What strains would you pick to start a breeding program?

Discussion in 'Breeders Paradise' started by Mr. Diamond, Nov 4, 2012.


    dolamic Well-Known Member

    Is that In-School Suspension? That brought back a lot of memories :D
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    it's your room, your gear... do with it what you want! personally, even if you're just chucking pollen, i find THAT more honorable than freakin' cloning like that star wars emperor. breeding your plants is staying with nature's program, i really think it makes your gals happy as women love getting knocked up, and if you're getting gear that's great to start with, you'll get something nice in return.

    i was only chucking pollen with my fastest shortest C99 male when i put that it my root kink stunted super cali haze to make fruity booty 1.0, and i think it's clearly better than C99 as it's fruitier, stickier and has just a wee bit more psychoactivity under sodium. i want to re-run it under halide to see if i get that grape flavor i was hoping for. either way, it elevated C99 up to generic haze status.

    with that result alone, i know i can make something even better out of better starting gear. neither SCH nor C99 were trippy, but sweet haze is for sure and in theory, C99 x A11 should be too, so that cross should be an improvement too.

    if you're only doing it for your own hobby fun, who the fuck's biz it it anyways?! effing control freak bitches! it's a fun hobby with a learning curve, and there's potential to make some really great crosses with nice hybrid vigor too. i imagine i'm not the only one here that wishes we had the space for half a dozen rooms to keep cuttings in, test males and so on in, but we don't, so we do what we can with what we have following nature's rules.

    chucking also saves money on beans as well as produces healthier plants that are more mite resistant than cuttings.

    oh man do people that think it's up to them to tell others what they can and can't do need to get held under water for a very long time. there! that'll shut you up!

    i think it's cool when anyone does their own thing. if it doesn't work, we all learn not to do that, but if it does... well someone had to be the first to smoke weed.

    farmerjoe420 Well-Known Member

    i hear sannies herijuana is a great ibl but ive never tried it myself. im actually gonna start working on a few things myself. im gonna make a few hybrids using black rose. i got about 8 plants right now fully seeded ready to come down. i did an open pollination with my last pack of br so i should have enough seeds to share with everybody.

    spitsbuds Active Member

    i love to say more on this reply but go to shoot, but from my exp c99,,, i pm when i get back, my little star just woken up for bottle

    bluntmassa1 Well-Known Member

    I would either use IBL's like skunk#1, northern lights, deep chunk from tom hill etc. or I would work to stablize something like some road kill skunk hell you get some good rks you can even sell them cause a lot of people want it. I know I'd buy some if they where stable.
    smoke and coke

    smoke and coke Well-Known Member

    i have done a little pollen chucking with ok results. if i was going to get serious about it, i would make sure to label each plant, take clones from them and label them. i would want to keep all parents of the crosses in clone form to be able to reproduce the results as needed. i would really love to get into breeding but for now i am just a chucker.
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    skunk #1 is an OK buzz, but not a personal favorite, but DNA sour cream has a similar euphoric mid stone buzz, but is fuhreekin' DELICIOUS! the blueberries i've scored have had a similar buzz too, but i still like sour cream better as it has a fuller and more authentic flavor. blueberry always tastes weak like a single grain of artificial blueberry sugar on your tongue. but that's probably because whoever i got it from was using sodiums. i'm going back to low yielding halides. the flavors are more intense. i gre sour cream under a sodium though, and e ven then, it still had more flavor than BB and walks all over skunk #1... to me anyways. i'm planning on giving my john sinclair amsterdam skunk away some day. i thought his sativa trans love was an exception clear headed generic haze because it flowers so freakin' fast and is a compact plant. my favorite skunk is DNA's lemon skunk for the flavor, the color, and the fact that there isn't much stone going on in it.
    Mr. Diamond

    Mr. Diamond Member

    Grr I wrote a whole rant and it erased it because I wasn't logged on. lol

    I just want to say when TGA is brought up that their seeds are 90% garbage ... from my experience. They have great smells and tastes. But that's it ... usually. There's an occasional keeper in a pack of 50 or more. lol I can buy the best strains I want in Seattle so I don't know why I wasted my time with TGA gear. All I got was a bunch of over stretched giants with miniature midget arms for branches. I think I'll stop waisting my money on TGA and stick with the classics.

