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  • Alrite mate. took your advise and relocated them a darker place and upped the pot size. Been so busy recently found it hard to maintain so they have slipped abit progress wise. Heres some pics let me know what you think and whether its worth seeing these out?



    Hello mate. On the 12/12 my cupboard has gaps around the edges of the doors is this enough to affect the flowering phase with light getting in?
    Whats the score with PM'in on this site?. If everything goes to plan how long will I be looking at till Harvest? Space is an issue there not going to be able to grow bigger than 2ft in this cupboard. Ref the avatar Im an ex-soldier & sniper. Oh an luckily my missus does all the xmas shopping haha so my effort is minimal!
    They are fucking huge. My cupboard aint big enough for something that size haha. how was the xmas shop?
    Nice one mate will grab myself some decent feed soon. I dont think im going to transplant after all as im limited for space and not overly concerned about having a mega yield just testing the water gaining some exp and knowledge for future grows. With watering at this early flowering stage i never know when and how often to do it (will be adding a touch of sugar also next time) Im just doing it every three days around 250ml alternating with and without food. anyway heres a couple of shots from this afternoon.
    Thanks again. here's a snapshot of the soil ive been using. Probably not ideal but like I said i literally went out one day bought some seeds and some soil and set up in a closet.
    I think I know why ive had some lower leaf drop...I went away for the weekend and before leaving I flushed the soil with a shower head but I live in an old english house with no central heating only a fireplace and gas heaters. And coming back in the room that there in was stone cold. As for the nitrogen clawing yes they are noticeably going that way.(Hope its not too late as give them 250ml of water with a pinch of grannie feed in foolishly a few hours ago!) what feed do you recommend I do regards feeding & getting them back on track!

    Thanks again
    Hi nath gotta question 4 ya. To much to write as im using my phone. This is my number 07588619097 be easier to explain. Drop me a txt and I'll ding u or whatever mate. Chat to u soon :-)
    Hey how is the barf diet for your dogs?. I own a great dane and been feeding her solid gold wolf king and been thinking if it is worth it to change her on the barf diet now or is it to late? she is 2 years old.
    One week four days dont know the ph level. Been killing bugs every now n then... waterd 2 days when soil gets dry
    fine, thank you for asking, tomorrow I'll put some new pics. I am almost ready with her. One or two more weeks and after ...harvest time
    Hmmm...I don't know if you can use it in coco I would assume so, to say I don't see why not...coco does absorb and hold nutes like soil right? I think it does...just make sure only use a few tablespoons in a gallon of water and that it is totally dissolved in the water...I wouldn't see how the sugar would hurt the coco...you could use it in hydroponics but there wouldn't be any point because you can just change the water, but if coco absorbs nutes then the sugar will help with too much N...perhaps it is easier to flush Coco? If you can flush it then do, but flushing soil often makes a problem worse...I was under the impression that coco like soil holds the nutes and if that is true then sugar would work. So really I don't know, but feel it would be fine...can't hurt either way
    alright bud, ladies are geting beter still taking a little slow but coming on nicley, if the feed in the medium is too low do you think they would stop them taking think my feed may just need up'd a little not sure tho not any signs of deficiancy yet! gna add sum cal mag 2moro tho see how things go! congrats on that m8 and hope things go well all good health and stuff! sure is nice car was thinking of geting one not long ago and still had the pic on my comp so just threw it on there for now still undecided on what to go for!
    Hey id be happy to go through starting a journal with you man. I diddnt have a clue at first but its actually really simple.
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