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  • just totaly dug what you just said about organics, at least until they learn to grow something!!!
    I've been preaching this type of grow for some time Ill never do it any other way. Seems with your trimming curing practices as well as this , we went to the scool and sent the same teacher to an early grave!!!!!
    Ehhh...my husband always gets upset when he sees me posting pics online...every once in awhile I will post one...
    I need to...that way people have a clue what I am talking about at a given time...
    hey i saw a post u put about putting cups in a cup with water and letting the roots grow out the bottom into the water. how does this work? like if the roots grow out the end i can put them in like a bowl of water and just keep filling water every day and the roots will keep growing in the bowl?
    You were spot on with my under/over fed problem i,d never heard of a side on leaf being an indicator. I,ve left an explanation at the thread Thanks for your advice missnu regards TCD
    ty it should be ok ..i have a test plant that juat been bad genitics it took 2 weel after if cracked before it even thought about growing very strange plant. but serves a purpose. i just can not chop them and throw them. ye i never flush coco knock the buffers out and washes out the micros.its never bad. 12 or 3 leafs but they gave the dark green then that goes after a drop ec and the claw if its as top i lower the hps slightly and the xtra intensity from the light urn of the extra nitrogen to and place the ww bushy indica pheno on a extra pot to bring them closer to the hps and that brings the lushness green back. but im going now to try the sugar. cause it is a pain time and time again and does hinder my flower growth for a week and will save me so mcu hassle so ty for youre time and help
    very good info mate. i get it a lot with ww been so light feeder and using AnB in coo at week 2 to 3 flowering i have to drop e.c down to 1.1 to stop this then add pk accordingly. ut its a pain and causes stretching in the sat pheno to 5 foot this time.. now i know sugar. ty. amazing info it can be done in coco thou carnt it
    Hey just one last quick question how long should i let it sit there with the dry soil? or better yet how long until watering? i have completed my setup now
    ok, forgive my ignorance but...what the heck is that in your avatar? Been drivin me batty for days! Yeah I know I have no life LoL!
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