What strains would you pick to start a breeding program?

Discussion in 'Breeders Paradise' started by Mr. Diamond, Nov 4, 2012.

    Mr. Diamond

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    Let's say I have $2,000 to spend on the best genetics I can buy ... stable genetics. IBL's BX's ...... What strains would you purchase as a package and use to create your own line of seeds? Name a few strains and breeders and maybe why you would follow that line ... what your goal would be. But you can't spend more than $2,000.

    This might take a little research ... maybe too much for a stoner. lol But maybe some of you pro's already have some answers and already know the prices of some of these ... 10 packs etc. I don't want to start with less than 10 of one strain while searching for my babies. And I want all the ones that pop ... preferably all of them to be somewhat uniform in what they were bred true for.

    I myself would select for Indica lines and probably a good amount of Skunk.

    But what would you do with $2,000 and a plan to start your own seed line ... maybe you already have. :)

    Mr. Diamond
    I love seeds.
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    iiKode Well-Known Member

    tbh if i had 2 grand i would be stoned for 3 months untill my plants are done, then id be stoned for another 3 months. then id have to go back to work.

    bigbillyrocka Well-Known Member

    I myself already have a few in mind (some are in route, some to be ordered soon, some i already have) for both all indica and all sativa. I also have a few that i want to create a new hybrid with. It does take a lot of searching you're right. I want mine to have nothing in common as far as lineage goes. Been studying and searching for about a year now and i'm about to start breeding in the next few months.

    xxTrip Member

    I'd grab myself a few stable landraces from one of those real good old school breeders... sensi, mr. nice etc. as well as bout 10 packs of jack herer hehe. then grab ppolyhybrids from new up n comers such as rare dankness, tga, gage green, etc, to spice of the gene pool n give greater possibility for unique parental stock. then grow it all mix n match n see what happens :)

    alotapot Active Member

    Not enough seed breeders already in the world? I get a kick out of folks that figure this is an easy... or even relatively easy way to make money. The fact is most folks have no clue as to whats involved in a successful breeding program. "Most" folks have no clue just how much effort and time is needed to back cross to create a stable and useful genetic.

    For example this "then grow it all mix n match n see what happens" is NOT good science! If you want to waste time AND money... by all means follow this kind of thinking... you will surely end up with mostly CRAP that you wouldn't want to duplicate for any reason. I say "mostly" because you just might wind up with a winner... BUT the willy nilly aproach will ensure that you simply can NOT duplicate the positive results.

    If you do enter into your own breeding program I wish you luck and success, do a TON of research on proper procedures for creating a stable strain. Keep the science pure and accurate or you will have thrown away your initial investment.


    hellotrees Member

    If it were me,

    i would go to highgrade and grab a 15 pack of NL #5 for 50 bucks ( very stable indoor strain )
    go to sensi and grab some reg hashplant (very expensive for seeds) 10 pack i believe is like 200+
    you could also grab skunk there too

    then go to DNA genetics and get some Kosher Kush....SUUUUUPer aromatic flowers and a wonderful kushy taste...they only have em femmed, so grab a few packs.. 6 seeds are like 100 bucks i think.

    after that get a soma A+ for a high contribution of CBD in breeding programs resulting in some stony bud.

    you could also get some Hindu Kush from sensi too as they are very stable seeds...

    dolamic Well-Known Member

    Malawi Gold
    Northern Lights
    White Widow
    Acapulco Gold
    Bubba Kush
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    echlectica Well-Known Member

    Two schools of thought here, first one is to get landrace strains and cross those sativa to indica which is what people did in the 70's. second school is to start with hybrids and further breed out bad traits and breed in good traits. By the 80's when I started growing thats what you were told to do: just pick an Indica dominant pheno and sativa dominant pheno from a bunch of seeds from the same plant and cross them. I used to get fully seeded outdoor buds from Humboldt and Mendocino all the time. Some of the best nuggets I've ever grown came from those bag seeds. I think for $2000 I'd find as many land race strains both Indicas and Sativas that I could and buy two packs of each. Then I would choose my crosses wisely.
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    75% ace panama (for the red hairs & strawberry flavor) x buddha's sister (for the cherry flavor to make a cherry haze)

    ace old timer's haze x DJ shorts' grape krush for a grape flavored purple haze

    ace or holy smokes' malawi gold crossed with several lemony strains like jack's cleaner 2 & DNA lemon skunk for something trippy like allegedly 75% sativa according to most dutch breeders, skunk #1

    i was in a hurry when i listed those three dream crosses. i really like the idea of working with cherry flavor, and had imagined crossing buddha's sister with cream cheese tasting sour cream for a "cherry cheesecake" or chocolope for a chocolate covered cherry beanho's super silver haze 1 x pure chitral kush sounds very interesting too as it's supposedly cherry flavored and trippy. i'd like to compare it.