    Northern lights, Blueberry, Skunk #1, Jack Herer and a ton more. I have found Serious seeds, DJ Short Seeds, Mr. Nice seeds and Sensi seeds to be my favorite breeders for stability. There's a few more. But I have found great success with their lines. Some of them are cheaper than TGA gear and their THE BEST! lol

    Any way, I'm not buying anymore TGA gear unless they stabilize their strains. I'll stick to the tried and true EXPERT breeders. I'm sure TGA will improve with time. But I don't recommend them yet.

    Mr. Diamond
    I love seeds!
    Mr. Diamond

    Mr. Diamond Member

    • My friends breed for specific traits. You can't just buy a pack of beans and expect one of them to be extremely high in CBD or things like that for medical purposes. You have to breed and select. I started this topic because I'm looking for stable strains/breeders I don't know about yet.

      I chuck pollen like it's baseball. lol

      Mr. Diamond
      I love seeds!​


    bluntmassa1 Well-Known Member

    for real I would rather chuck around some pollen myself then pay for tga seed. their is actually one breeder that breeds with his shit though. lol, its bog seeds Lifesavers A cross of SubCools JCB and my BOGBubble can't say I would recomend that breeder either https://www.seedboutique.com/catalo...id=14&osCsid=1928faf7f8356a7ca7fa714b77dbaffa
    just so you know you can get seeds for atleast most them breeders you mentioned at seedboutique.com for cheaper I just noticed that a few months ago attitude and seaofseeds.com are cheaper for some breeders though but they also charge more for shipping.

    kushhound187 Active Member

    Dj short.
    ace seeds

    those are good enough for me. im ordering some djs blueberry asap

    EverythingsHazy Well-Known Member

    It's not so HARD as it is tedious and time consuming. You just need to breed out 7 generations to make a stable strain. Start with 2 plants and cross them. Cross 2 of their offspring (f1's) together and take thebest of THOSE offspring (f2's) and repeat until you have f7 babies which are stable genetics. No need to backcross unless you want to make the plant more like one parent than the other.

    brotherjericho Well-Known Member

    If I had $2000 I'd build new space to be serious enough to try. Then I'd need even more to get those clones/seeds because $2000 doesn't go far in facilities.

    ~Dankster~420 Well-Known Member

    Well IMO its all just really depends on what your aka the grower is looking for, as to what they would want to breed. It also depends on the area your working with. I do breeding/crossing strains myself. I have done a few here recently, and I am working on one now. I just got through with a strain I named 8 Bomb. Its a pure Sativa my Dad crossed back in the 80's with a 8 Ball Kush. Idk the name of the strain my Dad did since it came from his collection box & he wasn't told the name either, so I named it the Hubba Bubba Bomb. Thought it was fitting, since it yeilds tree's that grow super fast and can reach over 5' ft super fast under the right conditions. If never herd of 8 Ball Kush it grows in Afghani/Pakistani mountain areas. It is very easy to grow and manicure and will grow well still under unfavourable conditions. 8 Ball Kush stays short and has wide, super dark green leaves. I thought the two would make a good strain to add to the collection! 8 Bomb. ;) I had ran a thread/grow that anyone who subbed would receive a FREE bean, of either the 8 Bomb, or the Hubba Bubba Bomb, and it took off!! I am also working on crossing a White Widow x Ice x Blueberry to get a "Iced Blueberry". Can't wait for that to come about!!! :mrgreen:

    homebrew420 Well-Known Member

    Fortunately for me I have most of what I need. There are still many that I would choose to grow for selection.what is the real concern is finding something truly worth breeding within a population. What most likely have to be done with many of the landrace varieties is grow out the first group and open pollinate, then grow ou t 50+ and choose.
    Malawi, will have soon
    PCK, Pakistani Chitral Kush, have made f2s
    Thai, Ace or Cannabiogen, the only ones I would trust with these
    Mazar-I-sharif, making f2 currently, US soldier collected, pasted 2 sets of hands before me.
    Chem family
    The real seed co, no restocks lately, anything
    Landrace in general
    OG, a good one, I have Kosher, ghost, and a Sour OG
    To be as successful as possible one must have a goal in mind

