What strains would you pick to start a breeding program?

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    Pepe le skunk

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    One of the things about hybrid strains from breeders seeds you can buy is if you cross them to try and recreate the strain in an f1 they will not produce the same results. Most breeders do this so their strains cannot be reproduced just by crossing the seeds they are selling. The plants of a hybrid will have 50% of one parent and 50% from the second and these will not be stable and that's if it is just a 2 way cross. If a clone only strain is selfed even these are not 100% stable and are not necessarily exactly like the female clone. Not saying you cannot have good results but chances are they will not be stable.

    One method of breeding that will help you is to look at how people bx square a clone. If I were to do some breeding I would first bx square a select female and try and get as close to that strain first. You will want to stabilize two strains or bx square them before you make a 50/50 cross as a new strain. Then you can take a male and female bx clone to breed out for a 50/50 stablized strain.

    ex. of 2 ibl strains that are mostly uniform already.
    step 1. (1)Durban sativa select pheno female. bx square the female. (2) Afghani #1 female Indica select pheno. Bx square the female. (4-5 crosses back to the select female of choosen pheno gives you 99% original mother plant you've selected first)

    step 2. (1)Durban sativa bx square male from bx squared seeds X (1) Afghani #1 female from bx squared seeds.

    step 3. Pollinate the female Afghani #1 with pollen from male durban. This gives you a 50/50 hybrid that will produce f0 cross. 80% of those seeds should be some what uniform.
    (this is what some breeders sell you) In the F1 and the F2 the seeds will not be as uniform as F0 seeds.

    Step 4 depends what you want to do. f3 seeds could start to help select to make the 50/50 cross stable but more inbreeding would be necessary.

    This is not always how breeding will turn out but getting an IBL to be consistant first is usually the best way to begin if you want stable seeds. Otherwise your plants will have lots of swing as to what they will produce.
    For all the people who might comment on this example it is just that, an example. I already know there are different ways to breed so not looking to argue any of these points.
    Hope that helps

    Edit: Here are a few I would consider for IBL strains.
    Maple leaf Indica
    Mazer e
    One other sativa from South America. (ie brazillian/ Mexico/ columbia/ Panama/ Jamician ect.)

    bigskymtnguy Well-Known Member

    A bit outside the bounds of the question, but I would find a few of the time tested, finest elite clone-only strains available from an inner circle of friends/dispensaries. Grow them out to assure they are the base you want to work with. Then go out and get some C-99bx1 from Mosca, something nice from TGA (plushberry, spacedawg, a-13?), and one of the White Alien crosses from Raskal. Grow out your seeds and frind a nice male from each. Cross the males to your clone strains. Take the resulting seeds, grow them out again and cross back to the original clone strains again. Repeat. Now you should have some seeds very close to and possibly better than the original select clones. Just my 2 cents.

    2easy Well-Known Member

    Meh you would just end up with the same old crap that everyone else is dishing out. "fire alien strawberry diesel chem OG" lol actually people would probably snap that up pronto lol

    when are we going to see some unique shit coming round again. im over all these same old same old crosses, dont get me wrong there dank but its just getting repetitive.

    P.S Bodhi is rocking some unique shit and maaaan oh man is he doing it right, all the stuff of his i have grown lately has been kill, maybe i would start with as many of his seeds as possible and work them back to some old school classics if you could find them
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    redfrogs Active Member

    Well best way is to read breeders description and grow it out and pick the best and cross them. However set goals and work towards them.

    I would suggest
    - Taskenti (crazy indica, big calyxs, insane resin, opium high(ur body leaves you and you feel ur head floating in the air)
    -Peyote Purple (purple bubba bxed then selfed) this ones a low yeilder but its resin, potency, smell and taste are nuts.
    -Old timers purple haze ibl(purple sativa, slow amd strectchy, but heavenly black/blueberry aroma with beautiful purple frosty buds)
    -Punto rojo / Panama / Punto Rosa (Out of these 3 i ve tried 2. Insane panama/ colombia red hybrids/landrace. Will make you see patterns if overconsumed, frosty, high yeilding and reddish colour in pistals and stems)
    -Panama x Deep Chuck (nough said)
    -Malawi (ultra frosty, super potent but very slow. I did come across a purple pheno as well).
    -Tga Kaboom(super polyhybrid made of polyhybrids, can go purple, high yeilder, best bho strain imo)

    Some others
    -deep chunk or x 18(tom hill)
    -apollo 13 bx(subby/ tga)
    -Ace PCK (chitral kush)
    -Ace Vietblack thai
    -cannabiogen jamacian blue mountain 85
    -sick med seeds bizzaro(looks good)
    -williams wonder bx(sickmed i think)
    -Gage green daybreaker
    -Ace yunan
    -Ace zamaldelica
    -MNS walkabout(u can find treasures in this mix and its cheap)

    The nonsense i m chucking towards is (peyote purple x ot purple haze) x punto rosa.