    as i like the taste of orange, i wanted to make an orange haze. originally, i dreamed of cali-o, burmese & malawi gold, but just don't trust any burmese already having wasted $70 for vancouver island dead mutes. TGA Subcool's agent orange sounds like a great breeder for what i was after and about what i was aiming for, but the name is hideous and offensive to me. i think i'll try chimera's C-plus as an orange flavored alternative as some here likes that, and marry it to lemony malawi goldi like the idea of NOT using hazes in hybrids as so many are watered down these days and starting over with the purest IBLs available, and using the state of the art 9 week sativa dominants to get even more IBL type highs instead of low grade schwag ala skunk #1. ace, holy smokes and world of seeds seem to have a lot of old school genetics waiting to start new an improvedstrains out of.

    while it's a fussy diva of a sativa, i was wowed by my sativa seeds' full moon (highland thai) as it had AUTHENTIC tutti fruity flavor, but i'd had enough of transplanting it and waiting for it to flower when it turned hermie on me. if i had the time and room to really work it, i'd marry that to john sinclair's compact and fast budding "generic fruity haze" sativa trans-love to make something like juicy fruit, but without the stone and with an upbeat trippy high less fussy to grow than thai. STL is a pretty compact plant as far as generic hazes go (DNA sweet haze is better all around, but very stretchy) but more importantly, it buds like razy leaving anything i've grown with a high in the dust early on anyways. as far as i know, full moon is the only true tutti fruity thai as most of the others use meao thai which is different.

    if you could actually get the beans to pop, mekong haze is supposedly one of the trippiest strains in the world and dirt cheap at that, i'd want to use that for a new and improved jack herer successor. so many alleged hazes have no psychoactivity at all. there's one called JYD haze that apparently a couple breeders have gotten cuttings of that's supposed to be legit. i don't know how you'd find one of your own though. i'm annoyed that dinafem uses it touting it's psychoactivity, but then waters it down with 50% critical + instead of something already trippy like a jack herer, or at least back crosses it to 75% JYD (junk yard dog?)

    i really liked CH9 jack too. it's compact and indica looking with a potent happy mid buzz, but not too stony at all or stinky despite it looking like a straight up cash cropping indica. i'd only pick it for the stature and nice buzz because, like STL, it has potential for breeding with stretchy sativas without dominating the buzz as much as pure afghanis have for so long, but i'm sure there's better strains. i like sticking with what's proven, but keep trying new gear.

    i REALLY like TGA subcool's jack's cleaner 2 for it's 9 week finish, genuinely visual buzz, the warm and fuzzy, touchy feely euphoria and even it's mid stone is agreeable, though i like a bit nore motivation. it would make something nice out of just about anything you cross it with i'd imagine. i'd even consider it for BXing and pheno selection as it really made me happy.

    if you were looking for a mildly trippy brute force potent motivational strain, high quality seeds' haze x skunk has a long lasting buzz that refuses to turn stony even after a month, though the cigar wrapper taste would agree more with tobacco lovers. descriptions i've heard of blue dream sound similar in effects, but i'm sure it tastes much better. i like it as a sort of AK-47 for getting high... not too refined, but not watered down either. when i do my breeding session with a malawi male, i expect haze skunk x malawi gold to be crazy potent and trippy with hopefully fatter stickier buds than pure malawi

    if 17 week kali mist hadn't been reformulated, i'd have gotten that JUST for the awesome spicy crushed red pepper flavor of the original that's just fruity and spicy now. i wanted to make an "orange curry" out of that and cali-o. nothing compares to it's energetic and extra euphoric buzz that i've tried except C99, though it's nowhere near that energetic.
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    Trousers Well-Known Member

    get your favorites

    for me:
    is the basis for tons of varieties.
    Skunk #1 or the Cheese that came from it.
    Blueberry - mixes well with most everything

    I think Ingrid is pretty much a form of Afghani.
    Northern Lights (the original or #5)

    Lamb's Breath (I grew up thinking it was lamb's bread. What do I know)
    You gotta have haze to breed. Every hybrid I have tried with Haze in it is great. I don't like Haze on its own.

