Just another poor Cali connection review :(

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    genuity ambition

    Ok,your a bartender... you help "tend" 6 greenhouses.

    TrumpOG Member

    Indacouch are by chance running 6 of these bad boys?[​IMG] :eek:

    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    Neither of you can grow obviously. One of you is blaming the breeder for an obvious huge grower error....and the other is saying one person can't tend to 6 green houses ....lol....then asks Y I'm defensive ....I'm actually enjoying the fact you both have to go off the subject of this thread to defend each other's lack of growing abilities. It's clear you guys have something for each other .....just further proves it was most likely your fault and you suck at growing ....but continue to blame the breeder and have your boyfriend close by ....as for your boyfriend.....it's obvious he doesn't have the best info to give either ......you brought up plant count as an excuse to letting pretty much your whole grow ball out without seeing it ....LMAO ....now your boyfriend is trying to prove that's a legitimate reason ....LMAO even harder ...So, instead of wasting anymore time with you to love birds ......How many D***s can you guys fit in yer mouths together?

    Oh and I could care less about my grammar or giving you any info on my set ups ....they're are several well known members here who have seen my ranches IRL and smoked my herb ....I'm not the one asking for help and acting like an ass when I don't get the answers I want .....that's you two love birds.

    Quite entertaining though ...TY
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    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    Cutie pies ....it's 2017, nobody cares you guys are gay .....so how many?

    TrumpOG Member

    Still got 0 answers as to what size greenhouses you're running. If they really are giant then noooo..one person can not take care of that many plants. That's completely ludicrous. Especially if you're deping

    Anyway to get back on topic...Fuck the fraudster that is Swerve. Swerve if you're reading this I hope you get sued big time since you're trying to now legally sell seeds in CA
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    genuity ambition

    Boy this is the most intertwined thread on this site,this yr...few days left.
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    “Cambo” Member

    Very smart!!
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    Thanks. But I may have misled with that statement. We make the Oil for medicine. We enjoy smoking/ vaping to get high.

    TrumpOG Member

    Yeah I really hope the mods can be fair here and just leave it open. No point in locking every thread up with bad reviews, or disagreements. This thread should be closing in on 2000 views soon which makes me very pleased..this thread will help prevent ppl from making the mistake i did.
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    Just got off the phone with a buddy that works at a very reputable Venice beach dispensary. He informed me that his store carried Cali Connection seeds for a few months and ended up REFUNDING COUNTLESS CUSTOMERS OVER HERMS so they no longer carry them due to big losses. According to him, (and I'm not spewing this as fact, just what i heard) this was the case with many other dispensaries across los angeles and southern California. I've been searching hard through weed maps to see if any dispensaries have Cali Connection seeds. I would encourage others to do the same if they don't believe me. I haven't had any luck, I've found stores carrying DNA, Franchise, RP etc but for some reason no one seems to be vending Cali connection anymore. Hmmmmmmmmm

    TrumpOG Member

    I'll expect not to do it again by moming out some really nice clones and making sure that anyone providing me clones didn't choose cali connection. Thats what I've done and so far...i think it will be smooth sailing. Since CC made me insanely paranoid about herm traits i will make sure to flower out every clone I have on test run & do thorough microspocic inspections to insure that there aren't any bad, pollen producing apples in the mix. It's really quite simple. Like i said on basically every page i fully accept responsibility for making the mistake of choosing Cali Connection. Their menu is very attractive (at first glance, especially if in a dispensary.) unfortunately its a bullshit menu and i shouldn't have been so gullible and been sold so quickly that is 100% on me. Is this finally acceptable WhiteBB?
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    Buba Blend

    Buba Blend Well-Known Member

    You don't sound like a dick to me.
    Hope today is a good day. Thought of you yesterday when I saw this video of celebrities drinking, Ed is in it 3/4 of the way through at 2:50.
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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Yes. That's acceptable.