    chesterb40 Member

    i think i have just found the clever people of cannabis growing..lol .....sounds aweosme
    LAX Skunky BwS

    LAX Skunky BwS Well-Known Member

    hahahahahahaha .... Thank You Sir ... To Funny
    LAX Skunky BwS

    LAX Skunky BwS Well-Known Member

    - Blackberry Kush
    - Banana Kush
    - FLO (Dj Short)
    - Grand Platinum Og
    - Grape Trainwreck
    - Ice Cream (paradise)

    bullSnot Well-Known Member

    I would start with 1000 plants each of

    Skunk #1
    Acapulco Gold
    Punto Rojo
    Mass Sour D
    Cherry Bomb

    pick your best two of each out of those...there is a start

    Giggsy70 Well-Known Member

    If I was going to go with $2000 in seeds to start a breeding project. I would start with a good number of Bodhi crosses WolfPack,Granola Funk, Elfinstone,Space Monkey and Natural Mystic. then 4-6 packs of Gage Greens Diamonds and Dust and 3 packs each of Second Generations Loompa Goo, Clown Royal, Shortbread and Blueberryland. Then 4 packs of Tonygreen's Tortured Beans Gorilla Bubble Bx2 to find a breeding male. Another good option would be to grab Strayfox's Wake of the Dragon and breed a red bleeding male to a red bleeding female to create a Bloodline. Archive Seeds would be another breeder to find a nice male in some of his Dosido crosses. Add in a Dynasty Genetics Huckleberry IBL for a breeding berry line.
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    catatac Member

    can i ask some stupid questions? here goes.
    lets say i have 4 different hybrids.. blueberry, white widow, jack herer, and critical mass... and one mystery plant. I plan to take copies/clones and "turn females male" with colloidal silver. so all breeding will be female plants.
    AS MY FIRST STEP do i want to self all they hybrids to find f2 max diversity ? or do i want to cross the hybrids (, ie double cross ) like bb x ww and start selection from there? ... could i then cross my double crosses? for a total of 8 parents (bbXww) X (jhXcrit). and if i were to do that? why not just random polinate all 4 hybrids and mystery plant all at once... then selecting, crossing, backcrossing etc from there as i wish.. in other words why not just make a big pool and breed what you like from there?

    back to the first question... i think the selfing should give a varied and diverse f2 generation worth looking at first.? and it depends on weather or not my strore bought hybrids are simple landrace crosses producing f1s or if theres been some further stabilization..i don't know about that. im guessing its just pure f1 with lots of variation waiting in the f2 . however as far as moving forward with nearly 100% "good seed" i should cross the crosses for best immediate results... i think i've got my answer... since i don't feel like doing lots of rare pheno hunting... and i should also not random polinate so as to avoid any f2 freaks on the weak side.

    I think from a breeding stand point selfing of the f1 really should be done... to select for any really special traits before crossing to another line... so take just ww an f1 and self it for the f2 generation where you will find some special sparkling budha to cross with another sparkling budha from the same generation... breed on or backcross as desired... when you've got your stabilized white budha then cross it to your stabilized bb dudha and you've got"light blue duha" a new f1 hybrid. ?
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    catatac Member

    According to robert clarke's "Marijuana Botany" much time and effort in a breading program can be saved by crossing or selfing the f1 hybrid generation straight from the store, and that the f1 is not a full recognition of the potential held in the plants genotype ... the f2 will show tremendous variation but you should get some wonderful things to chose from... not good for production but very nice for selection of desirable traits and or adaptation to niche habitat.

    Abiqua Well-Known Member

    Definitely anything that @dangledo has grown, unfortunately he has no pictures :)
    so you will just have to believe is their regalia...

    GroErr Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a project I started last year. Got through about 1/2 of these and found a few (male or female) contenders for crossing. First cross is coming up which is the Panama keeper male x Skunk #1 keeper female for some Panama Pepe's :mrgreen:

    Here's the list I started with, will add to it as I get through select phenos of these. Some breeders were chosen only because they were the only one's to offer reg seeds for the strains I was looking for, criteria was 1st to find regs, then IBL's or F8+ where possible.

    Panama by Ace Seeds
    Columbian Gold by World of Seeds
    Afghan Kush by White Label Seeds
    Pakistan Chitral Kush by Cannabiogen
    Skunk #1 by Cultivators Choice
    Original Haze by Cultivators Choice
    Blueberry by DJ Short
    Eldorado by Sativa Seedbank
    Durban by Sensi Seeds
    South African Kwazulu by World of Seeds


    bullSnot Well-Known Member

    Question: Blueberry x Acapulco produce F1 seeds
    If you pick and cross two of those F1 plants - are these then F2?

    or do you cross a selected F1 back to Blueberry again for F2

    GroErr Well-Known Member

    Correct and continues that way up the line, F1 x F1 = F2, F2 x F2 = F3 etc...

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