This sucks...american seedbank ?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by medicineforpatients, Jul 27, 2013.


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    I didn't dig up the thread though, did I.

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    damn i was going to reply to you but Im finding it quite comical that you're arguing with yourself so carry on...

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    Give me strength...
    Fractured but whole

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    no, but you're defending the :dunce: that did!
    Dr. Who

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    Has NOTHING to do with card fraud!

    It's that the card companies are NOT dealing with seed sellers by request of the FED......The tude has a mirror site called another name. They take your cards there.

    You have to give your card info or NO ONE will accept your card....Grow a pair. The stupid part is your lack of real understand of how a "card" works, have some faith. Stick with well known sellers and BE SAFE!

    I prefer a prepaid card for seed transactions. VISA, as Mastercard was the first to ban seed transactions with their card.

    Now then, FUCK the "tude" anyway! Even though they have now got some of the most looked for breeders and their gear. It's only a token amount they are allotted to sell. The vast majority of these "premium" seeds are distributed by the lesser known but more traveled by advanced growers,,,,seed outlets.

    Start hunting......and quit yer BS belly aching!
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    From ....medicineforpatients,Jul 27, 2013

    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    The seed bank I order from charges my card under the name of some Novelty Company.
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    Fubard Well-Known Member

    Card fraud is one reason given by Dutch online seed banks for not accepting credit cards, the other being the charges levied by the credit card companies.

    And, as I say, SOME who say they accept credit cards say to hand over said details, and not via a secure payment site. Only the terminally stupid would do such a thing, in my opinion.

    PS. I have used another bank, not using the credit card. My post was for information only so wind your neck in

    Fubard Well-Known Member

    And where did I do that? Can you quote the relevant part of a post?
    Fractured but whole

    Fractured but whole Well-Known Member

    this pretty much looks like you defending digging up an old thread:dunce:

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    Only to the deluded
    Fractured but whole

    Fractured but whole Well-Known Member

    you're not very bright,are you?

    Fubard Well-Known Member

    I sure ain't as thick as you look.

    Don't forget to count your crayons tonight, just to make sure you didn't leave any up your nose
    Fractured but whole

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    and you make sure mommy lays out your clothes for your little yellow bus ride tomorrow,
    and remember, don't lick the windows
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    Like I said "FUCK the Dutch or offshore seed dealers."

    Too busy licking his own ass...
    "Dutch seed companies"

    Fubard Well-Known Member

    Dear windowlicker.

    We are not all in the USA

    The USA is NOT the centre of the universe and the sun doesn't shine out of your arse either.

    The fact that you have still not grasped this shows how poor your education is, and you should be ashamed at your pathetic lack of knowledge.

    Now g'wan pish, you syphillis-infested bellend.
    Dr. Who

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    ^^^^cry baby^^^^

    Tell you what. We'll send you TRUMP to make you feel better. You can keep him too!


    The strains being created HERE. Destroy the old, worn out, and weak work being done by the now confused and lost breeders you got.....

    Welcome to the very elite TROLL *Ignore* list.
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    Hahahaha. That's funny.

    Now go pick up that dummy you spat, and I do hope that your next crap is an angry porcupine coming out backwards.

    And do remember that you were the one throwing shit around first, and that some will stand their own and make sure it comes straight back at you when you do. You don't like that, not my problem.

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