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  • So i saw your post with the videos for making all the diff kinds of hash. I recently picked up a real nice eCig and got 2 tanks, one for reg stuff and one for a concentrate oil. you have link for nay videos on how to make a concentrate for the eCigs?
    Pm U K shavent been on in a while
    not too bad ehy. havent been on in well quite sum time now lol.

    been busy and a few life probs pop up but anyhoo. again not that bad thanks 4 asking and urself?

    and no probs steve :D
    yeah i couldnt fucking log in. it was a right pissoff. umm my advice is to grow them out and pick the best ones to cross. i remember the just fucking around method is what you were goingto try so i say breed with the best looking girls.

    possibly partially polinate or grow out some cuttings and breed a few. then if you like you can try stabilizing the traits you like ;)
    Hey, brother! Haven't seen ya' around, man! Hope everything's going ok. I wanted to say that I sent you an e-mail asking your advice on which female to breed(this summer) with my one potential male. Well, I've went with a different male plant. I bought 10 un-femmed Mendocino Madness, from TH Seeds.

    Any ideas which one of my feminized ladies will do best for him? How bout Super Lemon Madness? Mendocino Gold? Mendocino S.A.G.E.? the possibilities are almost endless. I've got 5 or 6 mother strains. HELP!!!
    hi jester, been reading mr wests post about the cheese and read through some of ur comments! ur a funny guy! have just started my own 1st proper journal, wouldnt mind having you on board for your opinions. cheers bro hope ur cool?
    hehe sorry which seed run lol.

    at first i didnt know what you meant about the title lol. but you could make a couple of nice simple crosses with what you got there really and get decent results... you just have to play the waiting game to see what the males are and the fems.

    HIMILAYAN GOLD is landrace and easily reproduced ;) (just food for thought... though it does get rather a bit more technical than that).. but that will be the best for your first attempt me thinks. but theres a high chance youll see something you like even more or get stuck with something different to your origional plans and hopes. this is the problem when you get stuck working with small numbers.

    (edit) just realised you only have one himalayan gold and only females left :(.. perhaps some feminised seeds??

    either way just remember to take some cuttings it will more than likely come in handy...

    congrats and welcome to the fun world that is breeding. where we manipulate genes and get our own beans hehe.
    yeah every now and then lol. looking after my mother mostly

    what ya been up to anyways??
    p.m me the answer you require is longer than the message on my profile will let me.

    umm i assume your talking about hash oil right?? and for alcohol. but in short yes its fine as long as its not an old shitty one that sparks and yoou dont put anything in that may spark. ie use pyrex ;)

    to answer your q though ive done it MANY times and im still here arent i.. actually im that confident in its safety that ive had the missus watching my shit before whilst i did other stuff :lol: 9and id never get anyone to do anything i wasnt sure of myself.

    anyhoo hope that helps
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