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  • hello I am a week into flower and they look grate used 20-20-20 plant prod threw veg then week ago switched to plant prod 15-30-15 just want to know if this will be enough threw flower or will i need a booster or sum sort I am growing outdoors in soil there Hugh i am also in Canada plz help and i know the food using ant that good but its what i have
    -east coast
    Used your free hash guide, got awesome results and even went an extra step and processed my trim a 3rd time. My wife also came up with a great improvement that made it go faster. I posted her improvement on that thread, just wanted to say thanks man my phone won't let me give you +rep but you deserve it!
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    Glad you found the guide useful bud. Havent been on here in years. Forgot how many threads I had going etc. Hope your doing good man
    Yo! Was trying out your hash guide and it seemed to work pretty well! I just had a few questions and was wondering if we could chat through Skype or something. Thanks again for the great guide and have a good one!
    Hey man, Ive seen your pics and I really need some advice dude! I'm using MG moisture control, growing with a mixture of CFL's and a 400 watt HPS on a 18/6 hour schedule. But my plant growth is slow as hell! It's been about 2 1/2 weeks and my biggest plant is only a 3rd of the size your week 1 Floja from 2010. What is your lighting schedule?
    Namaste, my mind is boggled, what strain is that on the far right in your profile pic?!, Props, happy trails to you sir.
    Dude I just stumbled upon your old WW CFL grow journal... very, very nice and an inspiration to many that it doesn't take big bucks to grow just some LOVELY buds. Your attitude is awesome. Keep it up.. wish more people on these forums were as easy-going. Peace.
    Sorry I did not respond last month!

    Our spam filter scans PMs and if it finds a member who is recruiting to another forum, then it removes their PM privileges. Were you sending links to another forum via PM? If so, then that is why your PMs were removed. I restored them.

    Please don't do it again.

    hey sweetie, im DAT on bubbleponics. you can find me in the journal section. Double waterfarm scrog in a Secret Jardin DR120 tent.
    take care , love ambz
    Thanks for the KIND remarks to my Double Bubbleberry pics. Just started new crop,different strains. More pics to follow!
    Hay chubby got a problem.I chopped my girls about a week or two dryed them and now curing the end of week 2 I took a sample and it was good very question is what could I expect to get if I let them cure for a month or so? Will it be a even better smoke? Yes they are dry so no mold
    I grew up in MA. In the north shore area. Now Im in NH, but about to relocate to Maine. Ive had an account on here for like a year or so and Im just now meeting people on here that are from new england area. Mostly meeting people from Mass, Maine, and a couple people from N.H. and R.I.
    hay just getting back online if ya know what i mean. been a while just wanted to check if ya had any thing new in the works. will give ya a update in a few weeks
    Its nice to see another east coaster. Im from the new england area, how bout you? Hopefully ill be moving to maine in the next six months or so. Peace & Happy 420 bro......
    Still around bro just breaking u know...I'll make a new thread before too long but just been busy.
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