    Thanks for the thought.
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    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    LolThis guy post a picture of a seeded plant and says look at all those male flowers?

    Was a member of the forum for 4 fucking days and a genius grower, rip TrumpOG, lol.

    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    That is the stupidest shit... I like how he say "in cali where you can have 99" but he doesn't say he has 99. And then thinks because you grow out more plants you have more experience. Really so a guy growing 99 shitty plants that he yield about a bowl full off each one is going to have more experience that a person pulling 17 oz off 4 plants under a single 600w hps in a tent? Fuck off:spew:

    Sorry stoned and found this gem of a thread again.

    PhenoMenal Well-Known Member

    just grew out Cali Connection's Original Sour Diesel (feminised), my first CC grow, only 1 seed, but unfortunately is a hermie, my first ever hermie from a feminised seed in 10+yrs growing exclusively from fem seeds. All other (non-CC) plants alongside it are growing happy and healthy in perfect controlled conditions; it's definitely not a stress issue.

    I acknowledge 1 seed isn't anywhere near a sample population to properly 'judge' a breeder, so this post is not a critique. I also have CC's GSC and Tahoe, so hopefully I'll have better luck when I get around to germing those... I'm a bit gun-shy now though so I think I'll keep the veg time short on the next CC run!

    I've just pulled the hermie out and Emergency-Planted™ a different strain, will have to go 12/12 from seed with it, but some yield will be better than none! #1stworldproblems
    It was still a heartbreaking sight though! flatbed scan:
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    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    I had to jump in ... Had to.

    I hate Cali Conn .... ( kind of fitting..... CON )

    Tried various strains .... All grapes .... Nothing popped ...
    Not even scuffing them first ... All duds .

    I don't know if they are some old stock or what , but I will no longer use them.

    11 seed - got nothing.
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    cantbuymeloveuh Active Member

    Ive grown out their blue dream haze fem, turned out fantastic... and I finished curing some California Dreaming, which is a now discontinued strain. Super silver haze X sfv og. And that too is awesome. Crazy how experiences vary
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    fearnoevil Well-Known Member

    Well I just bought a pack of their GSC, now I'm paranoid - funny how contagious that shit is, lol. Well I've had many years xp and have had some herm issues over those year, but almost all but two were due to some stress that I know I caused, whereas the two exceptions I could pretty much swear where genetics related.

    The last one was a couple of years back, had a full grow room, 24-25 girls, 4 different strains - can't fucking remember the strain at the mo, but pretty sure the breeder of that hermie-prone strain was Green House Seeds. About 3-4 weeks into flower, 4 out of 6 of that particular strain decided to grow some serious ballz, nuts sacks were popping out all over the damn place.

    I remember it because at the time things were a pretty tight financially, work was slow so I had more time than money and couldn't afford to lose any of the harvest. So a bit desperate, I just sat down and started to pick off every nanner by hand, and I'd never actually done this before, in the past if a plant hermed I just yanked it immediately figuring it was too much of a risk.

    And it was just in the nick of time too, some were already getting ready to pop and were full of pollen. Now not wanting ANY of that jizz to escape into the air, I decided the quickest/safest way to dispose of them was to eat them.:weed:

    So that's what I did, carefully pinched off each and every one, quickly stuck them in my mouth, and then sucked my fingers clean, picked another one, rinse and repeat, lol. That took me at least couple of hours of intensive labor inspecting every nook and branch (and these weren't small plants, they were probably between 3'-4' tall and bushy).

    Must have been around a couple of hundred of the little fuckers, but I got every one. Came back the next day and did the same thing but only found a few left, and the third day didn't find any, and turns out I actually got them all because after the chop, I couldn't find a single seed anywhere (might have been some but never heard anything back from my friends ;?). That was my Battle of the Ballz, and if I never have to do that again it will be too soon, lol.:finger::finger::finger:
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    fearnoevil Well-Known Member

    Well just popped the GSC, six for six, so at least good viable seeds. Now just praying there's no herms.
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