Dr.Amber Trichome
Dec 3, 2010
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Dr.Amber Trichome

Well-Known Member, Female

    1. Jozikins
      no you rock!
    2. james2500
      thanks doc
    3. mytwhyt
      Where's Amber??
      Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
      And she's always gone too long
      Anytime she's away.
    4. Azoned
      Hi Drambert,
      Just stopped in to say hey.
    5. Dwezelitsame
      yes been on phototron journal do not know the equipment
    6. DaKin
      I have two phototrons. I am interested in chatting more with you regarding grows.
    7. mr2shim
      Hey, how's it going? Just thought I'd drop by and say he and that I have another grow journal going. Barneys Farm LSD
    8. jigfresh
      Don't you hate it when everyone thinks you're crazy, when you KNOW that you're the only one who's NOT CRAZY !!! :)
    9. rollitup
      Well, PMs are not removed because you did nothing. Were you sending links to other forums, or some other kind of spam? Did you offer to send seeds, or plants? Our spam filter hit on something that you did for this to happen, so do you remember what it was?
    10. rollitup
      Why were your PM privileges removed? What did you do?
    11. noob78
      Hey come to Dank Den.Cool place peace
    12. ChroniCDooM
      What up DAT? Long time no talk! Hope all is well with ya! I've been outta the game for a little bit, but jumping back in it real soon. I now have a gorilla grow tent that I am setting up in my spare bedroom. It's actually all set up and ready to go but I am still piecing it together. I am gonna be using a 1000w in there, and am looking at buying a 1000w quantum digital ballast along with a Magnum XXXL 6" air cooled hood. Also need a new fan and filter. Like I said I'm piecing it together and hope to buy another piece this coming payday. I do still have the cabinet I built and still have my LED light. Ill be using the cabinet as my veg chamber and the tent will be for flowering. I'm trying to get a perpetual grow going. Ready to start growing again and get back to posting on here again. Just thought I'd say HigH! Take care, SeaDoom
    13. F.M.I.L.Y
      where can I see you grow the PLP. Sorry I havent been posting much, but I am one busy mofo! lol
    14. WheresWaldosBUD
      so witch one are you on greengurlz?????? lol
    15. Lil ganja princess
      Lil ganja princess
      pmsl DR, uve got balls lol
    16. Cindyguygrower
      Hello doc how the fuck are you my friend. Long time no fun eh! Hows the new place ? Hot? You missed some bad weather there I think though. Anyway, hit me up chica!Cinderss
    17. DST
      Hahahaha, that is sooo cool, or perhaps funnier than cool. So what they giving you a hard time for Ambs? ffs, people in the stoner industry are so bloody uptight. Perhaps they need to stop smoking so much, lol.
    18. noob78
      What the fuck you do on bubbleponics to get banned for a week LMAO for real you are crazy
    19. mr2shim
    20. mr2shim
      That sucks, he can't take one little name? wow.. Guy needs to grow some tougher e-skin. I'd be banned from just about every forum I'm a member of if that was the case!
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