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  • hey Robert, this is probably a bit much to ask, but how did you do your blackjack grow (nutes, light cycle, medium, watering frequency)?
    Hey Robert, I have read a bunch of your posts and realize you know what you are talking about! Have some questions for you, let me know if you can help me out!
    hey whats up i wanted to ask ya when ya get a chance take a look at my grow thread. its labeled my first real grow socal style! In the outdoor section thanks a lot!
    Hey thx man cause I really need some help.....I'm not sure when to use nutes, how long Before I switch from flo's to mh lights and hps. Oh, how did ur ww look after 2 weeks.... I think I'm goin to have to start often should they be watered...oh is rapid rooter a good medium??? Thx in advance for the info
    Remember in Fight Club after Bob dies. They bury him in the garden. I thought you would get it, sorry.
    Oregonian....Fight Club lover...gave me props in a thread for giving good advice...I love you man!
    hi man! i use a slightly different pot than the airpots that you mean i think. mine are rigid plastic, they work amazingly well tho. i mix about 5% perlite in as coco as a medium dries pretty quickly, which is again another bonus roots love the air in coco. ive only used the fine ground stuff tho i have seen great resuts with the next size up which is like 1cm squares.

    no real tips per say, other than give your girls at least a week in the final pot before you flip them. i re use my coco, have been for nearly a year, and when your done just bag it up still a little damp so the micro life you've built up is re usable too. canna nutes are pretty much designed for coco, i would recommend getting the rhizotonic and cannazyme to help the process along. any questions just shout fella!
    Well i have to seen this method to look succes ful and seems to help yield a lot after a good veg and with good dirt and nutrients i think i got the basics down.

    I just dont know how to build that screen for the scrog and when to put it on outdoor plants. And how high up from the bottom of the plant. You see in the thread were the guy is talking about his monster made with scrog?
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