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  • I never foilar spray anything except for Dutch Master Reverse and Saturator and a miteacide before flipping the girls.
    Hey KSS, tried to p.m. you this but it says your full.
    Currently in using bud ignitor, voodoo juice, big bud, sensizyme, bud candy, and overdrive. I use connoisseur from the flip, its my base. IMO some of A.N.'s products are crap and don't do anything but those six are the real deal. Been hearing some bad things about the new bud candy formula beeing watered down and useless! Hopefully they fix it because it's one of my favorite products. I don't do foliar unless one of my girls get locked-up, hasn't happened in awhile.:) Pictures you saw were my first grow without all the extra A.N. stuff and it smells incredible. 9 weeks in with 1 to go, can't wait. Hope all your grows are filled with frost. Stay stoned.
    i use advanced nutrients jungle juice micro and bloom in lucas formula once a week and use the additives of bigbud b-52 and overdrive all the advanced line up and instead of voodoo juice i use gh's floralicious grow same stuff but 1/10th the price and have had no problems mixing it with the advanced line up but the feed water feed water is pretty much what i do ill feed them if they need a drink before the next feeding then ill give them straight water till the next feeding but if they dont want a water before the next feed thats fine also i do flush once a monthe to rid any salt build up and to balance the soil ph .................................................KUShSOurSMOKEr/Ocali dudee pleasse tell me ur tricks!! AhahDude I want my cured bud that fuckin frostty what do u do? HahaAgain what nutes do u use ?and do u feed everytime?Right now I feed.water.water w/hygrozyme.feed.water.water w hygrozymeI was thinkin of feed.water.feed.water
    nice :))))) no sativa effect?

    does it have skunk n pine undertones ??

    also did u grow it n did it have pink leaves :) really wanna grow this :):bigjoint::eyesmoke:
    What up KSS!?

    in all honesty it depends what you want the dehumidifier for man. i got mine just to generally keep the RH down in the room. its not digital which means i have no idea what the RH actually is nor can i set it. mine was a cheapo and it was still £90. if i had the time over i'd get a digital one they range from about £150.

    you could try second hand though might get a bargain.

    good luck man & keep it green
    Empty, thanks! Yea just start adding it in now, Just a heads up though. Make sure you use whatever you mix because it can go bad and really stink up everything!
    yea man just use jacks bloom booster at 1/4 strength. idk man you keep asking me the same things and i keep answering, i dont go on here a lot so idont have much time to respond
    i use nothing but those nutes, and some old school growers turned me on to it. post a thread relating to jacks classics and see how many professional long time growers will tell you everything else is BS in comparison
    no fox farm any more, ill update my journal soon, its been a while and i havent put any new pics up from the new nutrient line up. jacks classic for 10 bucks seriously outbeats fox farm for 50bucks all day long. i made my own compost tea... try a hydro store they usually have it
    hey dude actually i just switched my entire nutrient line up, and im seeing even greater results. thank you very much btw. but im currently using promix soil with added dolomite lime (ph buffer) and water with 1/4 strength Jacks classic 20-20-20 for veg and i mix that with jacks classic bloom booster 10-30-20 at 1/4 strength. for veg i use 300 ppm nutrient every other watering and for flower i use 700 ppm every other watering. the stuff is DIRT CHEAP. i paid 26 bucks in total for those 2 nutes, they are all you will need and will last a year.
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