Why don't more ppl grow auto flowers?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by edwardvanhalen123456, Aug 28, 2016.


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    For anyone that didn't see it the first time after asking for some show and tell.

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    My point is you are no further ahead in your system by not having to Veg.

    I dont think you get my point that if you put a veg cab inside your flower tent it takes up no extra space, which you said was an advantage of autoflowers, which my point proves otherwise. And no, Im not talking about YOU putting a veg chamber in your tent, obviously (or as you would say, DUH!?!) Im referring to the alternate setup not using autoflowers.

    Remember you said it saves time and space for autoflowers? When in reality, in the situations Ive described, it does neither.

    I dont see why having plants being vegged and ready to pop into flower at any time is a negative in any way shape or form. And for that matter, who cares how long it takes to veg as long as you constantly have a sufficient number of them ready to go in when the flowering ones are done?

    After the first grow, both setups would yield similar amounts weed in the 60-70day window you describe. Mine would start as vegged clones whereas yours would start from seed.

    Again, the time it takes to complete an entire grow for one plant from start to finish DOES NOT MATTER.

    Then factor in you are likely using more electricity and having to either make or buy seeds, so I dont see this being a winner from a financial perspective. But thats not to say its always going to lose out, but it certainly isnt always going to win out.
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    Strain uniformity is a plus with clones, and giant veg plants get you lots of bud.
    Auto plants seem like good idea for the impatient noob, or someone with little space. If you have the space to veg, it is wise to use clones, 1 purchase, many clones in this lifetime.
    The CBD and other cannabinoid differences in ruderalis IS bred into photo strains sometimes, but the auto traits are discarded. This is a great thing for medicine, yes. But it shows that most breeders find the auto trait undesirable.
    Autos have their place, but will never take over the game.
    If I were to get autos as a freebie with my next purchase I would run them. And I would see first hand. It would be cool to test an auto against my cookies or diesel.
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    Such an angry guy. Probably sad an lonely too... not to mention the obvious in illiteracy..
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    You said it all when you said that autos have their place.

    Do yourself a favor though. Get a pack of Mephisto Gear and put it up against whatever photos you're running. That's what a grower buddy of mine did 6 months ago and he's gobsmacked. I don't think he'll ever run photos again. Or at least that's what he says. :)

    I ran a ten damned super OG ol for over 5 months and I must say that I really liked the flavor of that particular strain. But I must also say that four skysenbergs yielded almost as much in less than 70 days AND it's more potent and more sticky.

    For a few bucks you can find out and won't have to guess or parrot other people.

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    I'm confident I have strains that are as potent, or more. If an auto is as strong, it loses the fight because of cloning and cost. If it is stronger...
    I can't bring myself to spend money for a one time harvest. I'll ask if any freebies are autos, I'm making a purchase today for some jillybean. I'm willing to try.

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    idk why Eddie
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    All autos aren't created equal and really, no point in experimenting if you do t think they have anything to offer you. I see why it's so attractive to grow from clones and save all those precious pennies. I figured that into the mix and the autos still work better for my space and my goals than any photos I've tried. I just can't find anything else that can give me a quarter pound per plant of top shelf quality in 70 days from seed to weed.

    Being able to lose everything and still be only 70 days away from a hefty harvest works for me. I've given more than passing thought to the whole thing and everyone else has to do their own thinking..... Or they can always go with whatever "everyone knows".

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    Looks like I found a good thread, always amusing when people are close minded and lash out at others who have had a different experience. Kind of Reminds me of a Trump convention. I mean you would have to grow every strain, photo and auto to have a definitive answer. However due to phenotype's and genetics that is unlikely. I've grown a few auto's in the past and they take absolutely no more time as far as caring for them as the photo's I've grown, possibly even less considering I am not topping them and or taking clones. Every plant has genetic limits, and most vendor's attempt to guesstimate how much will be produced in a square meter. Which is close to what you are saying your autos grew in, being that a pound is roughly 450 grams divided among 4 plants which is roughly 112 grams. Most photo's today can easily produce 500+ grams per m/2 indoors, with training and a uniform canopy due to say LST, topping, scrog etc they can produce even more or at least provide multiple tops. Which amounts to more top shelf cannabis vs the majority of your ladies producing airy buds, this has easily been proven across multiple threads, on multiple websites. To shame someone and or act like you are in charge of weather they are allowed to stay or leave a thread is pathetic.

    Regardless being able to take clones that are uniform, will indeed be the same pheno, are predictable with regard to their size when growing is a plus. I mean whats the point in constantly running seeds and praying that they are the same pheno, when you can produce a genetic copy of the same plant over and over again? I personally would take guaranteed results over a chance any day. The small 1in by 1in video only demonstrates the lack of uniformity. The two ladies in the back have decent size single colas, the ones in front are nothing like back. Your light was obviously adjusted to to compensate for the stretch of the back two which intern according to inverse square law, just means that you deprived the front two plants of valuable PAR which means the harvest suffered.

    There isn't one method to growing, nor is there a single breeder/strain that is superior to all others. If that was the case all dispensaries would sell nothing but auto's, of the same strain. Taking offense to someone who is basing their facts of "two friends", and a close minded view is absurd and kind of silly. However congratulations on a successful harvest of autos very impressive.
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    I think you are listening to what people said I said instead of what I really said.

    I think you and I are probably my in complete agreement on all points because it sounds like you are saying that the rules about autoflowers always being (whatever) don't actually apply any more.

    I dismiss anyone that doesn't apply reason and statements that "people who grow autoflowers are the reason there is shit beer" is the kind of meaningless drivel that tells me the author of said drivel has his head too far up his ass to bother reading again.

