Why don't more ppl grow auto flowers?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by edwardvanhalen123456, Aug 28, 2016.


    edwardvanhalen123456 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, how is everyone?
    When you guys grow a plant how long does it take to finish?

    I know I used to veg for a month and then flower for about 3 months. Thats 5 months just to grow a couple plants.
    When I came across autoflowers I couldn't believe that it only takes 2 months to harvest.

    So you can harvest 2 autoflowers before one regular plant. That's a pretty big difference so I was wondering why more ppl don't grow auto's.
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    Aby55 Well-Known Member

    Less potent and smaller yeilds. Although potency is coming up a bit.
    you cant scrog autos. Etc.
    Again a question a simple google search could have answered.
    Also from what ive read most autos take closer to 3 months.

    Foothills Well-Known Member

    Many outdoor growers are looking for pounds per plant, not a few ozs.
    Conscientious growers and breeders alike feel that low quality ruderalis should have never been introduced into the gene pool to begin with. Many of these same growers and breeders don't have any use for feminized seeds either.
    Garden hackle

    Garden hackle Member

    Because they don't realize autoflowers may be the future of commercial growing. The assertions that they are weak in potency and low production are blanket statements that bear no resemblance to the truth.

    Truth is that a smart grower can produce over a 1 pound of super high quality weed in three square feet with 315 watts in less than 70 days with autoflowers.

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    Gquebed Well-Known Member

    This is exactly how beer turned to absolute shit that is barely drinkable.

    Mass producers looking for convenience and economy introduce methods and products into their systems that lowers the bar on quailty. Consumers get used to it over time and accept it. Rinse and repeat and... the result is obvious in every single product you see on a store shelf.

    Ruderalis brings the bar down. Period.

    One man's definition of super high quality is another man's definition of horse shit.

    This didnt need to happen. Shorter veg time and more plants and harvesting a little early can achieve ALL that ruderalis brings to the table without degrading quality and polluting the gene pool...

    shrxhky420 Well-Known Member

    If you like autos you should consider 12/12 from seed instead. The grow is like that of an auto only better cause you aren't messin with autos.
    Colo MMJ

    Colo MMJ Well-Known Member

    I want big buds and 2 lb per plant. Low yields bring me down man.
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    .....and then theirs 'Super Autos' perhaps not in your state yet?

    the Dutch are very conscious of the falling desire for autos and have upped the thc some

    The newly produced strains of autoflowering cannabis have proven that they can produce quality medicine comparable with classical short-day strains. Breeders have reported THC content in the low 20% in some newer varieties while many varieties also have high CBD content.[6] The advantages that autoflower breeders report with their plants include:

    • Short life span with many going from seed to harvest in under 13 weeks (some as short as seven weeks)
    • Can be kept short in stature for "stealth" growing
    • The Cannabis ruderalis heritage causes flowering after 2–3 weeks from germination
    • No need for a separate vegetative and flowering environment (unlike with photoperiod dependent/ short-day strains)
    • Simple seed production, one plant can produce several hundred seeds even at 1 foot (30.5 cm) tall
    • Due to short life span can be grown in cold climates where summers are short and cold[7]
    • Can be grown outside in city environment where there is artificial lighting, that would affect (stress) regular strains
    • Can produce multiple harvests outdoors in one season
    SuperAutos were created by breeder Stitch (Flash seeds) in order to satisfy those growers looking for larger sativa plants with a more photoperiod/short-day feel to them. A SuperAuto (sometimes referred to as amazonian autos) starts flowering automatically only after a much longer vegetative period between 28/32 days most of the time. Just like other autoflowers changing the lighting schedule does not affect the flowering cycle of these strains. It is not unusual for SuperAutos to get over five feet tall with some becoming eight feet high.

    The average life span of a SuperAuto is 90 to 110 days from seed as opposed to the shorter 55–85 days with most common autoflowers. The added advantage of the longer life span is that slow maturing sativa phenotype have more time to develop and larger yields can be obtained.

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    ltecato Active Member

    Autoflowers are kind of "bleeding edge" technology for cannabis growers. When they first came out, I didn't want to touch them because the Ruderalis genetics generally sound like ditch weed to me. But I don't have a sprawling plantation in Lebanon or Colombia to grow on, so I have to settle for closet space. I tried a Northern Lights auto seed that came as a freebie when I bought a pack of something else from Single Seed Center and got a decent yield of decent bud, so that made me more willing to try autos.

