Just another poor Cali connection review :(

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    TrumpOG, do me a favor and don't argue with people who think they know everything.

    You did nothing wrong. Cali Connection is a piece of shit. I called Swerve out way back when on this forum about his gear and he shut up real quick. His stuff herms........period. You have to be 100% perfect to grow his stuff and MAYBE then you will get a decent plant. You are not the first to get screwed over and you won't be the last to complain about his products. I believe he also runs Moxie Seeds so be wary of them too.

    9 pages of bullshit. I just skipped it all and told you the deal. Live and learn. Also, don't pay any attention to the Michiganmedgrower. Put him on ignore and you will never have to deal with his know it all shit again 8)
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    Lol. If your going to insult me at least alert me personally.

    I didn’t start with little og. I stated some facts and he didn’t like them. He went on for a lot more pages than I did.
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    Hotwired Well-Known Member

    Didn't mean to insult. Just stating some "facts". I apologize if you don't see it "my" way.

    BUT........you came into his thread (I didn’t start with little og) and told him he was basically full of shit.(I stated some facts and he didn’t like them). So yes, you DID start with him. You DID say you were right and he was wrong. You do this a lot and someone needed to tell YOU the FACTS. Cause you seem to like those lil old facts.

    See what I underlined? That's exactly what I mean about you. I hope you can see this. I am not being mean or insulting. I am being logical. What I am doing is pointing out that there are 2 sides to every story and sometimes you have to meet people half way whether you like to or not.

    9 pages of bullshit for what? Now 10 pages. Cali Connection has elite genetics that sometimes work but a LOT of times don't. Maybe too many times. Maybe too many herms. That's why Calli C's rep aint so good around here. You jive?

    Are these the straight facts about Cali C and Swerve? I really can't say 100% but I will meet you in the middle on it so we can agree on something. I may not post a lot but I have seen a lot around here. Equipment buyers and sellers, seed buyers and sellers, and all kinds of stuff. You are a good person Medgrower. Try to sometimes see the other side of things. You may be right many times, but not every time.

    Peace 8)
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    He was not watching outdoor plants and has no idea what went wrong. That’s what I said.

    And all the best growers here seem to be agreeing.

    And I have conceded to plenty when I am confronted with good information. In this case the op had no control of his crop and has no credibility here.
    Sour Wreck

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    well damn.

    i have 3 pre-98 seeds in root riots. they are a no-go.:cuss:

    gonna cool, scuff, soak and use gibberrelic acid on the next 3 i attempt.

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    I have to say you were quick to defend Cali connection and talk down to this random grower when you don't know if he grows well or not. Just because Cali connection does a lot of business in this business only means they market well. I got my first hermie gear from Dutch passion in 1995 and they still are selling hermie shit probably so just cuz they are big and do lots of business unfortunately means shit. You say you have not grown much of their gear, so maybe in this instance your talking about something you know not. I have seen tons of his gear and grown some. A lot of his og's are hermie prone. I hear his femmed stuff is more hermie prone. He has some good gear but is infamous for putting out unstable gear. I do agree that shitty growers will have more problems but I don't think it's acceptable that a breeders gear will hermie and ruin your crop if you fertilize wrong once. Breeders should do a better job in strain description of giving true info about what their seeds will be prone to what problems. I saw a swerve quote on one of these forums one day where he said he had been working on a strain a long time like 6-8 months. He is kind of a clown. Anyway Cali is a big hermie gear maker and they do use some liberal naming with their statins which makes some people confuse his gear for the names of elite cuts, I think that's what the previous poster meant by fake strains. Peace
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    I have done quite a few CC strains in the past. Some were really nice like DeadHead OG but some were hermied junk. It seemed like his earliest released stuff was less hermie prone than the later.

    Honestherbcomaine New Member

    Cali connection is very hermie prone, lots of unstable stuff. Some good stuff too, but Trump og is not wrong. If you grow big plants even if you look close every day shit happens. Breeders never admit that their seeds can hermie and which strains do it and why. If breeders disclosed which strains had which sensitivities in strain descriptions the world would be a better place. I run a as of the moment tiny seed co in Maine, at our last trade show and in our strain descriptions I disclose which strains have the intersex gene and I have found people still by them every time even with disclosure. So breeders that are not disclosing is the problem not some grower whose room is a bit warm or ferted wrong or shit just Hermes cuz you got to pheno hunt. If breeders disclosed this it would be on the grower, until then I believe it's the breeders fault.
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    I agree with you bub, breeders should disclose if their strains have hermie issues so buyer can beware. Some of Cali's shit is fire but I am not surprised to see you had a ton of hermie issues with his gear. Their are tons of breeders out their with more experience than swerve and just more mature people.

    Honestherbcomaine New Member

    Right but if the seeds turned ou three different ways they are not very stable, which is fine if it's a known pheno hunt type strain but if the shit hermies real easy with the smallest stress that is not good

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    Don't care how hermie prone it is. To have that many seeds was either male or full on early herm with plenty of male sacs.

    Its trumpog own fault.

    Look at trumps own threads. He was asking how to identify males right about the time this happened. Along with a bunch of other noob questions.

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    I have looked into this more since posting. And I have heard more horror and success stories but I am not surprised that strains made this way are less stable. My favorite breeder spends years on true breeding strains before even making crosses.

    And just to note. I never said anything about over fertilizing one time. I said the grower in question had no control over his unseen crop and didn’t even check before a complete outbreak. There is likely an outside environmental or nutrient related cause in my opinion.

    And regardless of reasons.

    Those seeds were not a good choice for an outside guerella type grow.

    I admit the op pissed me off.

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    Tw BuLLY

    Tw BuLLY Well-Known Member

    I got Cali cons chem 91s, boss hoggs and guava chems day 21 since flip n so far so good and these were fem seeds too, I been watching em very close, daily checks:)

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