Harvest a Pound Every Three Weeks!

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    I use rapid rooter cubes for seeds, when I do this and want to put them in these systems after sprouting I cut the top 1/2 " off the cube before I place the seed in so the cube doesn't try to push up on the color once placed into a netpot. Once I see 4 - 8 roots out of the cube into a netpot and vegger they go.

    ViperS1k New Member

    Happy 4/20

    Just started cropping, looking good for my first grow. Learned next time to prune more. Center of some plants below the tops is so dense it’s like a mat of buds.
    Most of the tops are dark purple and some pink. I would have taken a picture but my fingers were to sticky to use my phone.

    Comes in time for my wife, she puts some bud in a smoothie to help with her stomach. Been through 6 weeks of radiation and 6 chemotheripy. Cancer is still there yet so in 2weeks she starts another 3-6 weeks treatment.

    Help on this site is great. I made notes as I read through and made my own modified system for my tent. 3, 7 foot rails. 7 plants each. Res outside the tent, 2 air cooled double ended 1000 hps. Separate clone/veg closet.
    Right from the start I’ve had great success. Only issue is one plant was so dense half way up the plant the mat of buds had the start of rot.
    Plants are Gods green crack. One bushy plant! And the smell is so nice and very strong. Odor control was difficult.

    Thanks for everyone who has contributed to this thread. Most of all to the master Stinkbud.
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    Hi StinkBud,

    First off, Thanks so much for all the years of sharing. I found your thread today and started reading, 110 pages in, I decided to jump ahead 10 years, now I'm back in 2018.. Amazing....

    I have to ask (it would take me a week to real all) Do you grow aeroponics at all any more, Sofresh farm's looks to be soil based?. Could you grow aeroponics in a light dep greenhouse?

    I'm up in Canada, and things here are changing quick, Cannabis is going to be legal here sometime this summer and the market is going to open up.

    I'm looking to grow on our family farm, in light dep greenhouses organically as well as outside in the summer very similar to what you are doing at Sofresh.

    I would love to talk with you about what you are doing done there and the opportunity to bring it up here, if you have any interest in this market.

    Thanks again,


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    Could one use a series of the 36 site cloners to run a perpetual SOG? Would be cool to slot 36 cuttings into the cloner and flower them asap, leaving them in the same unit through harvest

    Also could multiple mothers be kept in the same aero/dwc reservoir? Or should it be one mother per container?

    Would pure dwc be better and lower maintenance for mother plants than the aero/dwc or is it six of one/half a dozen of the other?

    Keesje Well-Known Member

    I don't get your question....
    You want to put clones it the cloner, leave them there all the time, untill they are ready to harvest?

    Granthony Member

    Precisely. Do a SOG in thenstinkbud cloner

    BleedsGreen Well-Known Member

    I think it could be done but you would probably need an airstone and you would really damage the roots trying to open it and change water and nutrients every week. I wouldn't try ti that way maybe int he veger would work better.

    Granthony Member

    Well the cloner has a dedicated drain valve so you should never have to open it to change the water

    Which veg unit? The double stack?

    Keesje Well-Known Member

    Of course it can't be done. Did you look at the dimensions of the cloner?
    The plants would be fighting for space.
    And there would be simply not enough space for the roots.
    The roots would fill up the whole container in no time.

    And even if you could do it, what happened to the idea of 'perpetual'?
    It would be a grow like 90 percent of the growers do it anyway.
    Cut a clone, put it in a pot and put the lights on 24/7, then 18/6 and after some growing 12/12.
    I guess you don't get the concept of 'perpetual'.

    Granthony Member

    By perpetual I meant I would have multiple units at different stages, just like stink does already. Also since posting my question I found a page where stinkbud answers the exact same question and praises it as a great idea so idk man

    Keesje Well-Known Member

    Then it is not perpetual in the sense that StinkBud has it.

    You want to start from scratch with Grow 1 in week 1 and harvest in week 16 (Stinkbud's 15 weeks)
    Grow 2 you start in week 3 and harvest in week 18
    Grow 3 you start in week 5 and harvest in week 20

    This is the way that a lot of commercial growers of vegetables in Greenhouses work, but then starting every day.
    And still they most of the time use a smaller unit for the clones or the seedlings.

    Still, what you want couldn't be finished in a cloner, because the plants would kill each other for lack of space for plants and roots.
    You could of course use the container - which Stinkbud uses for flowering - as a cloner as well.
    It will look silly in the beginning with the tiny plants, but it works.

