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  • Hey broski I started your system 08 09 when 8 first saw this question starting from seed should I just build flowering system then
    Sorry to bother you. I'm in Australia and cannot get the Botanicare Nutrients you list. Would there be an equivalent recipe with Canna nutrients? I have read about 100 pages so far go your pound in 3 weeks post. I'm struggling mate. I have already started building the cloner and veg units and am amazed. My old man will be impressed. Soil his whole life and I think this will shock him.
    my biggest concern is that i want to to be able to consistently provide quality product to the masses at an affordable price that is why quantity as well as quality is of great importance, that is also why i wanted to reach out to you about starting an aero grow
    I recently formed a partnership with a dr and another outdoor soil grower like myself and we are going to be doing a large scale medicinal grow, i was wondering if you could help with the blueprint for the room. it will be a 2,200sf room and im going to do 88 plants so they each have 25sf the 220sf is non inclusive of the ac unit.
    Hey StinkBud. I saw your post on how to grow a pound every 3 weeks. How do you build the cloning machine? Also, how did you create your veg/flower system?
    I'm wanting to go into hydro but have no clue where to start or look please help!?
    To avoid the roots from sitting in the catch pit water solution, you would raise the plants and roots up as they grow. The roots would get air, and get wet as the water drains down the roots. I'm not trying to grow a lot constantly. Just looking for something a little more simple for a beginner. TIA. (420 char limit 4 of 4)
    Not sure exactly how it would work, but as a thought, if you used your frame design, and put a large long catch pit tote under the 4x4 posts with the pump in there, and then pump the solution into the 4x4s, letting it drain down the roots back into the catch pit tote?
    I'm not clear from all the posts if that is a replacement for the 2 Rubbermaid stacked totes setup, or if it is needed in one of the stages from clone, to veg, to flowering. So is it possible with that frame (or something similar) to make an all-in-one step frame? Ie, grow the clone in it, let it veg, and then flower without transplanting?
    Hey StinkBud. Enjoying the read on 1lb/3wks thread, but there are over 580 pages of comments and I feel like it was an ongoing process with changes that has me confused. Eg. you said in one post you switched to 5" vs 4" rails to avoid root clumping. I have a bunch of questions, but will try to simplify with maybe one or two if you get the time to respond. Your 3/4" frame with 2 4x4 PVC post system.
    Yea me too stink help
    Does it matter what variation of Botanicare Sweet we use in the flower stage? I noticed it comes in citrus, berry, grape and raw flavors.
    It all depends on what you are going for, usually which traits you want to enhance, it you just need the sugars go with Raw, Super Lemon Haze got Citrus & you could tell the difference in the plants that didn't get it.
    Stink, I read in your thread that if you a vet we should contact you concerning your ebook. I am a vet and would very much like a copy. I can't pm due to a low post count I guess so let me know how to contact you or if you want my email. Thanks sir and continue to spread the love and I will do the same!
    Aero/ nft is the way to go. Growth rates are way faster than expected.
    so areo/nft is better then aero/dwc?
    What r u using in place of aquashield Im using hydro guard and it sucks having nothing but problems? Any recommendations?
    Hey man im really interested in using ur system but i cant find the dimensions for the pvc stands or any of the pvc sprayer units if u could help id truly appreciate it
    Hey Stinkbud,
    Fellow Vet here (Army 6 years. OIF 07-09. OEF 11-12.) I was reading through your thread, making plans when I read your post about any Vets should contact you. Figured "Why not".

    P.S. Love the information, almost as much as the message. You're doing great things buddy.
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