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  • yeh my bottle has got 10ml,15ml,20ml,25ml so how many ml should i put into a gallon of water and soil grow yes mate. ????????
    i bort the coco canna nutrients A&B how much nutrients should i add to a 2litre bottle of water ive got the ml measureing gage at the top just dont no how much ml to add to 2litres ?????
    Hay BBrocka hows ya been, I growing legal in Colorado now in Denver... send me a link to your photo album and ill check it out.... loving it hear tried about 10 ditterent strans here and about to start a grow with 10 Euforia and a couple of mile high purps all grown locally for suppliers to the dispensary's all delivered to my door steep clones rooted and ready for the buckets...
    damn i'm being a dumbass

    you getting any of my messages? or maybe all of them?

    sorry, not usually this backward.......:eyesmoke:
    Hey Billy, remember me? GMC? You said it would be cool to give you a shout if i got stuck?

    er, well i am a bit?

    i've just posted a thread in the plant hospital. Everything is going well but i have too much height? 3 weeks into flower and they are still going up and only have about another 4 inch or so on the light before the poor darlings are gonna burn up.

    any suggestions, my friend, would help?


    Hey everyone, check out my grow thread for my ICE plant. More (plants) to come real soon! Let me know what you think
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