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  • nice1 mate just shot round local chemist, got sum. just about to feed my ladies how much should i put in per litre.
    alright don mate, seen you about loads on the site need a bit of help.think iv got a mag def cant get my hands on any cal mag. im gona get some epsom salts, were do i get it from mate. can you look on my profile iv posted a picture of a leaf, do you think it is a mag def nice1 mate
    dude, explane your way of making honey right down to the brand of butane you shoot with. because i want goopy oil not hard candy oil, and i will tell you how i make hard like a rock oil. thx dude pece ouy
    alrite marra, hows tings coming along. I read about you thinking getting a tent? did you get one? if not hit me up a pm and I will send ya a link to somewhere where you can buy cheap bud boxes.
    hay don thanks for joining man us geordies have got to stick together cos we got f all else ps what do you think of the new away strip ?
    i love your avitar man. that things head looks just like one of my dogs. hes half french bulldog half boston terrier. same color as your avitar too.
    Thanks mate, i got a few of my magic bud seeds left from last yr which i planted a few weeks ago... so i was looking for some seeds for next year

    my magic bud seems to love the british weather, will bubble gum survive outside? it wont be til next year anyways, or a cupboard grow

    the leg end that is SHEARER, and his hunchback side kick peter beardsley greatest footballing duo of all time well my time anyway... im trying not to think about the footy call me a cynic but were donald ducked
    Alreet mate, we love you shearer we do, we love ya shearer we do, we love you shearer we do... OHHH Shearer we love you. Lol. sorry mate, small world init, didn't realise yea where a geordie :) I'm from the same place :)
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