    For example I will be finishing my first step in creating the 14er Purple Kush. Using Kosher and the sour OG, crossing bothwith the black/purple dpd male. These sets should pair well with one another. This will be at least 3 gens and a Bx to ensure stability in seeds to come for market. This will be nearly 2 years before completion.

    Takes a long time...sometimes, to find what you want. Which means you will throw away far more than you will keep.
    The landrace selecrion is to find novel traits.


    Jogro Well-Known Member

    Although this is absolutely correct, it glosses over one critical thing.

    Yes, you can hybridize two lines, select and repeat to create a new stable line. . .but unless you've done good selection, your new line won't necessarily be any better than the parents, and (assuming you're starting with great properly bred parents), is likely to be worse!

    Actually doing the selections is not trivial, and most would-be breeders just don't know how to do it the best way. It takes a lot of experience to know which traits are desirable, and in some cases quite a bit of genetic knowledge trickery to try and lock them down genetically with crosses. Selecting males is particularly tricky, since most people aren't growing them, and have little experience with them or properly selecting them.

    Its the ability to do the actual selections and direct the project that separates the expert breeders from the amateurs.

    Jogro Well-Known Member

    There are two general approaches to breeding

    1. Decide what exactly you're trying to create, then work out which crosses/selections you need to get there.

    2. Cross away semi-randomly, doing selections, until something wonderful/unexpected appears, then try to stabilize it.

    Both approaches "can" work, and both have been used to create great lines in the past, though I think #1 is both harder to do and probably a more likely path to success.

    I've often thought that a good approach to creating a novel strain is to grow out a mish-mash of 50 great strains outdoors in a big field with 1000 plants. Let them open pollinate, pick the 20 best ones each year by whatever criteria you think are most important (you'd have to at least consider potency, flavor, yield and flowering time), then repeat this process for 8-10 years. Do that, and you'll have effectively created your own personal heirloom/landrace that's both perfectly acclimated to your own area and has all the specific traits you're interested in.

    Something like this is basically how the original "haze" was created, using a hodge podge of imported landrace sativa genetics from all over the world. And there are probably any number of great strains out there that were created like this if maybe from a more limited genetic pool, in Appalachia, or even many of the famous Norcal outdoor strains.

    Is this a practical approach for the modern breeder? Probably in 99% of cases. . .hell no!

    2easy Well-Known Member

    what strains would i buy to start a breeding program. thats easy all the same ones i buy now. whatever it looks like i might like lol

    tampee Well-Known Member

    really its not too bad for a hobby grower that just wants too grow different shit all the time. if I where too chuck some pollen I'd get two killer strains like super silver haze and cross her with either ak-47 or black widow you'll have so many phenos but most all will be damn good and I'm sure you'll find one or two that can be the next best calli clone only. my only problem is their so much stuff from DJ Short, Chimera, Mr. nice, sensi, Dutch Passion, serious seeds, etc., ect. that I would love to try but I've only been at it for less then 3 years except for when I was younger messing around with bagseed. I can't see the point in breeding especially if they legalize it soon theirs just so many breeders out their you really don't have a good chance too become the next subcool. but some can't really afford too buy seed in that case by all means buy two good strains open pollinate all males from 1 strain and all females from the other you'll never see the same plant twice.

    tampee Well-Known Member

    for real lol, I saw subcool's breeding room on youtube dude had an 8 x 8 grow tent just chucking the pollen its like wtf my room is nicer then a breeders room, lmao. but then you got Shantibaba with some of the biggest greenhouse's I've ever seen in my life.

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