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  • or thats good no if you have no deff then dont worrie less is always more. watch for stage growth to increase feed. i.e say veg. once they have rooted and taken you will see the plant start to develop so up it a bit. then middle veg it gets it volume and width up it then ect ect. or up the feed till you get the slightest tip burn i mean the slightest i wouldn't really call it burn. but you see the tip go whiteish color thin the feed its max for the plant. every time you feed write don what happend with that amount and watch the leafs you ill soon have it dialed in perfect as long as you have a good base line thats not burning go up 0.2 to 0.5 mill at a time and you will be safe i promise
    hey bro how r u and most of all hows you're little laddies going i hope there looking good. im back about again. i fanished for a few days as my gf is ready to drop so things are crazy here. also i over feed my 2 week old ww.(there from nirvana seed bank gron them for years but never know there limits as there an tough old strain) wich was touch and go. i did it to test there limits. so it was worth the knowledge that the canna feed charts even the light one can be to strong.
    i like the car. is that an rs 4 ive always fancied one great piece of machinery
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