1. W

    LED Light Recommendation for 2x4 Grow Tent

    I am looking at upgrading the led lights in my 2x4x5.8 to give my plants some more juice. Currently, I am running 2 x Mars Hydro TS 1000 and keep my plants low with a SCROG net. I was looking at the Electric Sky 300 V3, which is on sale right now for 671 CAD + tax and is the most I would like to...
  2. Lockedin

    Herijuana reg seeds in a 2x4 with 2 Viparspectras

    09/06 - New grow, new journal. Feel free to chime in! As the title says - I'm vegging 9 regular Herijuana seedlings; seeds started on 08/25; expecting some males that I'll cull on this round. Vivosun 2'x4'x5' -- (2) Viparspectra V-600 -- (2) 6" circulation fans -- (1) AC Infinity T6 Temps have...
  3. SBBCal

    Jelly Rancher-HSC

    What’s up ladies and gents. Started Humboldt Seed Co.-Jelly Ranchers -Fems. -2x4 tent , 6” ac infinity inline -seedlings under DIY 6 bar Samsung’s , Cree XP3 royals . Bars are 4K and 5k using a mix of lm561c and 281+ -Happy Frog soil mixed with extra perlite and Basic Miracle grow organic. 50/50...
  4. F

    2x4 question

    I am currently running a 2x4x6 tent. Fans, carbon filter, and 2 Mars Hydro Ts600’s. My question is, would it be better to run (4-6) 3 gal short veg plants, or do 2 5 gal plants. (Photo) netting available, and completely personal medicine. Any advice on first tent grow is appreciated. Ty!
  5. TheSadVeryBadMadGrower

    Sad's Perpetual Growhouse: Indicas, Stativas & A Bunch of Madness!!!

    Being a new member here, I wanted to start a journal for myself and others to follow along. It's always nice to teach others or even learn a thing here and there. I am currently heading into week 3 of flower on my current plants with new seeds being dropped in a couple weeks. Now that I got my...
  6. YerpGodMarley

    HLG 65 work for flower?

    I have a 2x4x5 tent. want to run 1 or 2 plants. will 2 Hlg 65 be enough to veg and flower? HLG 65
  7. S

    1st grow ready to go

    So i am starting my first small grow. I have a 2x4x6 tent . I have some fox farm happy frog and some ocean forest that im going to mix together. I have pots ranging from .5 gallon to 3 gallon so far, also have solo cups im going to start in. I have a blue labs ph pen, a 400 watt hps, 2 150 watt...
  8. C

    SOG Help. PICS! Upgrading Grow Area.

    Right now i currently am running my old 4 foot 6 bulb t5 ho light in a 4x2 tent using a mix of 2700k and 6000k spectrum. I also have a 45 watt (actual watts, or 150 watt replacement) led in a cabinet for my cloning tray and a few small vegging plants, and then a mother plant. I took around 30...
  9. Dutdut


    Welcome everyone. New to this site and forum posting but I will quickly give you guys a basic run down of the experiment. 100% coco Floranova bloom with Lucas Ratio Mars hydro cob 128 YaeTek cob Basically 500 Watt actual power Exhaust/intake: 4" 200 cfm exhausting air outside/4" 120" bringing...
  10. trojanvirus

    Optimum wattage for COB Bridgelux Vero SE and 288 boards

    What is the best voltage/amperage to use when running BXRC-30E10K0-C-73-SE Vero COBs. The data sheets from Bridgelux uses 69.4 V at 1710 for 118.7 W. Would I run these at 70 W for efficiency or should they be run at what they were tested at? I originally planned to use two of them at lower amp...
  11. G

    Illusion OG Clones 2'x4'x5' tent 600w LED ScrOG

    Hello Fam!! In this grow I would definitely like advise, so feel free to post. This is my second grow ever and the first one was, just ok. I will try and keep things short but detailed so I don't lose y'all lol. I am using 2 - Illusion OG clones 1 - 3 gallon plastic pot 1 - 3gallon Smart Pot...
  12. D

    What Size Rez For 2x4 grow tent??

    My grow tent is only 2x4x5 ft tall so I think my best option is to put the plants in rockwool blocks in a tray on the floor and drip feed on a timer. What size rez should I use, so I'm not wasting water & nutrients?? Also, is there a feeding chart I could go by?
  13. Grimtek

    Grimtek's LED Adventures ^w^

    Hello Everyone! Thank you for giving me a minute of your time, Id like to introduce myself =). I am Grimtek, Here is the Beginning of my little adventure! Please sit back, Grab a your piece and pack a bowl or get yourself a dab. Well, Lets get down to business. Here's what im working...
  14. Taos

    Blueberry Grow

    I just discovered that I am better off doing a grow journal in this forum as a thread, rather than using the 'grow journal' feature. These are 3 blueberries from Seedsman, currently finishing week 4 of flowering. Two were 'mainlined', and the third was 'fluxed'. The veg period was for 8...
  15. A

    2x4x5 ventilation space issues?

    I will be receiving my MarsHydro Reflector 144 sometime this week and I couldn't be more happy with the choice I've made. I plan on using this light to flower/veg in a 2x4x5 tent. My ceilings aren't very tall as to why I went with a 5 footer. My biggest concern is what I should do about...
  16. PrinsesS

    1800W COB Led Grow Light

    Hi, I'm just curious if anyone else has tried one of these grow lights before, and what their opinions are? It's a newer 1800W COB LED grow light from China which is being marketed under a few different brands at the moment. The specs are: BestVA X6 1800W Integrated COB LED grow light...
  17. puffenuff

    NextLight Journal 2.0

    What's up, RIU? I figure this section of RIU needs some more grow action so thought I'd share some more of my experiences using the NextLight Mini LEDs. Right now I've got one Mini going in about a 2x2 space vegging out some clones. Mostly dosidos but also a couple citrus sap and strawberry...
  18. black jesus

    Blue dream closet grow.

    So I plan on picking up 8-10 blue dream clones this weekend. My closet is 2x4 and this will be under 2 mars hydro 300 watt lights. I'm wondering what size pots will I need and how long I veg for. I read 1 week max. And plants will finish around 3 feet tall. I'm not sure what that means for...
  19. sharptater

    2x4 400w 1nl 1ww

    Hi everyone. First grow with real genetics. I have 1 nirvana northern lights and one green house white widow, both feminized. Planted seeds 5-11. ww broke soil 5-14. Nl 5-17 started in small pots not sure size close to solo cups. 5-21 transplanted to 3 gallon smart pots in ffof. Been under 400w...
  20. puffenuff

    NextLight x Rainbow Sherbet

    What's up RIU? This thread will be dedicated to my first run with the NextLight Mini. I'm not changing anything up from my normal setup other than the lights, using just these for now. Still rocking CANNA coco and nutrients with added calcium and silica. I've got it pretty dialed in and it...