    ISS - Love ISS, not sure how it crosses. (Someone should cross Blueberry and ISS)
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    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    a lot of hazes are watered down and generic and muti-generational neville's stuff. you really have to research there. personally, i like going with untouched landraces more like malawi gold and, mekong haze (cambodian) not only to make sure they haven't lost their trippiness as well as simply work different genes than everyone else. then, if you make a cross of your gear with any haze, you should get some hybrid vigor as there's no african or cambodian in haze. good thai is hard to find too. as far as i know, sativa seeds is the only source for tutti fruity highland thai as everyone else uses a different flavor meao thai. going for the landraces, you start with a clean slate if you get gear from a good breeder. gage green & ace get respect from the handful growing their landraces and world of seeds and holy smokes have landraces too. i want to compare ace malawi to the holy smokes version i already have.

    there's several phenos of haze too. there's the fruity thai dominant one, the catpiss one, and i think there's at least a spicy pheno too. then there's breeders calling stuff haze that has no actual haze in it. that's another reason i look for unpolluted land races.
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    Jogro Well-Known Member

    IMO there are so many excellent lines out there already, there is simply no point to spending the considerable amount of effort and time to try and creating your own unless you're trying to create something specific that isn't out there already. If you just want to create a bunch of great ceeds, just start with your 2-3 favorite strains, cross them into a boat-ton of F1 ceeds and though you won't really have bred your own line, you'll have enough ceeds to last you for literally years. This shouldn't take anywhere near $2000, unless that money include airfare to pick up the seeds/clones in person!

    One idea I have is to create the ultimate stealth autoflower plant. I mean something that finishes quickly, indoors or out, any time of year, that simply isn't recognizable by most people as a cannabis plant.

    So you want a potent purple short autoflower with non-standard leaf shape. I believe there are already people working on webbed autoflowers; this would be something along those lines.

    As to which lines to start with, there is certainly more ways than one to skin this cat, but I'd at least start with some potent short autos, a strongly purple plant, and something with non-standard leaf shape. Duckfoot, maybe, but there are others.

    polyarcturus Well-Known Member

    haha that would be great, autoflower with the woody haze(they look like buckeye leaves, seriously) or this other strain i used to have called kentucky bluegrass(duckfoot leaves)

    ru4r34l Well-Known Member

    Lambs bread is the real deal landrace originating from my homeland, seen it grown and harvested in as little as 10 weeks; the high is euphoric and lasts for quite some time. I have not had any since coming to North America, but some say it has been preserved?

    I got 10 Sharks Breath from DNA in veg right now, I am hoping I have a pheno that more resembles the original lambs; I also got 10 of each, Power Africa from Seedsman and Jamaican Dream froom Eva Seeds and am hoping more of the old time sativa high.

    The Mantis

    The Mantis Active Member

    @ Mr. Diamond: I would do what someone on another post said years ago. I would find the best two strains you have grown out and cross them. Then work the line.

    Me personally - I read all the haters (some posted on your thread here) comments for a year or so saying how there are "too many breeders" out there etc. f them! imo, if you want to do any breeding then do it. I crossed a clone I got at a dispensary (pineapple thai) and crossed it with my tahoe og kush male from cali connect. i got 11 seeds only bc it was a closet breed. I compared 6 of my seeds to a few other main line breeders out there - and what do you know? my pineapple x tahoe og kush cross is better than a lot of their seeds! happy accident or am i some plant genius? it's a happy accident of course but beauty is in the eye of the beholder anyhow. you might actually be a plant genius and you won't be able to tell unless you try. naysayers and haters will only discourage you and everyone else from doing what they want. if you want educate yourself more and read all about genetics, botany, etc. then do it. the market will dictate whether or not you have any breeding skills.

