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  • I'm good mate. I drift in and out
    of RIU every now and then just
    to see what is going on.
    What's happening with you mate?
    You gonna be firing a lamp up soon?
    I've just finished one so that's me
    done for a while.
    Speak soon me old china
    cinders!!! mate!! i missed u so much.! im cONkey now . its better this way. LOL!!!! so much to catch up on, so glad your well.
    I do have a cONkey journal. in the journal section.. cONkeys trailer trash swamp!!! i posted in your journal so the link is there as well.
    I have a phsyco surprise and lemon queaner x caseyband i just popped . we should compare notes!! luv ya xoxoxox
    For deff. Amber. Its crazy, ive just finished a post on my thread describing what plan's ive got also and i think we have the same in mind lol. Sound's like your a happy bunny ! Im ' Fakkin" stoked for ya Wooop Woooop. But ye, one of the best thing's ive done is join R.U.I. As ive said, you dont get, or meet guy's like this anywhere else!
    Straight-up, genuine friend's who are happy to help. Its like a diff. world haha
    Take good care, catch you soon chicken ;)
    Alright then. I'll see what's up by next week Thursday or Friday then. Thanks for the heads up

    Ps pm box is full
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