Why don't more ppl grow auto flowers?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by edwardvanhalen123456, Aug 28, 2016.


    Jaybodankly Well-Known Member

    got a 7 pack of
    Mephisto Genetics - Ripley's OG
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    Biggmoneyme New Member

    i get 6 oz off of certain auto strains. gonna see what cobs can do. someone go help me out on the thread

    McStrats Well-Known Member

    I'm sitting here baked off my balls after vaping an AF I harvested 1 week ago laughing at those who think AF are inferior :bigjoint:bongsmilie:lol:
    Black Thumb

    Black Thumb Well-Known Member

    There isn't enough time to work with auto's, once its planted that's what you got, no testing cloning and finding a keeper.
    your stuck always buying the seeds every grow.
    And even if you hermie one and pollinate them for your own seed crop, you have no idea what traits are going to stick and if your gonna get hermies.

    Too many variables.

    To each his own.
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    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    I have some Auto GDP that should be here in about 4 to 6 days. Only growing them to have an early harvest while I wait on my Diesel and Critical to grow. bongsmilie

    jwreck Well-Known Member

    Keep vaping

    Chef420 Well-Known Member

    Eddie? I thought Eddie was back :(

    jokefox Active Member

    Ive seen alot of stuff that made me laugh in this thread.

    First. You can scrog an auto flower. But more lst. You could probably top once if your timing is perfect.

    My 7 autos yeilded 1.5pounds in a 3x3.
    But i usually do pull 1-1.5 pounds out of it with whatever grow.
    My last was 1.3 pounds with 3 bubba and 1 karribean mango.

    They are a bit less potent. But that could have been because of my seeds (dina and kannabia)

    KryptoBud Well-Known Member

    Running multiple lights for 18+ hours adds up too.
    They look a lot better now than they did 10 years ago that's for sure.

    hawk1234157 New Member

    Fast forward to 2018 and theres tons of autoflowers hitting 18-28%, which is pretty much every fastbuds strain out there and like I said trippy gorilla auto hits 25-28% the potency is there and anyone with a brain can see its just getting better year on year, theyre perfect for a first grow and getting from seed to harvest asap, you can give these things 18-24h of light all through flower and they finish fast, you can get so many more crops and try so many more strains, I dont think its fair to say photos are better anymore theyre simply different, thats not to say the very best strains arent all photos, but you can clearly see autos have their place and will continue to get even better.
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    Purpsmagurps Well-Known Member

    Yield sucked. try training an indoor canopy with something that goes into flower as soon as you touch it.
    if you are doing just ONE plant. do auto in dwc or coco.

    churchhaze Well-Known Member

    You don't have any control with autos because they start flowering automatically.

    HitemwiththeHine Member

    Or in my case, they don't like to flower at all.
    My very first grow was bagseed, but found out it was male, so chucked it.

    Decided to buy seeds for the first time. I got (among other things) 2 Seedsman White Widow Autos and they were great.

    Since then I've tried:
    Seedsman Auto Kush - 8 weeks no flowering
    Royal Queen Seeds Diesel Auto - 8 weeks no flowering
    Currently running Mephisto Alien Vs Triangle, Advanced Auto Blue Diesel, DINAFEM Blue Amnesia, all mid week 5 and no flowers (the Mephisto has some pistils).

    Please shoot me.

    (edit: all grown under a QB 260XL in coco)

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    Purpsmagurps Well-Known Member

    Dinafems run long I ran haze xxl

    HitemwiththeHine Member

    That's cool, but going on 5+ weeks with my current 3 is really making me angry about autos, especially after the 2 before that got like 6 and 4 feet without flowering. Completely outgrew my 2x4 and time/money wasted + another long wait with no bud. Yeah, I'm not a happy camper. I have a few more RQS Diesel, AvT, and some Dark Devil but I'm seriously considering just tossing them. I could have been 2 weeks into flower right now.

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Suggest trying Dutch Passion. Real pioneers in autos. Their Mazar Auto rocks! I retired and moved back to Alaska. Very short outdoor season but almost 24 hours of daylight for a while. Tried Baked Beans Seeds for Sweet Tooth and Bering Sea Blue. That stuff is great! The co-owner of BBS is my neighbor. I hated autos until . .

    Grow them from the start in the final container. They won't start flowering until roots determine boundaries. 5 gallon bucket minimum. No coco.

    He builds up with petite on the bottom. Dirt mix above that for about 6". Move A organic spike in the middle. A little perlite. More dirt like before with another Kobe and top it with your medium. Then just water. Works well.
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    HitemwiththeHine Member

    I was wracking my brain trying to figure out wtf I was doing wrong. My first two autos went swimmingly, now every single one refuses to flower, and it's autos from different breeders (but same seed distro. house). So I figured it must be me. I mean what else could it be?
    To be fair, alot of these autos are freebies (ding, ding? No? Idk), and possibly old or very old stock, so I'm not going to get real upset about freebies. (my photos flower just fine, I'm not screwing those up lol)

    Last night, I gave em an extra hour in the dark so maybe that will help them along a bit (17/7). The Mephisto looks like she wants to make flowers, I think the other two are about mid-stretch, so hopefully these will work out.
    Mr Blamo

    Mr Blamo Member

    Well when I get autos I give them away.
    Don't like them and never buy them.
    I see autos for 2 reasons.
    One being for outdoor and the other reason for newbies who don't know much.
    If your a auto person you be buying seed all the time unlike me who clones plants and I get to keep mommas in veg for long time.
    You find a gem in autos...cant keep it.
    There just not for me but I know others like them.
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    HitemwiththeHine Member

    Yeah I originally started with autos because they were on the menu and seemed easy to get mah feet wet, nom sayin. But now they seem more hassle than they are worth. I have no doubt some people do great with them, it just hasn't been me lately.
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    G.IGrowBoss Member

    I started with 4 autos and so far so good. I am definitely wanting to try photos and see what I can do with them. My only gripe with autos, is I can't control or predict harvest amounts. Seems like the only thing you can do is plant it and take care of it... Hope for the best yield.

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