1. M

    A little bit of bud rot, cut it out and make edibles?

    Cut down an OG yesterday and noticed some bud rot inside of the dense colas. Not planning to smoke, but looking for feedback if it's ok to make oil with them for edibles (the salvaged parts without visual bud rot). Any thoughts on if these are still salvageable? My thought is: 1. Removed rot...
  2. D

    White mold cliff

    So I finally flipped my 1st mimosa x orange mother plant after 5 months and a lot of cloning practice. The buds have me drooling with a few weeks to go. Caught the white mold early on the lower part and have been trimming and trying to get rid of it the past 2 weeks. Its been slowly working...
  3. Generic.Name

    How to prevent mold growth in nutrient bottles

    I cracked open my botanicare sweet bottle today and saw a huge green slime something floating at the top and knew i was fucked. I’m going to toss the bottle and just buy a new one. Probably mold or something. Didn’t catch it cause I usually shake before I measure. Definitely a surprise to look...
  4. BurntByFire

    Grove bags - humidity

    I am storing my finished product in grove bags(5lb bags) loaded with 4lbs dry. I know 100% my bud is dry enough. Maybe too dry tbh. Yet my hygrometers are showing 80% Never used these before but Im not sure I like them. How can my humidity be 80 in the bag with over dried bud… Anyhow threw in a...
  5. K

    Trichoderma source

    Would capturing and using the green trichoderma found growing on onion roots from the supermarket be a free source of trichoderma? Take some and scrape it into a compost tea fror example. Or is this a horrible idea? Could it backfire and harm the plants? Like if its the wrong species of...
  6. Y

    HELP! Has mold ruined my 8 plant outdoor grow?

    Hey everyone, I appreciate the hell out of the help i've received from you guys during my first grow, so I tried to format this question as easy as possible to understand. I grew 8 plants this summer, 2 strains (British Colombia Bud and Cinderella 99). Some of these plants had a powdery...
  7. H

    Think I have mold in stored buds [pics from microscope]

    I had stored them in a jar after drying for a week and have been smoking since last 4 weeks.. Today I noticed some whiteish buds on the side of the jar and they smell also a little funky. Looks like I've got mold. Please can anyone confirm from the pics if thats mold and if so, what to do with...
  8. C

    Help!! please it's mold?

    Hi everyone ... I wanted to ask if it's mold or not I am in 6-7 weeks of flowering. Thank you for answer.
  9. lamptree

    mold/bud rot??

    First time grower here. This is one of my Gorilla Glue ladies. she's been drying for 7 days now at 18C with RH levels of 50-55. I see some small brown discolouration on the stems and on some petals? Is this cause for concern or am I just being paranoid?? Does it usually turn yellowish/brownish...
  10. C

    80% humidity while weed is drying??

    Hello people, I cut down my plants yesterday and hung it all on strings most plants I cut each branch but a couple I hung by main stems, but the humidity seems to be staying at around 80% and the humidity meter is in the corner of the tent so it could be higher around all of the buds, I have a...
  11. S

    Bud Rot...Need Help!

    Yesterday morning it was pouring out (a lot of rain this summer in NY) i went to check on my plants and to my horror i noticed bud rot/mold on a few of the buds on my biggest colas I immediately checked all 8 other plants and did not seem to find anything on them thankfully. So i have two plants...
  12. W

    What is this mold/fungus? Is it treatable?

    Hi all, I noticed on one of my outdoor plants I got some brown mold or fungus looking stuff as well as some yellow/white clumpy stuff? What is this and is it treatable and preventable in the future.As you can tell the plant is in flower so I’mnot sure what to treat this with. some of the...
  13. xIPhobiaIx

    Power went out while drying harvest

    Power went out and has been out for 2 days now. They are in a sealed dark room and temp is 73 with humidity also around 73. I go in there and it doesn't feel hot or humid. Colder if anything. I have a gas generator and could run the dehu but that will raise the temp and lower the humidity...
  14. W

    White spots on my auto, plus stunted growth

    I'm pretty sure its mold, I just wanna be sure. I already sprayed it water with olive oil been told it works like neem oil, this is my 1st time growing it I do have more knowledge that most beginners but I am not experienced, It's in the seedling phase just a week old, I am growin in rockwool...
  15. B

    First time grow! Bugs or mold

    Hello friends, first time grower here so go easy please, its been a long journey and have learned this is more challenging than Army bct lol. Anyway, I noticed these leaves looking a little bubbly and burning (or eaten) off the edges. Day temp: 77f Night temp: 71f Rh: 51% Then I found some...
  16. Green_Alchemist

    Is this bud rot/mold??

    Bought an Oz at the dispensary because I’m between harvests and need a safe supply for my medicine, and I notice this while busting it up.. am I safe to assume this is mildew or mold? Or am I just high?
  17. D

    Moldy trophy bud- can it be saved?

    I’ve thought about spraying it down with isopropyl but I’m not sure if I should try any solvent. My hubby let me do my first trim alone (5 plants) up all night lol but we did the usual cardboard box and then hanging inside of it closed. As well as the few fall offs in a box flat. I tried to tie...
  18. D

    Is this Mildew?

    Harvest ruined?
  19. Jhef

    S.O.S. Powdery Mildew 2 days before harvest

    Day 56 and I see some beginning spots of PM. Was putting off buying a dehumid for another room since temps are getting hot and It screwed me. Went and got proper dehumid needs today. What do I do? I just put them into darkness for 48hr. Should I spray them with an h202 mix? Should I wash...
  20. ScienceGrow

    My experienice with garage curing

    My experienice with garage curing (this could help others): It was time to hang dry my dads harvest, and he did not have a better place to hang the cannabis. I purchased a hygrometer/thermometer, and found that the garage oscillated between 55-68% humidity, and it was well below 65 F most of...