This sucks...american seedbank ?

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    I use Greendot prepaid cards. They work at both Herbies and SOS. If it gets hacked, who cares! Put on just enough to place your order (+3% for international currency conversion), if u find that it gets hacked, then throw it out & buy a new one.
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    Thanks for the info! Will check those out
  3. WHAT!?!?!?! I tried ordering seeds from attitude 3 times but I was denied but I remember it saying sagepay...You're saying my account is now probably hacked? I hope not. I have like 387 dollars in my account and that's a lottttt of money for me...hell that's all I got.,...
  4. I just googled seedbanks that accept paypal and I got a rollitup link and it was showing people saying that paypal is pretty much a rat and works with the feds etc. These posts were back in 2007 I think...or maybe that was the persons join date but either way if paypal was snitching then, than they're snitching now. Fuck, always something...
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    As amgprb said above the prepaid Greendot cards you get at Walmart work at Sea of Seeds. When I make my SoS order soon it will be my second at very last ever order. Ordering Regular seeds and gonna make my own seeds. I don't need all these fancy, $120 for 10 seeds Overpriced Genetics. Some Nirvana Master Kush, Dutch Passion Power Plant and maybe a purple strain and im done

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    Sannies packs his so that even customers who receive their seeds sometimes complain they didn't get them. Then they check again. Certainly enough to fool most customs retards.
  7. hmm cool.Thats good to know. yeah I just called my bank and they said they don't allow international purchases blah blha blha and I couldn't do anything about it. Hopefully attitudeseedbank accepts greendot cards. They are giving away a dna genetics martian kusk and sour kosher and reserve privada silver kush. Ill post back here if attitude accepts greendot cards when I find out.
  8. Maybe Ill just go with sea of seeds. Does anyone know the current discount code?

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    Have you looked into MrNice auctions? Last time I used them you could use Western U money orders. WU MOs are cool, (as long as you trust the company you're dealing with), since you don't have to show any ID to buy them or use your real name. Just keep the fake name and receipt in case it get's lost in the mail or whatever. The only thing Mr Nice needs is an address to mail it to. They do bank transfers too, take cash, and I think one other form of payment. Best bet is to talk to them first. Just read the auctions carefully now. I just noticed if it's less than E50 there's a shipping surcharge. Guess all those people getting Neville's Haze and free stealth shipping for $35.00 was killing Shanti :).

    Oh an it's "rollitup" for 11% off.
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    SOS is nice Let me know either here or PM how the greedot works for ya. Im gonna go pick one up tonight. You gotta wait for your permanent card to come in the mail before you can do international purchases though

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    this is the dumbest shit i ever heard, so neptune seed bank, oregoneliteseedbank and greatlakes genetics seed bank are all scams? do a little research, its not hard to find awesome us seed banks. stop spreading the dumb things in your head only you believe to be true.

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    The thread is 5 years old, were all those places in business in 2013?
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    And how many that they complain about are still open?

    Leave the dead thread alone.
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    Not just US, you try using a credit card with online seedbanks in Holland, very few accept due to credit card fraud and, of course, the charges the CC companies levy.

    Some will do "direct" secure transactions, but they are not cheap, others, well, they can do one because they want you to send your card number, expiry date AND CRC number to them!! And stupid people will actually do that, which makes me wonder how they are able to write their own name.

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    why are you replying to a five year old statement:roll::wall::clap:

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    Because I didn't see the date and thought that some would like to know that the same issues that are prevalent in the US to this day regarding CC's and buying weed are not only restricted to the US.

    You know, like how a hell of a lot of people don't actually look at the date on a thread, especially when they see a thread with new posts. Don't tell me that you've NEVER done similar before on any forum at any time in all the time you've been on the internet, because everyone does at least once.
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    I have NEVER dug up an old thread, I have however, pointed it out MANY times when some one has.:bigjoint:

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