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  • It look to me that you may have a phase 1 blockage in your lower cap. group, this could be caused by a high salts content, a mag sulfate will help pull it thru, but it doesnt answer the of where it came from, if ou hav any current h20 analyticals, I can give you a sure answer
    *bass1014 said: what a pussy.. i was simply stating that sometimes less is more so if your pussy ass doesn't want anyone to post on your thread then don't Post a thread because last time i seen this thread is for everyone not just your dumb ass info so BLOW ME .. unless your SHOWING PROOF of your info then shut the fuck up..i don't just sit here and talk shit i show proof of what i am talking about..* Damn your a awesome guy.. lmfao
    HIGH all good to have a site that helps out the little man in this big ol world..i am new to the forums but not to growin..been off the grid for a bit but i am back

    KEEP ON GROWIN :leaf::leaf::leaf:
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