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      Hi Hotwired. Really can't apply 4 top method to clones, but what I do is go from seed and use 4 top method then, 2 weeks before going 12/12 I take my cuts for clones, normally cleaning up all the bottom branches.
      The clones I wait until then get going then I fim them, now I have 3-6 tops, then I wait 2 weeks and fim again, now I have 10-15 tops. when plant is ready to go from 1 gallon to 3-5 gallon I bury her deep so it looks like 3-5 branches coming out of soil (FFOF). If one branch is getting too far above the rest I either top it or pinch the stem 2 nodes down from top. That slows the top down and brings up the branches below. Hope this helps your yield . I'm sure if you learn to fim your clones you wll increase yield by 30-50%
      Hey, thanks for the reply. I was so glad to hear it was helpful. I think I was even gloatin a bit. lol I would love to talk but I find it easier through private messages. Lets do it! Growing great bud is where it is at and I get really discouraged when people are serious and passionate and want to put the time and effort in and get unhelpful, irrelevant responses. I'm not being a snobby bitch here, but I am 44 years old so maybe I just should not expect so much of these sites. It is really awesome to find people like yourself, into doing it right and not only puttin out good questions, but responding like you give a shit! Thanks Can't wait to chat...

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