Growing My Own Cocain Plants.

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by FireBud325, Jan 4, 2010.

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    I have been meaning to try cocaine. Just have yet to find someone who has it that i trust.

    I really love to chew those coca leaves though.

    I almost always have a constant supply.


    zeyroc420 Active Member

    yea man u need alot of toxic chems to make that shit,its ashame you waste your time with that shit anyway.

    tebor Well-Known Member

    "a lot of toxic chemicals" are used to make the ingredients in all medications, prescribed and OTC.
    Even some food and food ingredients are made with toxic chemicals.

    Some would consider marijuana a waste of time as well.

    Judge not lest ye be judged.
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    well besides all that

    i'm actually thinking of starting some coca seeds this season

    just need to make sure i can put together some soil the plants would enjoy

    fatman7574 New Member

    Cocaine is simple to extract as it is an alklaoid. An alkaloid is water soluble in an acid warer carrier and oil soluble in an alkaline water carrier. Takees an IQ of about 50 to carry out the extraction, clean it and leave it in either a water or oil soluble form. All you need is water, sodium hydroxide (draino), hydrochloric acid, salt and a little sulfuric acid. Base has no residuals attached, cocaine hydrochloride obviously has some hydrocloric gas used in its final preparation (made simply with salt and sulfuric acid) and usually it is used in excess. It can also be made in a final form as a sulfate salt.

    A few thousand words would explain every thing in detail. It is really all quite simple, "once you collect the leaves."
    southern homegrower

    southern homegrower Well-Known Member

    Fatman, thanks for answering my ?

    fatman7574 New Member

    Oil based is as I described above. It is simply the base cocaine as is made by smokers out of hydrochloride cocaine. It is what is created when a person chews coca laeves with a little wood ash. Wood ash contains lye. Lye is sodium hydroxide. Ether base is just cocaine dissolved in ether (starting fluid). Cocaine hydrochloride is made my leaving the base in an oil carrier and injecting hydrchloric gas. This turns the base into cocaine hydrochloride. The oil is simply poured through a funnel with filters. What remains on the filter is cocaine hydrochloride. Adding that to water and adding a hydroxide (draino) turns it back into base cocaine. With quality cocaine this is done several times to clean impurities from the cocaine. A chemist would just call the process A & B washes, meaning acid, base washes. A hydroxide is a base ie high oH. I could explain how adulterants are added that form up with the cocaine base in rocks, (crack cocaine) but I think that would be best for PM's.

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    FIENDS. coke's a nasty drug

    fatman7574 New Member

    EVERY drug is a nasty drug even POT, alcohol and cigarettes.
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    A drug is a drug is a drug.

    Are some "better" for you than others? Yes.

    Do some have negative side effects? Yes

    Do the pros out weigh the cons cocaine or other drugs? That is for the individual to decide.

    DubsFan Well-Known Member

    If it's good blow I really like to party with it. Good blow doesn't make you tweak and coming down isn't that big of a deal.

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    The best idea I have ever seen in my entire life. Whose the genius that came up with this beautiful viral software idea? I'm going to start my own right now.

    420 swede

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    fatman7574 New Member

    Actually its up to the government.
    420 swede

    420 swede Active Member

    Who the hell gives a fuck about the goverment, its not like they weigh up their cons with pros rly.

    as long as u dont hurt others, keep it on the down low and dont have shit for brains u won't have a problem with them and u dont have to bother about them at all other then the fact that it exists and is completely shit.

    Fatman, as u stated in some thread earlier that AN was parasites (alltough u where completely wrong) the goverment lives on the population hand in hand with heartless fat cat corporations, bankers and the ppl working for the goverment allso owning business that can directly/indirectly make the most profits of fighting endless/pointless wars. War = loaning money from the world bank = basicly the root of the major shitstorm the world is in right now

    So why?...when it comes down to it in real life speak about what the goverment think is whats real. The goverment only got allot of power thats all, doesnt mean it control individualistic opinions etc.

    Its like jumping of a building just bcuz someone with "power" think its the right thing to do :wall:

    edit: oh and good job on screwing that healthcare reform yankies =) the world is overpopulated as it is anyway, right?

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    Blah sa, blah sa, blah.

    Phenom420 Well-Known Member

    I planted a Mexican once and all I got was the INS LMFAO

    fatman7574 New Member

    Sweden is what a second or a third world nation? It's in between Nowhere and UnFoundland I believe. I think the U.S. probably has more land under land fills than exist in Sweden. Hell, with out the U.S. Sweden and most of Europe would belong to either Germany or Russia. No gratitude, eh?

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    UnFoundland! :)

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    lol u got a point and you shore do no your shit about coke, but sweden a second/third world country i do hope thats a joke? its one of the cleanest most expensive places in the world.

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