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Feb 26, 2015
    1. Marlow619
      I was going thru your thread with the smartpot grow in the ebb in flow. Why do you have gallon jugs in the tray? What does that help do?
      1. #1Raiderfan420
        It looks to me like he is using them to fill up the empty volume in his trays, so he can use less water(nutrient mix) to fill the trays while flooding.
        Jul 28, 2016
    2. BlackRoses
      Thanks SG, Since my close run with the law I ducked and did everything completely secure for a while.
      Also after I moved, I didn't have internet connection for 2 months, so I lost all interest in continuing the journals in that time.
      Now I moved yet again into a larger house in the middle of nowhere with plenty of security and peace of mind. I regretted not making a video journal last run cause it was one of my best ever, so this run I had to :)
    3. silusbotwin
      Hey buddy. I've been inactive for quite awhile and now I come here and see you have been too. I hope everything is alright.
    4. dirtyjerm
      Thanks man . I hate to be a pain, for I foresee measurement problems and can't find a tutorial someone has done for my size tent... Didn't know if you drilled holes to tie up the mason string, thanks again man
    5. Someguy15
      @ DirtJerm Built it. Home Depot has all the supplies you need. 3/4" pvc + elbows. 8 clamps to hold it in the tent. And then some masons thread which you can find in the masonry section. String it up like a racket with 2 or 3" squares.
    6. dirtyjerm
      Hey man I have a gl60 and would love to know where or how you got your scrog screen? Any help is appreciated
    7. danw666
      what and then a dribble of both mixed ? into soil ????
    8. danw666
      i bort the coco canna nutrients A&B how much nutrients should i add to a 2litre bottle of water ive got the ml measureing gage at the top just dont no how much ml to add to 2litres ?????
    9. budsMI
      what area of mi? metro detroit here
    10. MurshDawg
      Good stuff, bro! My father in law is in Michigan. Big props to you, sir and all you do.
    11. silusbotwin
    12. silusbotwin
      Just had to stop in and compliment you on your great taste in photos. Nice avatar :P
    13. cappeeler09
    14. edwardtheclean
      nice cherry coke!
    15. cappeeler09
    16. Zensai
      I'm going to be a first time grower in the next coming weeks. I am a Michigan resident, for some reason I can't send a private message. But I'm very interested in your hyrdo setup, and some ideas. I'm looking to spend between 2-4k for my setup, and I don't know how local you are to me or not. But I'm in the Kalamazoo area. If your willing to help/give tips to a local Michigan person, PM me. Thanks
    17. crazyMIman
      hey bro i was just wondering if you were in Michigan?
    18. brock
      nice pics and plants man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      saw all your pics on the forum from sprout to were they are now and i love your setup and mini rain forest

      whats up seen you had afghan kush hows that turning out i always wanted to get the strain but since 9/11 things are just to tight for comfort to order across seas just wondered do u think that strain is good for depression and anxiety thanks for any reply
    20. Shrubs First
      Shrubs First
      just hibernating til i get an AC friend. Preciate the good words though. I will be back soon enough and I'll let ya know.
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