    But then you should have different, separate rooms, which would make it more expensive.
    And if you want to harvest every 2 weeks you need a lot of rooms, I guess at least 8 or 9 rooms, because the plant from clone to harvest will occupie the room for about 15 weeks or more, depending on the strain.
    Because at the start the clones need 24/7 light, after the roots develop good (the veg period) you switch to 18/6 and for blooming to 12/12.
    So a lot of hassle.
    Stinkbud needs just a small room for cloning and also for the veg period, because his cloner is small, and his veg unit is a bit wider.

    Your system would work if you have 8 or 9 rooms and you want to waste a lot of space.
    The plus side would be that you wouldn't have to transplant the clones to the veg unit and later to the blooming unit.
    Which also has a downside, because if a few of your clones will die (which allways happens to a few) you end up with empty spots in the unit. Waste of light and space.

    So I would say, you can do it, but as long as you are not doing this on a really large scale, it would be a stupid idea.

    StinkBud Well-Known Member

    I'd stick with organic live soil if you plan on using a light-dep greenhouse. It's hard but the quality is the best by far. I'm currently writing a new book on growing using 100% organic growing methods. Basically I'll take you through the entire process from seed to store.
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    StinkBud Well-Known Member

    36 would be too much, all you need is 1 or 2 plants to fill the entire space.

    kiwi_guy New Member

    jeez only upto page 70 long way to go... hope this has not been covered yet but any recommendations for a suitable tent(s) size and light set up suitable to run this?

    GoatSoup Well-Known Member

    Love this thread. I've just today modified my Stink Bud 4.0 double tubs and separated my photo from my auto because one plant is enough for one tub. Another four Weeks and I'll have some fresh weed!
    I'm using GH Flora nutes this time and it's great. I'll be flipping as soon as I can figure out the programming for 11/13 on my timer. I think I'm liking the mechanical timers more and more as the programmable is too flexible.
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    dbkick Well-Known Member

    Too flexible? you mean not rigid?? jk, you must mean too hard to program.
    Excellent thread OP, Happy growing!

    GoatSoup Well-Known Member

    Yeah, too complicated for and old man.
    My Stinkbud V4.1 is running fine now! I had to move a Tangerine Dream Auto to it's own tub and it has now filled it's 2'X2' scrog net at just 8 weeks from seed!
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    GoatSoup Well-Known Member

    Thought I'd show my "Stink Bud 4.0 system I 'designed' ( read Kludged together) for a 2 x 2 single dual plant grow.
    Way back in '08 I got a hair up my... and built a stink bud using a 12 gal tub inside a 27 (?) gal tub and grew eight plants in it under 8x To5Ho's . Actully I used two to cover the whole 4' of the lamp.
    This time I had to reduce the number of plants and tried scrogging. Heat and stink shut that down, though I did get some bud for a while.


    SB 4.0 uses that pump in the rez and comes upon the end of the tub instead of the center. This reduces the roots flowing down in to the pump rez chamber. I recommend using some sort of filter at eh pump either a panty hose wrap of the pump of...?
    You can see the scrog net is fixed to the top of the tub with tie wraps, the scrog net assy is not glued together so it can be taken apart and stored in the tubs for ... what ever. My daughter & Grandkids are coming soon and I need to shut down for a couple of months while the weather is so hot. My pump assy and sprayer assy's are not glued except for a few key joints. You have to watch it as the pumps will work the joints loose if the sprayers get clogged. Have extra sprayers on hand! A tap for the sprayer install is a good idea too.

    I'm ~10 weeks along with my Tangerine Dream Auto in the scrog net. I made the mistake of mixing a photo with an auto and the ensuing light conflicts. I decided to stick to autos in this space in the future. .
    The plant on the right of the first photo, is a Lemon Tree Photo self scrogged using simple topping and LST. very Kush like I'm told.

    The 12 gal tubs only adds about 4" to the heights of the tubs but it does limit the rez to about 12-15 gals. Temp of the rez is problematic with so little thermal mass. I'm only running ~250 and 140 Watt lights so radiant heat is not much of a problem. A couple of QB 's would be better but $$$/

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    Amazing post! Stinkbud, I noticed you mentioning the top notch genetics of the day, and I was wondering what you'd recommend.
    Big Perm

    Big Perm Well-Known Member

    I bet he says Blue Cheese....

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