    The only FACTS I'm basing on anecdotal evidence is that autoflowers surprised the hell out of me and a few other people I know. That's all that matters to me and I'm thinking mabe someone who isn't an asshole will read it and maybe benefit. But since it seems like mostly assholes reading and commenting, that's unlikely. So I wasted a bunch of my time arguing for nothing.

    Now I remember why I spend so little time on this site.

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    Also forgot, addonexus. Yes they were two different phenotypes. Yes. I adjusted the to take advantage of the light and.... Uh.... So what? Seems like it would be pretty silly not to, wouldn't it?

    1 tent 1 light two months 1 pound.

    Hell, I know a guy that gets way over a pound on every grow with his autos 9 to a 600 watt light and all yielding around 90 grams each in 65 days.

    Is that the end all be all? Hell no. I didn't say it was. I'm just saying that it's easily possible and that the quality of the product can be excellent. Didn't say it was the only way to have a good grow. Didn't say it's the best way to grow. Didn't make any claims at all about how fit they are for anyone. Your grow. You figure it out. If you already have, AWESOME. I'm not trying to convince people who already know all they need to know of anything. :). It's the other people that might give a shit.

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    Maybe if you presented your argument less forceful people would listen?
    The only asshole on this thread has been you. You claim to know it all, when you yourself are spouting what you've read and learned from limited experience.
    I can get a qp of super dank bud per plant in 70 days. Takes about 2-4 weeks of veg, depending on the strain. The beauty is that I have many in veg, at different sizes. Ready when I need them, dank as their mom. I get to top them, and let them grow into beasts. If I chose to, I could have 1,000 identical plants from one seed. How much uniformity is there in a pack of autos?
    I should go grab some ruderalis from the ditch down the road and see if I could breed me some autos!
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    I agree it would be silly not to adjust the lights, but isn't the point of growing indoors to control all aspects of a plants development? Why would you settle for half ass'ing it with multiple un-even phenos when you could at least train your ladies and produce an even canopy therefore producing more top quality bud? That's what were all trying to do unless you're cash cropping is it not?

    I feel you on the auto's and turn around time, I mean taking clones still requires around 7 to 14 days to root if they even root. By that time an auto would at least be in week one of veg. However I would assume that a "mature clone" would grow faster than a seedling.

    Also have you tried LST your autos or super cropping? I have had and have know people that get amazing results simply by tying down the main cola during the Veg period of autos. The result is better lower node development and thicker branches which allow for more nutrients to reach the buds.

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    I don't really care if anyone listens. I'm sitting here shrugging my shoulders thinking that it's a real mystery why anyone really gives a damn how anyone else grows or what they grow.

    I'm Just answering one simple question. Why do t more people grow autoflowers? Mostly it is because old prejudices still rule. The real turning point was when commercial outfits started taking notice of the possibilities.

    Things change. Remember, about the time autoflowers were first reviled as low-production and low potency gimmicks, Pluto was still a planet. Still pisses me off about that.... But I had to get over it.

    Same thing with autos. Figured there must be something to the common knowledge that photos were always stronger and more productive. But after many decades on this planet I learned not to assume that common wisdom was actually always wise. So I did a lot of listening for a long time before (like today) I started talking.

    And just like that. I've decided as far as this site goes, it's enough talking already. Information is like everything else people are selling. Buyer beware.

    I'm back to more scientific groups where people care more about what's right than who's right. Ciao.

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    I'm running lots of different strains looking for the one I'm going to adopt as my primary. It won't be this strain because of the iniformoty but I just bought 30 more because I simply love the plant and its structure anyway and since
    I'm not running LEC 315's instead of HPS, the canopy doesn't have to be dead even in order to have a decent grow. I just brought in a dozen more to try out. :). One of them will yield over 20 oz consistently per 3x3 in 65 days and whichever one it is will be my bitch. No training. No tying and bending and manipulating. Just lots of small, compact, uniform plants that finish quickly and produce top grade smoke.

    Why don't more people run autos? I don't know. Why don't more people day trade on the stock market? A: Just because they don't. Not because the stock market or autoflowers are inherently a bad or good idea. It's just an option. Really for me the final decision to do all autoflowers came because of two factors: speed and variety. I know a commercial op that uses autoflowers because of the speed and low risk in short runs.

    Good business decision? Who knows. It's not my business so I can't say. I just know why I run what I run. And I thought I'd share that information. Sorta thinking I shouldn't bother. Reminds of a saying about advice. Never give advice because a wise man won't need it and a fool won't heed it.
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    I would say its more of an opinion than advice. Interesting metal halide bulb, some of the outlandish comments are obviously far fetched (amazon dot com), especially with no par results being posted, however for a 3x3 grow area it obviously does the job. No offense but on a side note, spewing "wisdom" would be much more effective if you used spell and grammar check. Its kind of hard to take someone seriously who lashes out and misspells and or doesn't make sense grammatically. Regardless I'm sure somewhere someone is looking into auto's and Mephisto genetics, all while deciding weather to make the switch or not.

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    Iphonese. Take it or leave it. I'm not going to prof it because the only benefit I'm getting out of this is knowing I shared some information. Take it for what it's worth.

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    i've personally never grown them because when i first started growing they weren't really known for their crazy potency. as far as time goes, i can take cuttings from my vegging plants and have them rooted in a couple of weeks, veg them for 2 weeks in coco watering a couple of times a day, then flower for 8 weeks and be done. takes just under 3 months and my clones are pretty much free since i take my own.

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    Makes sense now, disregard my last.

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    Lol, you are special. I care about what's right, and you were preaching nonsense. You came here saying autos are better, I disagreed. Enjoy your science groups.
    And what commercial outfit uses autos? I have a hard time believing that.
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