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  • Hey was reading your post about your brownies, sounds great!

    Wanted to know where you order your seeds....Just got my medical card a few months ago. Currently I have Blue Dream, Sweet Dreams, Bubba Kush, Jilly Bean, Sour Diesel, and Skunk. Looking for Green Crack!
    BTW, they don't talkabout anything on that group any how so will be leaving or in this case leafing lol!
    Phenom, I am more than aware. I think knowledge belongs to us all, not only the elite. The order that exists today is no more than a front or a distraction rather that allows for all denomonations to join even the very Catholics who have their own order that was created to snub us out! I like to know what people r talking about, if I can help in any way I try. Since I am on RIU I don't want to be giving my self away now, that is for a different forum....... Have you read the book Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper? I know what you mean Phenom trust me but it's better to be more aware than not and somewhere along the way the knowledge that people deserved to know was hidden from the majority. There is good and bad in all things and yes, the powers that be have taken that from us, doesn't mean that we can't take it back.....:-)
    Hey hope to see you around more. You should check out my flowering girls, journal's in the sig, latest pics post 46 I think.
    Hi Pheno. Been very busy with the trees in my flower room. Just 3.5 weeks . They are starting to look like someone tossed a big ass handful of sugar on them. Nummers.
    it appears you are on some sort of quest for the truth? the rabbit hole goes much deeper than the NWO and fema camps...
    Yeah I am glad I too found RIU. It has been a joy meeting others like yourself and listening (reading) your joys of growing.
    It's funny that you are about to take leave in a weekish or so, being I am looking at the same time. I figure one last picture to post this coming thanksgiving (Harvest) then I am stepping out into the world for awhile. Thinking Jamaica.
    Take it easy Phenom420
    Keeping busy huh. Yeah well I hope your travels are good and keep on growing.
    As for me I am about to become "busy" too. Gonna dissapear for a minute or two. Maybe I will see you again this coming summer.
    Until then it was pleasure speaking and exchanging ideas with you.
    ~ Namaste
    hey in regards to the worm castings post u sent me , i know i can use as much as i want but what about with ferts aswell ? like if i keep my reg weekly feed up + worm poo can it burn the plant together
    Growing good! No problems to speak of - even my little retarded Widow seedling has decided to start growing. You?
    Everything I know and anywhere I go
    It gets hard but it won't take away my love
    And when the last one falls, when it's all said and done
    It gets hard but it won't take away my love
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