This sucks...american seedbank ?

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  1. I tried about 5 different seed banks to try and purchase some beans and each and every time as it was saying it was authorizing the transaction with the said failed. I called up my bank today and they said they cant do anything cause its Saturday. She also said that some countries are restricted from doing business. I purchased other items online no problem. Are there any American seedbanks. Out of the country isn't working and I don't wanna wait till Monday to call my bank and try to have a restriction removed...if even possible. Any info on seedbanks in the usa would be great!

    hbbum Well-Known Member

    I dont know what state you are in, but many of the local medical dispensaries have seeds they sell. The selection is pretty limited most places, and it is usually better to just buy clones since then you save a couple weeks and you know you are getting a fem plant.

    If you are planning on growing a bunch of plants you can either get a try of clones, or just get a couple and turn it into a mother plant.

    Vigth Active Member

    Always heard great things from Nirvana

    mtgeezer Well-Known Member

    Visa and Master Card transactions are blocked to many locations. I had to call Visa and tell them to quit blocking my card. Now 5 U.S. states are blocked because of credit card/debit card fraud. It IS for your benefit and safety but it is also a major pain in the butt.
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    I live in the Bay Area and our dispensaries have seeds available. As mentioned, the selection is very limited. Often only carrying a few different strains...most of them not big sellers.

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    Just saw this post on this site:

  7. ValleJoereaper, thanks. That's awesome news. But I don't have my card yet. I need to get a note from my phychiatrist saying I am currently being treated for depression and anxiety and bring that to the doctor at cannamed.

    bass1014 Well-Known Member

    hey what kinda card do you have that wont let you order from the UK?? i have ordered from banks with my wells fargo bank card and a pre-paid master card from wally world..
  9. Freaking visa. I used a Visa before last year when ordering. Got the card from the same exact bank....essentially the same card. So this is a new thing that the bank is doing.

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    Herbies should be able to use your visa no problem I do and it works everytime. If not set up a pay-pal and use sea of seeds.

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    If you don't have the patience to wait a couple days to call your bank, you're not gonna have much luck growing. Any American seedbank is a scam unless they require proof of a med-card.

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    Wow. Surely I've got this wrong. You guys really can't be customers of a bank that wont let you spend your own money. Can't be the case, as who would stay with such a company?
  13. Thanks but I already tried herbies...
  14. I have patience when it comes to growing. You have to. Looks like im going to wait till Monday anyways because theres nothing else I can do about it.
  15. Oh and why do you say every seedbank is a scam that doesn't require a medical card? How do you know?
    Cthulhu's Hand

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    Sea Of Seeds allows Paypal and they are reputable. Make a paypal account. That should solve your visa problems shouldn't it? Also Many Seed banks except cash or checks always an option

    silasraven Well-Known Member

    looks like you need attitude seed bank, i've had "sorry but the order couldnt complete" 2 more tries and it works.

    amgprb Well-Known Member

    Sea of Seeds does NOT accept paypal any longer. Some idiot ruined it for everyone. They STOPPED accepting payment thru paypal sometime last week I think.
    Cthulhu's Hand

    Cthulhu's Hand New Member

    That Blows. I ordered seeds from attitude acouple weeks ago and my card got hacked. Using Sagepay will get your card hacked. Really sucks as I was going to order some more seeds from SoS using paypal. Maybe I'll just have to do a prepaid visa or send them the cash
    Cthulhu's Hand

    Cthulhu's Hand New Member

    Just on Attitudes site they Accept internationally registered pre paid gift cards. Might be an Option

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