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  • Hi, the bale of peat you buy says its leveled off at what PH? If you dont add extra lime them whatever it says on your label should be the correct PH for running peat. Im in china all the labels here in hyrogliphics. lol
    I think it is better to ask you here if you don't mind.
    I have a low bay light but I don't know what I have to plug and how. I mean what main cable do I need to use? I have connected an uk plug to the ballast's connector but nothing seems to work. I am crap with those things but I am taking all the safety precautions doing that.
    If you need more information please let me know and thanks in advance for any help! :)
    Hi, I would like to pm you for an electrical matter about the low bay light but I can't find a PM button. Can you please tell me how to do it? Thanks in advance! :)
    Hey man, I read one of your posts that said u use panda film. i've been looking for panda film for a while now, but no one seems to have it. can u give me any advice on where to look ? where did u buy yours? ty.
    Hey Smoke.
    I wanted to say thanks a lot man...i really appreciate your help.
    There are a few here that seem to enjoy being patronising arseholes.
    Thanks again.
    Hey brotha.... I saw that u were commenting on someone page about foxfarm nutes.... I have been using grow big for my indoor veg for 7 weeks now.... I'm about to start flowering but i still need to transplant into it's flowering pot (the first plant I plan on flowering) but I haven't flushed at all ?! Should I flush and transplant all at same time and just wait a few days to start flower nutes?( I have Ff nutes.. no soluables)
    I seen your info on the high bay lights and your that first I've seen that uses these too I get them at a second hand home apliance store for 30$ and a regular mh bulb.
    Thanks man, I appreciate the input. Im trying to stay organic with this one, thats why I have stayed away from the Tiger Bloom and Grow Big, but Ill most likely use them in another grow. Not sure yet, Im kinda leaning towards staying strictly organic.
    Hey, I noticed in a thread that you use Big Bloom. Im wondering if Im only using that and molasses, should I still go by the FF sites feeding instructions, or should I use the dosage recommended on the back of the bottle. I just got the stuff today and want to start using with a plant that just showed female. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Im a newbie when it comes to using nutes.
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