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  • If you get a chance could you please refer back to my post you had answered on. I would greatly appreciate your input. Thank you
    idk cuz i am new to all of this but i can still send u sum pollen if u want and just save sum for when it get warm then ill talk about seeds ok ?if u still want pollen send me info ok? thanks
    i have a home made recirculating system that i built using roof sheeting covered by plastic that drains to a stainless steel gutter then into a res. i just use rookwool straight in the low profiles of roofing n cover them with plastic with white facing up has worked quite well over the years. it has been sitting idle now for close to 2 yrs thought i would get back into growing again. also use only canna nutes, neemoil for pests n a 600w hps with big adjusta shade cover. the last pic i put up was my clone cupboard which i have just made into a veg/ clone room going to make it recirulative water system just need couple of elbows for the polytubing n a res have uploaded pic of it to my album for you if interested i'll try n get some of the bigger room in the next few days.
    If you have the time you can check out pics of my cheese plant in my album. They were taken today, she's in day 17 of 12/12. I asked using lights with two differnt kelvin cfls. You asked for up dates so here's the first
    DWC = Deep water Culture , its pretty much a container/bucket with an airtight light , u cut a whole in the lid for your pot/net and the plants roots just sit in the water with an airpump going , almost the same thing as a aerogarden just the aerogarden uses a water pump to air the water instead of an airpump.
    So your not an aero garden lover? Iv'e looked at em quite a bit and kept having mixed feeling about one. I've never grown hydro before and I thought maybe this would be a good introduction to hydro growing. But if you dont like it then maybe I would'nt either. Buy the way, what is "DWC"? After u tell me I'll probably go Oh da .
    Took a look at the hindu. They are small. Looks like a possible ph problem. Therefor, they aren't getting there nutrition. Or nute lock out. They need flush immediately. What are u using to check the ph? A digital meter is the best. The strips and drop kind only get u close. For pot, close dont work. As far as the pistols go, thats about right. On autos, those pistols show up within 2 weeks. I didnt have scale big enough to weight em at the time but I'd guess on average about 30 grams or so per plant. One of my hindus was a runt at 14" so I'm pretty sure they were around 2 to 2 1/2 feet tall. Later dude, hope this helps.
    Hows the aerogarden work for ya? I've looked at them before but just havent gotten one. What size is the aerogarden? Your plants looked good. There done now I guess?
    If u click on my avatar you'll go to my page. There you'll see my groups. At the bottom of that is a place that says "join social groups" click on that. Then you'll have to find my Autoflowering grow group. Then u should b able to join from there. Hope to see ya there. Later dude
    Hows it going smallclosetgrower? Well, the kush plants are done. That was my 1st auto grow. I'm on my 3rd grow now. The kush went very well. I had 4 plants on that grow and they were all different sizes. They were all grown in the same manner. Lights were ran on 18/6 but I run em on 20/4 now. Its a good high but the munchies are a bitch. The grow took 57 to 64 days for all 4 plants. I was very satisfied with the plants and the grow. I still have 5 beans left and at some point, will buy them again. Later
    Ok making sure we were using the same, yeah it's shit LOL, but it's the best shit.
    Yeah you can NOT burn your plants with worm shit or you can dunk my nutz in hot coffee or slam my cock n a desk drawer if I'm wrong
    Hey man, yeah use with any fert content you wish.
    Are you using liquid worm poopage?
    I use the regular castings and mix them in with my soil (as much as I can afford to)
    and then I also use it when I flush, again if I can afford to.
    Hey man I use wormn shit and there is no such thing as too much, I use 1-2lbs per 1 gal of soil.
    You can not burn your plants with worm castings.
    Sorry Bud, I haven't used worm castings - if it's any help, it's been my experience that everything you put in your plants has an effect. (Good or ill) You can research in the Organics section, for a more definitive answer.
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