought to their knees....

    Sleep under the trees the elect will do as the red sun shines over all....

    From his mountain he will reign over all things great and small.....

    And in the avatar the cannabis herb will be fruit again.....strum...... To smell the mountain of god....as in the beginning... So shall it be ...in the end....

    Tear.. Puff
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    OLD MOTHER SATIVA Well-Known Member

    so far the 24 wk test is working...
    necrosis starting on fans...[still take a while]
    budding still happening..they have increased alot since wk 10
    ....colours changing..we will see..cureasitgrows.com
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    OLD MOTHER SATIVA Well-Known Member

    hope to be getting some highland oaxaca and guerrero..from same person as the t h mex

    t h mex will be dry today..so far its my goto
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    Rev.thenatural Well-Known Member

    Your getting there and you will finally see how good the puerta vallarta is.

    Your first round with them under those reds is not a smoke report as they are real as I mentioned to you already and those 3000 will not show what they do or the feeling they give.

    The 5000 will.

    The par is great and the trees doing well under them.

    Hang in.

    Almost there.

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