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  • Outside plants leaves falling off, and buds dying turning brown. Help they are dying! Can send pics. Just coming into flowering phase
    Why bruz long time no chat.

    You still chat t Mr west I'd like to chat with him n say hi too.
    Hi I could use some advice I had a mite problem and have used a product called yates super shield (was reccommended to me for mites) which contains 4.4g/litre myclobutanil and 9.6g/litre tau-fluvalinate. Now I'm having problems with the top of the buds which are turning brown and leaves turning yellow. They are currently in the 6th week of flowering.
    cont.. from previous post down below...
    Maybe DSt will put you up in the Dam if you baby sit his kids. that would be cool, and find a stoner chick in the damn. Number one question when finding a mate.. DO you smoke weed. if not, DUMP em immediately.good luck and peace out!
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    Don Gin and Ton
    Don Gin and Ton
    Hi Amber, there's two sides to every story, I was partly to blame for it falling apart. She was fine with my growing, fully supported the seed business and me so it's not all down to her not smoking. I'm much more than a weed smoker and it's a tiny part of what i look for in a partner. Appreciate you thinking about me though x
    Hi cutie! im kinda glad you dumped that other bitch. She was a real nuisance with her asthma and bitching about the weed all the time. Im glad to here you found another women. but she dont smoke, no good, no good at all. Please find a women that gets high ! this one will eventually bitch about the smell or growing or this and that.. dump her now before things get too involved.
    don trying to figure this all out new to this remember this give a man a joint he gets high teach a man to grow he gets high for a life time
    FLA is fantastic. It will even be better when my brothers are shoveling snow and I'm on the beach. Already have 3 parties that want to come down and spend some time between Jan and March.
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