    Good luck future breeders, pollen chuckers, and happy accidentalists.
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    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    preach it my brotha! preach it! if anything, there's NOT ENOUGH breeders, as there aren't enough strains out there that get you high, and many of the ones that do are watered down. more breeders = more variety, and that's a good thing. i know there's at least one member here, that i still say is a commercial breeder that HATES TGA Subcool where most of us love his gear! jack's cleaner 2 kicks literally 100 asses over 25+ years back to the 80s for trippiness, but someone here would have him go out of biz for making f1 hybrids. WRF?! it comes as no surprise that a control freak would demand stabilized strains, but you lose ALL hybrid vigor when you do that. f1s are great too because you can back cross them and pick the phenos YOU like better favoring one parent's traits over another's. there sure are some troll haters here that think what the fuck anyone else is doing in THEIR own garden is their biz and needs permission asked for. their just scared little kids that feel threatened by anyone doing anything different than them, or even worse, sneaky two faced bastids with agendas. it comes as no surprise that despite lackluster community support for barney & greenhouse, there's almost ALWAYS a thread asking "which strains should i use" that are just lists of those two breeder's gear. i also have noticed that trolls go absolutely bat shit every time i mention how absolutely uninspiring LSD is, trying to say i never grew it and so on. if i didn't know better, i'd swear too there's a larger conspiracy against getting high in general. me? i'm about as vocal as you can get about my contempt for all of the indica crap that POLLUTES the streets, where in many markets, that's ALL you can get. it's theft if you ask me as only about 20% of the population show a SLIGHT preference for getting stoned or like strains that are a little stony, and so far, no one has voted for "stoned only" in a STFU poll i started to prove how fucked up cash crappers are. they only care about lining their pockets and NOT making their customers happy. i just don't get that mentality. i've always felt ashamed when bosses would bitch at me to cut corners out of customer products claiming "they won't notice the difference" well I WILL NOTICE IT! in that case, i think the haters KNOW, that given a choice between their "maximum bud per square meter" shit and something less productive with more of an old school high, that a lot of their customers would drop them in a heartbeat for better gear. don't get me started on the report i got from a well connected dealer about some growers growing beasters and then BUYING hazes etc. from growers who put love into their grows. steal money from your customers so you can buy what you refuse to give them elsewhere! oh that pisses me off! if you think you're too good to smoke your own gear, you are a fucking asshole! maybe my attitude makes me an asshole too, but it's almost always for a good cause at least. i'm a fucking noble asshole! LOL i like seeing ANYONE breed whatever in their grows. it gives each person their own unique gear, and if they get serious about breeding, they can make great shit too as many independent breeders have like the hoarder who created REAL alaskan thunderfuck that no one else has beans, cuttings or even the recipe for. DNA started out as growers too before leaving the states to go legit. not only that, but i just like the idea of doing things naturally. plants don't clone in nature. cloning weakens plants to spider mites too apparently judging by that dealer's impression of the health of my seeded C99s compared to all of the infested clones he's seen. also, i look at it spiritually. you plants are gals. gals like to get knocked up. they try soooo hard making all that sticky resin for us. letting them complete their mission is a little giving back to them for their efforts, even if you are just chucking for the fun of it. i'm a chucker... but i breed with EVERYTHING i grow, and am still selecting better stuff at the strain level where i think the larger difference than phenos occurs. no pheno of a generic watered down haze will be as good as a landrace. i'm glad to see i'm not the only person here that appreciates going against the flow and doing your own thing. we need a lot more of that in the world in general. power crazy aholes depend on conformity.
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    inferno420 Active Member

    depends what u want out of ur cross, if u want the chemdawg touch to ur plants look for reserviour seeds chemdawg ibl, i hear this guy is an asshole but hes been working with the chem line for a wile and has a bad ass ibl. if u want a nice haze try finding a cut of mr nice's super silver haze, or his mango haze both good stuff but the super silver isnt as lanky looking as other haze's and the flowering time is much less. if u want blueberry u should really look into dj short's blueberry. ndnguys g13/hashplant is a winner. stable oldschool strain to cross with. brothers grimm apollo 18, bodhi seeds also has some nice landrace's, look for the 80's hindu kush, or his old school northern lights hybrids, good luck getting them wile theyre in stock though, ograskal's white fire turns anything it touches into frosty dank, ive been eyeing the 88g13/hashplant to cross with my white so cal master kush, for some super frosty earthy tasting buds, or cannaventure's la affie/matanuska thunderfuck to cross with my coffee smelling bubba kush, im thinking the la/atf might add a bit more earthy chocolate flavors to the bubba, ideas ideas. id recommend lurking around some other dickhead elitist forums like thcfarmer before buying your seeds. hope ive been of some help.
    thump easy

    thump easy Well-Known Member

    i say do it but make shure you got money to fall back on some people cough cough make their living with the flower if you plan on being a big world provider good luck i looked at some breaders wear houses some are straight pimp pro and clean and some look like hill billy set ups.. not saying there shit aint bomb but DO IT>> IT"S FUN.....check out you tube...

    Jogro Well-Known Member

    I think I said something to this effect half a page up: "If you just want to create a bunch of great ceeds, just start with your 2-3 favorite strains, [then] cross them into a boat-ton of F1 ceeds".

    Honestly, most of the so-called "breeders" aren't really doing anything more sophisticated than this anyway.

    To the contrary, there aren't "too many" breeders out there, there are too FEW.

    Most of the so-called "breeders" are just "pollen chuckers" who start with other people's stable lines (or not-even stable ones) and/or "clone only" lines (they didn't develop either), cross them into simple F1s or self-pollinate them, make a lot of noise about how awesome and rare and "authentic" these mutts are, and then sell the product.

    Again, you can get great plants this way, its just not really "breeding" in any meaningful sense.

    Individuals who are actually crossing plants to create large numbers of offspring, doing real selections from those offspring, then recrossing and re-selecting over many generations to create true stable new lines? Honestly you could probably count the number of actual BREEDERS like this out there on your fingers.

    Trousers Well-Known Member

    I'm a pollen checker.
    I do not have the space/time/patience to grow out phenos, test them, then decide to keep them or not. Then back cross them...

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