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  • wassup don? yah, i'm on cannetics, a pretty killer spot.. i think that you were a member over there as well as i'm almost positive that i've seen your name on the members list, not sure if you've been deleted for being inactive or not though... i remember you quite well, you were pretty active over on pp, than it seemed like i hadn't seen you around in ages.. was just thinking about you the other day, and noticed that you're still active here a bit, somehow i must simply miss you..
    nice to see some of the old faces around though.. you should check into cannetics to see if you're still a member as it's a pretty sweet spot honestly..
    see you around m8.. :)
    How many of those strains on BB are yours mate? I'm guessing smelly cherry is the livers x cherry cheese?
    what up don? just stopping by your page for no good reason. I like the new avatar. Ever watched the movie King Ralph? well... take care
    oright don im new to this site, im from scotland in search of a decent supply of some pukka blueberry, cheese ect some top end potent strains is theyr any connect u can pass my way
    cheers just came across this site looks gd fr busns
    any chance of having a look on my last page of my grow tell me if im cloning is rite out of my 64 plants pal...thanks in advance..
    I don't know what you are referring to as airports and they are not autopots. Smart pots are like a felt bag that allow the roots to grow out of them so that they become air pruned, its impossible to root bound a plant with them. "Smartpots" is the name brand if you wanna check them out. I really like them because they are also reusable. I was just thinking of changing from hydroton to cocco, because hydroton is a pain in the ass and i want to see what kind of different growth i can get with cocco. I have read the "Cocco growers unite" thread and on there it suggests the mix made by RioCocco but I can not find it in my area. So I am thinking I will need to by the different sizes and grades of cocco myself and make a little cocktail. I was just curious what you have done.
    Yo Don Gin, I hear you're the guy to ask about using cocco with smart pots. I run an ebb and flow w/ hydroton in smart pots and was thinking of making the switch. I'd appreciate any advice you could give me on mixes of cocco, nutes and feeding schedule. Thanks man
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