    One factor to consider is that ruderalis genes are supposed to up the CBD production, which could be good for medical uses more than recreational purposes. I'm growing my second micro-crop of Dr. Feelgood, an autoflower from Short Stuff, and my old lady loves it because it really is good for her pain and it also has some recreational value as well.
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    Gquebed Well-Known Member

    Then grow the ruderalis for the cbd. There is still no cause here to pollute the the indica and sativa gene pools.

    Have a small space to grow in? Grow indicas. Lst them to fit. Easy peasy. Need a quick turn around? Veg shorter and harvest early. Potency is not affected, just yield. And you are still likely to yield more than a finished auto.
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    Shugglet Well-Known Member

    3 square ft? or 3'x3'... a little bit of a difference there... Assuming your statement is true, thats a pretty incredible yield for autos... 150gs per sqft. wow. any documentation on this at all?

    Also, why couldnt a fast flowering indica be just as productive?
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    Garden hackle

    Garden hackle Member

    I can't reason anyone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into in the first place. You're dismissed.

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    Garden hackle

    Garden hackle Member

    Nine square feet. I meant 3 feet square, not three square feet.

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    dandyrandy Well-Known Member

    I started with autos several years ago. I chop every 2.5 months with photos. About the same with autos.
    Garden hackle

    Garden hackle Member

    Not as productive in my opinion.

    And, frankly, most of mephisto's autoflowers kick the shit out of the crap photos most commercial growers are running when it comes to both taste and potency.

    But I'm not here to convince anyone. What you grow is your business and you can think you've got the most awesome shit if you want no matter what kind of Shwag it is.

    I bought into the bullshit that photos were just going to be more productive and potent for awhile but I'm smart enough to keep an open mind. I'm always subject to change it if I get proof I'm wrong. :).

    So who thinks they can chop a pound of high quality photoperiod buds less than 75 days from planting seeds in a 3x3 tent with a 315 watt light?

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    Pig4buzz Well-Known Member

    Autos are fast and good for stash. I just chopped 5 autos. Got 4 photos going in that have pre-flower 3 weeks. They will be ready in 5wks under the 315 lec.
    Then have 6 more vegging that are 17 days. All works well this rotation will put a harvest every 4-5 wks

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    gardenhackle Member

    Maybe a fast flowering indica COULD be as productive but I haven't found anything AS productive that was still high potency and high quality for flavor.

    And yeah, posted the time lapse. The auto flowering gene is just ONE gene. There are smart breeders breeding that gene into some goddamned potent shit without bringing along the uber-small, wimpy and low potency genes that go along with it.

    But I don't sell autoflower seeds so I don't feel compelled to sell the idea. Growers have to do their own homework, make their own decisions and live with the consequences, whatever they may be.

    I was just answering the OP's question. Didn't mean to make any of the knowitalls feel all butt hurt.
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    Shugglet Well-Known Member

    Why couldnt the same thing be accomplished with some indicas? Unless autos yield more than regular indica breeds... which would be the first time Im hearing this.

    Also, it really does not matter what the "time from seed" is, flowering time is really all the matters.

    I was mostly just getting at your "future of commercial growing" which doesnt make much sense to me. But assuming youre correct in that it is as simple as giving the plant one specific gene to become autoflower, then yeah, it might be.
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    Garden hackle

    Garden hackle Member

    Who knows. Your grow. Your choices and if you have it set in your mind that autoflowers aren't worth a piss, don't waste your money on them. :).

    Every strain has its own characteristics. I've been so happy with the gear
    I've gotten from Mephisto genetics that I quit looking at photos AND other breeders. But that's just me. I'm not trying to get anyone to change what they're doing.

    If you think photos rule, that's cool. All that matters is that your happy with your own gig. I'm happy with mine. Hope you're happy with yours. It's all good.

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    Shugglet Well-Known Member

    Are the knowitalls here the ones making grand claims that seem to fly in the face of the consensus of the vast majority of the industry? ;)

    Are there any references for chemical contents between an auto version of a plant and the non-auto version? Im sure there are somewhere.
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